Are You Looking for a Gun Lock Box for Car? Read This First and Get DECKED

Are You Looking for a Gun Lock Box for Car? Read This First and Get DECKED

We bet you are here because you want a safe and responsible way to store your firearms and ammunition. DECKED’s got you covered. Whether you live miles north of nowhere or you live in a world where guns are useful, you definitely need a gun lock box for car.

Maybe you use a gun for safety or recreational reasons. You will definitely want to keep your firearms safe. Various locking devices are available, but it all comes down to the gun you need to secure and its intended use. You may opt for a cable lock, lockbox, or a gun safe.

But wait. Some would simply say that I can keep my firearm in a car holster or maybe in my trunk. This is dangerous and may result in theft and unauthorized access by children. Keeping your firearm “safely” means that you can leave your gun in that place and walk away without having a brain cramp.

The picture shows two soldiers retrieving their guns from the DECKED gun lock box.

You are assured no one will access your firearms unless they have a key, fingerprint, or other means to access them. The DECKED Piecekeepers are your ultimate solution if you want an excellent gun lock box for your vehicle. They fit snugly in the DECKED Drawer System. If you own a DECKED Drawer System, you are lucky. If you don’t, consider the prospects of purchasing one.  

First Things First

We cannot talk about the DECKED Piecekeepers without first discussing the DECKED Drawer System. Trucks and vans are stupidly expensive. It may be another heavy slap on your bank account if you are told to spend extra grand on a truck bed storage system.

The image shows a side view of the Drawer System.

Hear us out. The DECKED Drawer System will without a doubt become your favorite truck upgrade. It will make a huge difference with its unmatched versatile applicability. You can use it for work and recreation.

The DECKED Drawers will keep your firearms safe. You won’t also mind installing them at the back of your truck for work-based purposes. Whether you are an engineer, contractor, mechanic, DIY warrior, or hobbyist, you will fall in love with these drawers.

There is no better gun lock box than the DECKED Drawer System. You won’t find a versatile system that will suit your hunting expeditions and other recreational adventures like bowling pin shooting and 3-gun shooting. It is also customizable and will fit full-size trucks and vans.

Here’s Why You’ll Lover the DECKED Gun Lock Box

It’s Weatherproof

 The image shows a man washing his truck. The water does not reach all gear, equipment, and firearms in your Drawer System.

Imagine the annoyance of walking to your truck bed only to find your firearms and ammo wet. You can wipe moisture on your gun’s surface, but the water inside often goes unnoticed. Rust will accumulate inside your precious gun, rendering it almost unusable, especially when a bolt jams or a shell sticks to the chamber.

It is even worse if you live in a region with a humid climate. You may even have a new gun that has never been fired, but it may end up rusty and inoperable. The problem is that you don’t use a climate-controlled storage system.

The “DECKED gun lock box for car” withstands dust and moisture. All your precious and expensive pieces and ammo remain dry after a heavy downpour or thorough car wash.

It’s The Toughest Gun Lock Box in the Market

 It is not only tough as nails but it will fit full-size and mid-size trucks or vans.

You do not want to spend money now and again purchasing a gun lock box for car. With DECKED, you find a solution that will help you avoid hefty replacements and repair costs every few months.

The DECKED Drawers are made using recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) co-molded into a steel subframe. It won’t scratch, dent, or ding regardless of the harsh conditions you put it through. It is definitely meant for use and abuse and made to last a lifetime.

The DECKED gun lock box will withstand not only the weather but also harsh UV rays that may discolor your storage system. You will have a lock box that remains as good as new and stylish throughout several years of use.

Top-Notch Security

Firearms, ammo, and any other equipment you use for other expeditions are expensive. You do not want to move around worried sick that someone may steal your precious firearms. If you live in the middle of nowhere, you’ve got to agree that equipment tends to wander off.

The DECKED Drawer System is a secure gun lock box. You can leave your firearms on your truck bed for hours, days, and practically as long as you want, and you’ll still find them.

This lock system allows you to lock all your firearms in the Drawer System. It works excellently and you can also close your tailgate for extra security.

The DECKED Drawer system is a mobile Fort Knox that keeps your equipment safe from low-life thugs and all sorts of unauthorized access. You can purchase the optional drawer system locks for additional security.

You can lock your drawer system and your tailgate and do all your activities without worrying about the safety of your tools.

Easy Install

You don’t need to hire a professional to install a DECKED Drawer System. The drawers will fit most vehicles with minimal drilling required and less vehicle impact. The system comes fully loaded with install instructions. You can watch this video for detailed install guidance.

DIY enthusiasts will find the installation enjoyable. It can take two to three hours. After assembling it for the first time, you will only need 10-15 minutes to uninstall or reinstall the DECKED Drawers from your truck.

You will Enjoy Full Truck Bed Use

The Drawer System has a 200 pound payload rating. It can carry even an ATV without a dent or ding as shown in the image.

Whether you decide to purchase the DECKED Drawers for storing your firearms or any other reason. You will get to enjoy full bed use. The DECKED Drawer System. The drawers have 200 pounds payload rating. Just watch how it survives the payload torture test.

You will use your entire bed while all your gear slides out at waist height. It creates a flat usable surface above your wheels. No fuss. Sometimes you just need to carry heavy loads when hunting or having other fun adventures. You can carry brick pallets, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and almost anything you wish. DECKED is the champion in that sector.

