New Tech For Better Hunting: The DECKED Drawer System And Piecekeepers Gun Truck Mount

New Tech For Better Hunting: The DECKED Drawer System And Piecekeepers Gun Truck Mount


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Back in 2017, an archeologist spelunker in Indonesia stumbled upon a cave drawing that scientists say is almost 44,000 years old. That would make it one of the oldest storytelling artworks in the world. What’s interesting about this image, depicting eight figures approaching wild pigs and buffalo, is that it tells the story of hunting. The art of hunting is no new thing. Since the dawn of time people have hunted to stay alive. These ancient hunters appear to be stalking down their prey with ropes and spears. The spirit of hunting has remained the same through the millennia it seems, but the tools certainly haven’t. Advancements in technology have brought us a long way from the guys in that cave drawing and there’s still further to go. The DECKED Drawer System and Piecekeepers gun truck mount are here to help that evolution along. So don’t hunt like a caveman. Let’s look at how this truck bed gun mount can make you the hunter of tomorrow.


Stone Age Tough, New Age Tech: The DECKED Drawer System


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The DECKED Drawer System is a modular tool storage system that is integrated into the bed of your pickup truck. It is custom molded to fit most midsize and full size, by wrapping around the wheel wells and fastening securely into place using J-Hooks. There are handy Ammo Cans (not that kind of ammo) tucked in the corners so that no storage space is wasted. Housed inside the system are two storage drawers. If you’re already worrying that you won’t have space for a pickup truck gun mount in your truck bed, don’t, we’ll get to that in a moment. The Drawer System is constructed with anti-corrosion treated steel and High Density Polyethylene (the cockroach of plastics; you can’t kill it). It is super durable and weatherproof so whatever harsh conditions you encounter out in the wild, the DECKED Drawer System can handle.


The system has a payload of 2000lbs, so don’t worry about taking up precious hauling space that can be used to bring home deer and elk. Anything you bring in out in the field you can haul home right on top of the system without your gear being disturbed in the drawers down below. The drawers inside the system are made from the same heavy duty materials. Each drawer rolls open towards the tail gate on urethane sealed bearing wheels — not sliders, that have a tendency to warp and snag. The drawers open smoothly each time and have detents to ensure that they won’t roll open unexpectedly while you're parked on an incline. With your arsenal at your fingertips you won’t have to climb into the bed of the truck to access your gear. Reaching into the bed for gear can be a backbreaking chore and if you’ve owned any other gun mount for truck beds you’ll be able to attest to that.


DECKED Drawer System, gun truck mount, tool storage, hunting, DECKED, D-Bag


Each drawer has a capacity of 200lbs so you won’t have to get picky about what comes and what gets left behind. You don’t want to be in the field wishing you had something you left at home. The DECKED Drawer System really reveals its ingenuity once you open the drawers. Inside there is tons of space to stow and organize your gear. Once you start customizing your modular layout you’ll realize that like no two hunts are the same, no two gear setups should be either.


The real innovation of the system is its modular design allowing you to fully personalize your truck bed layout with DECKED Accessories. Easily swap in and out various components to unlock a configuration that suits your specific needs, all while keeping your gear organized and safe. Those prehistoric men could have been a lot better fed if they had access to this kind of modular technology.


The Modular Man: Customizing With DECKED Accessories


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DECKED offers a variety of accessories that can be used for tool storage in your truck, but they double as excellent storage units for your other tools. If customizing your Drawer System is like tetris, then the accessories are your blocks. Each piece is designed with its own unique function to interact with its counterparts. Rolling out for a hunt this organized, this efficiently, you’ll never go back to the primeval days of a cluttered truck bed. Here are some of the DECKED Accessories that will take your truck bed into the future:


  • Drawerganizer: The Drawerganizer is an open top storage bin that sits in the head of the drawer. Molded to wrap around the interior handle, it leaves no wasted space. This is the first thing you’ll see when you pull open a drawer so it’s a great spot for odds and ends you’ll want to have easy access to. Something you’re repeatedly reaching for like bug spray should live here. There’s also a Double Drawerganizer available for even more storage.
  • Crossbox: This storage box is like your trusty toolbox, but it integrates within the Drawer System making it a must for optimal organization. The Crossbox is built with impact resistant resin and has a EPDM gasket seal under its lid to keep water out. With a removable insert tray this is a great unit for storing fishing tackle and other small parts to keep them from getting misplaced or damaged.

