Best Car Gun Holsters

Best Car Gun Holsters

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Let's face it: you own firearms. Whether for recreation or personal security, they're powerful tools that need to be handled and stored properly. There are thousands of storage options for for homes and vehicles to limit accidents and theft.

Specifically talking about holsters designed for cars, why should we have them? Why can’t we just dump our guns in the glovebox or under the seat? What are the things to look for in a car gun holster? What are the available variations? We have answers to these questions and options to consider based on your needs.

Importance of a Gun Holster for Car

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Driving with an unsecured gun in your car without a holster is an unsafe and unnecessary gamble. They can cause distraction or an accidental discharge, threatening the lives of passengers and other motorists.

It Helps Keep Your Gun Secured

Possibly the most important aspect of gun safety is ensuring your gun is in control at all times. This is the role a car gun holster plays for you; it helps to ensure your gun isn’t moving around in the car which entails the risk of accidentally discharging and hurting someone. There's no shortage of news headlines centered on accidental discharges hurting bystanders, most of which are caused by carelessness and unsecured firearms. Gun holsters help you avoid these accidents and the irreversible consequences that come with them. 

Helps You Conceal Your Firearms

Having a gun holster for your car keeps your firearm away from prying eyes and enables discreet transportation. Guns can make people uncomfortable, and having your gun safely secured away from public view will keep non-firearm owning passengers at ease. It is important to be aware of gun concealment reciprocity laws because they differ substantially from state to state, so make sure you're meeting the requirements in your district.

For Comfort

Is it really possible for you to be comfortable driving around with a gun on your lap? Or having your gun laying carelessly in your car with your kids around? With a car gun holster, you have a housing specifically designed to secure your firearm.

Things to Look out for in a Car Gun Holster

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Firearms aren't cheap. A standard semi-automatic pistol and spare magazine can easily cost a thousand dollars. You wouldn't go the cheap route on a gun, so why would you put it in something that might fail at a horribly inopportune time? Higher quality gun holsters are made of leather, resins, or even carbon fiber. They stand up to years of abuse, feature customizability, and a lower profile. They create peace of mind for the user. The best ones on the market will help you forget it's there. The adage "buy once, cry once" holds true in considering a quality holster.

Ease of Access

Ease of access is one of the most important requirements when looking for a holster. Having a firearm for protection is great, but absolutely useless if it prohibits weapon access when needed. Buying one that can be placed somewhere easily accessible in your car should be one of the largest factors before purchasing.


Safety and security are a massive component in proper holster selection. The last thing you need is a holster that won't hold your gun securely or provide safeguards against accidental discharge. Vehicles are mobile, firearms shouldn't be. Ensuring you purchase something that keeps it where it belongs should be your top priority.

Vehicle and Gun Compatibility

It is important to research compatibility of a car gun holster and your vehicle before you purchase it. Available interior space varies across the auto industry, so making sure your holster fits will save you from aggravation down the road.


While it is not advisable to leave your gun inside your car, times will arise where it's the only option. A concealed gun holster for cars or locking gun holster for cars might be advisable. Locking your firearm inside your trunk in such situations might be your best bet. Bottom line, leaving it in plain sight is asking for disaster.

Attachment styles

There are many attachment styles for car gun holsters. Some require drilling permanent mounting holes, while some won’t have an impact on the aesthetics of your car. Straps and adhesive styles are generally less damaging than screws and can be removed if needed.

Types of Car Gun Holsters

Gun holsters or gun storage for cars vary depending on type of car, size, and purpose. Let’s take a look at a number of gun storage options for cars of various sizes.

DECKED Drawer System For Trucks

A DECKED Drawer System installed a
in the bed of a truck

If you are looking to transport a couple of guns in your car, you need to have them properly stored away from public eye. Guns are one of the most common items stolen from vehicles. If you are looking to move arms and ammunition cross country or go hunting, the DECKED Drawer System should be your go-to storage unit.  

The DECKED Drawer System is a durable and reliable solution that helps you stay organized at all times. It can be customized: The DECKED Drawer system offers a full line of accessories to suit your needs. Some of these options include toolboxes, cargo bins, dividers, D-Bag, D-Box, and drawers locks.

The DECKED Drawer System is designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Your firearms and ammunition will be protected from water, wear and tear, or any other form of damage caused by transporting them in a less-than ideal way. Having a DECKED Drawer System in place at the back of your car won't stop you from mounting other things at the back of your truck. A DECKED Drawer System can carry a literal ton of payload without any loss in usability.

A DECKED Drawer with an ATV/moto placed on it

The DECKED Piecekeepers give you an extra option for secured transportation of your firearms in your DECKED Drawer System. It is designed for traditional rifles and shotguns, but can accommodate many modern rifles as well. The Piecekeepers come in two sizes; the wide drawer, and the narrow mid-size drawer.  It includes two foam-backed, modern resin dividers to hold firearms. The secure, padded cradles grip the stock and barrel for convenient, easy-to-remove-and-replace access to firearms. Check here for more information on Piecekeepers.

For Cars

Magnet Car Holster

A magnetic holster for cars is an easy on/off holster like the standard clip holster and versatile like a paddle style holster. It is the best rated gun holster for your car. A magnetic gun holster is reliable and will hold your gun in place while also providing you with varying mounting options.  A magnetic car gun holster is a good way for car owners to keep their firearms at close range to ensure accessibility if needed. It can be installed anywhere in your car using a few screws and can be installed as a gun holster for car doors, concealed gun holster for cars, or gun holster for car seats. However, one of its downsides is that it holds the naked gun in place without cover. It is paramount you take your time to select the best magnetic gun holster for cars as there are a number of options available in the market.

Glue Attachment Car Gun Holster

Adhesive-based holsters are one of the simplest to attach to a car. It requires no technical know-how and rarely leaves a lasting effect on your car. That said, adhesives used to hold the gun in place can melt or become weaken when exposed to high temperatures over long periods. Glue attachment gun holsters are suitable for use as a hidden gun holster for cars as they can be installed under the car seat. 

Strap Car Gun Holsters

Strap holsters are some of the best combinations of ease of attachment and security. They're commonly used to mount the gun between the center console and seats, but may not be compatible with all vehicles.It's important to know if you have the room for them to fit correctly.

Screw-in Car Gun Holster

Screw-in car gun holsters are the strongest you can find on the market. They are commonly mounted under steering wheel, but will leave permanent holes where you decide to place it.  

 Two men in the process of inserting ammo picked up from DECKED drawer into their sniper rifle

The importance of keeping your gun safe and secured in your car cannot be overstated. Placing your gun carelessly in your car safe or on your lap can lead to incredible problems, especially theft. Reports based on FBI data showed that firearms worth more than $829 million were stolen between 2012 and 2017. Investing in a secured car gun holster is a necessity. For your trucks, DECKED products should always be your first point of call.