Excellent Organization

Suppose you have a growing gun collection or carry several guns to your recreation site. In that case, you definitely appreciate the importance of excellent organization. The DECKED Drawer System will help you organize your firearms and ammo in a secure and accessible manner.

Besides the Pieckeepers, which we’ll dive deeply into later, you can purchase other accessories to complement your gun lock box.

It helps you make the most of the space around your drawers. You can use it to carry small items like handguns, bullets, etc.

  • Drawerganizer – You can fit small and frequently used items in the drawerganizer. You can carry items, such as binoculars, a first aid kit, a box of ammo, or a handgun.
  • Double Drawerganizer – You may opt for the double Drawerganizeer if you want a Drawerganizer with a big size and handles. It has sturdy handles and a serious volume to store ammunition, small guns, and any other loose gear.
  • Drawer Dividers – You can opt for Drawer Dividers for better organization. They fit into mounting positions within the DECKED Drawers, giving you more customizability. You can remove and reposition them with ease. They are also light gray in color, making it easier to find all your stuff.

Excellent storage options that will fit either vertically or horizontally in your truck. They enhance organization within your Drawer System.

  • D-Box and CrossBox – You can purchase either the D-Box or CrossBox to maximize storage efficiency and organization. The D-Box can fit both vertically and horizontally in your drawers. You will find the D-Box or CrossBox handy when you want to carry extra gear.

The DECKED D-Bag is tough and versatile. It doubles as a shooting range backpack that you can use to carry ammo, small firearms, and snacks.

  • D-Bag – If you are a hunter or simply enjoy shooting, you will love the DECKED D-Bag. The D-Bag may not look like your ordinary shooting range backpack, but it will blow your mind with its build, features, and general value. It is a military-grade hard and soft-shell bag ideal for carrying ammo, small guns, snacks, and any other gear you may need for your hunting, shooting, or camping expeditions. It is durable, indestructible, and weatherproof.

What is All the Fuss About the DECKED Piecekeepers?

The Piecekeepers transport your firearms securely in the DECKED Drawer System.

The DECKED Piecekeepers are a top-of-the-line invention you should consider purchasing with the DECKED Drawers that also double as your gun lock box. It is unlike any other piecekeeper you’ve ever heard of. They provide a secure and efficient way to store and retrieve your guns.

The Piecekeepers are made using foam-backed, molded resin. They have cutouts that house three long guns in a wide drawer or two long guns in a narrow mid-size drawer. The DECKED Piecekeepers utilize multi-position drawer slots and locking clips that you can easily adjust.

You can go for the wide Piecekeepers or the narrow Piecekeepers, depending on the size of your truck. Perhaps you want to order Piecekeepers a DECKED Drawer System you had already purchased. You should carefully check the slots on the uppers section of your drawers to determine whether the dividers are compatible. Don’t worry if you are purchasing a new Drawer system. The new ones are compatible with the DECKED Drawer System.

 Depending on the size of your truck bed, you may be lucky to get a Drawer System that can store long guns and one Drawerganizer at the end. Don’t worry about access. The DECKED Drawers are ergonomic and will save you from awkward lifting.

You do not have to crawl into your truck and navigate through a heap of gear to access your precious firearms. You simply pull out the drawers, which are about waist height, and easily reach your guns. You can also close the drawers by pushing the drawer once using the front handle.

The image shows a man using the DECKED piecekeepers to store his firearms within the Drawer System.

Will Getting a “DECKED Gun Lock Box Break Your Bank?”

Affordability is a crucial factor when looking for a gun lock box. The DECKED Drawer System costs $1499.99. It may seem a lot to spend on a gun lock box. You might even think of getting a cheaper one due to the many options available in the market.

By now, you definitely agree that $1499.99 is not a lot of money to spend on a DECKED Drawer System. It is a gun lock box like no other. It is secure, durable, versatile, and classy. Some accessories also come standard with the DECKED Drawers. These include:

  • One CrossBox
  •  One D-Box
  • One Drawerganizer
  •  A set of two full-size drawer dividers

The only extra expenditure would be getting yourself the DECKED Piecekeepers that cost $75. The Piecekeepers come in a set of two.

A Few Extra Perks

Free Shipping

It is true that DECKED offers value for money. Like other DECKED products, the DECKED Drawer System ships for free anywhere in the continental US.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our products are a result of science, engineering, innovation, and the commitment we have at DECKED. Where will you get a gun lock box that comes with a limited lifetime warranty? Only at DECKED. Our products are made to last, and that is why we back them up with a limited lifetime warranty.

Our customer support team will also be glad to help with any problems you may have. You can call, email, or visit our social media sites to get help or air your concerns.  

Exclusively Made in the USA

All our products are proudly engineered in the USA. All our products are in stock and ready to ship. You can either visit our website or simply find a dealer near you. Our products have over 5000 verified reviews with an average rating of 4.8/5. Our track record speaks for itself.


You don’t want to move around stressing about where your firearms are and whether they are secure. You can save yourself a lot of headaches if you buy the DECKED Drawer System and complement it with Piecekeepers. It is the gun lock box for this century.

Even if you have a concealed weapon, there are days you may want to leave your firearm at home or in your vehicle, and you may end up breaking the law without knowing it. You need a proper gun storage solution to avoid falling on the wrong side of the law.

There is a possibility that someone may steal your gun if you leave it carelessly. The ultimate solution is to get DECKED and avoid risking injury, damage, or theft.

There is no denying that DECKED is the champion gun lock box. Get the DECKED Drawer System today and any other accessories, and hit the checkout button to enjoy a world of limitless possibilities.