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  • D-Box: This is the Crossbox’s big brother. Made from the same wear and weather resistant material as it’s smaller counterpart, the D-Box will protect whatever you choose to put inside it. This is where you can store some bulkier items like boxes of ammo or arm guards and quivers, for all you bow hunters out there. The D-Box stacks, so keeping this component organized in your garage is as simple as it is in the Drawer System.
  • D-Bag: This multi-purpose bag is versatility embodied. Its dynamic design allows for it to be carried as a satchel over the shoulder, briefcase at your side, or as a backpack. It’s hybrid soft shell/hard shell body is made using military-grade materials. The top and bottom panels are constructed with thermoformed EVA foam coated in ballistic nylon. The reinforced lid won’t allow rips or snags. The sides are durable 900D TPU coated nylon and allow for expansion and collapse of the pack. Inside the D-Bag opens up to reveal a removable tool roll and duffel inside. This shapeshifter is perfect for saving time organizing gear. Have it packed and ready to rip, stowed safely in the Drawer System; it fully integrates with the rest of the system to keep your truck bed organized. When you leave the truck behind and head into the bush on foot, the D-Bag is the perfect companion.

All of these accessories can interplay to make you a more efficient hunter when you pack out and head into the wilderness, but you’re probably wondering ‘Where’s the truck gun mount supposed to go?’ It’s not a truck floor mount gun rack or a truck roof mount gun rack. So where is it? Well, what might make this nearly the best truck gun mount around is that it is fully integrated into the Drawer System. You roll open the drawer and guns come out. It’s a thing of beauty. It’s made possible by the most essential DECKED Accessory of all: the Piecekeepers truck mount gun holder.


Futuristic Stealth Storage: The Piecekeepers Gun Truck Mount


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As you may have guessed earlier due to their fitting name, the Piecekeepers are a truck gun mount, but what you may not have realized is that they go inside the Drawer System. This accessory features two foam covered, resin molded racks to grip the stock and barrel of your rifle or shotgun and keep them in place. These padded cradles for your firearm provide a secure spot for transportation without any jostling while you’re driving, even off road in the backcountry. When you want to access your weapons they are easy to remove and won’t stick — just grab and go.


Once inside the Drawer System, your firearms will be protected from the elements so you won’t be running back to the truck  every time it rains. We all know that hunting takes us to remote locations in the wild where the conditions can be brutal. The Piecekeepers make sure your weapons are bone dry inside the drawers, through rain, hail, sleet, and snow. You can focus on the hunt, knowing your rifles are safe.


The Piecekeepers can protect your weapons from another unwanted hazard: thieves. With additional locks on the drawers, the Piecekeepers become a lockable truck gun mount. This thing is so tough it will make a crowbar cry, so sticky fingers stay away from your cache. Gun safety comes first and no one wants a firearm getting into the wrong hands. The Piecekeepers provide peace of mind in this department.


Probably the best feature of the Piecekeepers truck gun mount console is fully compatible with the other DECKED Accessories. They are as swappable as the other components and can be switched out effortlessly. Don’t end up with a permanent pickup truck gun mount that is complicated to install and uninstall. The Piecekeepers can be removed in seconds and stored neatly in your garage without taking up too much space. This modularity is what DECKED does best. Don’t be lugging gear and firearms needlessly when you should be focusing on lugging back a prize buck.


Beast Of Burden: Why Any Other Truck Mount Gun Holster Seems Ancient


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A key feature of using the Piecekeepers gun truck mount with the DECKED Drawer System is the labourless simplicity of use. If you have a full size truck gun mount installed in your truck it’s likely semi-permanent at best. They are complicated and expensive to install. They can also be an eyesore to your otherwise sleek truck profile. The Piecekeepers gun truck mount is none of the above.


DECKED designed this component with these issues in mind. Like the other DECKED Accessories, having the Piecekeepers be modular is paramount. Unless you're a pro full-time hunter (and probably even if you are) you’re going to get home from a big hunt and have to unload a trip’s worth of gear. With the DECKED Drawer System this undesirable part of hunting is over in minutes. The components can be removed and swapped quickly and easily without making a disorganized mess and this, of course, includes the Piecekeepers. Being able to not only unload your firearms, but also the truck gun mount in seconds will make other racks seem like things from the Paleo period.


Today’s Hunter Has It Good


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The prehistoric hunters depicted on the walls of caves didn’t have the luxury of asking, in a caveman voice, ‘Where to mount gun in truck?’ They were busy hunting to survive. The modern hunter thankfully doesn’t have it so bad. Don’t get it twisted; hunting today is still very tough. Long treks through thick wooded areas, with heavy backs strapped to your back. Waiting quietly in the cold and the rain for the chance to catch a glimpse of a deer. Hunting isn’t exactly a pleasure cruise type of activity. But we afford ourselves little innovations that make it more enjoyable – and we should.


The DECKED Drawer System and the Piecekeepers gun truck mount do just that. They use cutting edge materials and design to make the art of hunting a little more joyful and, hopefully, a little less miserable on the bad days.