You’ve Never Seen a Gun Car Mount Like This (And Neither Have Thieves)

You’ve Never Seen a Gun Car Mount Like This (And Neither Have Thieves)


It doesn't take a crazy amount of creativity to see that the DECKED Tool Box, shown by itself with the top closed on a white background, can work as the gun car mount that thieves will never discover.

Does this look like a gun car mount to you? Nope — and it won’t look like any kind of car gun mount holster to thieves, either. That’s the beauty of it. Use the saddle style DECKED Tool Box in the back of your truck to store firearms and they’re secure, out of the weather, but still handy when you need them at a moment’s notice.


You’ve Never Seen a Gun Car Mount Like This (And Neither Have Thieves)


You wanna talk about “concealed carry?” If a thief wants to snag a firearm from your truck, he’s gonna go right for the cab in search of a gun car mount. After all, your favorite firearm’s got to be easy to access when you need it. We all know that lots of gun owners keep their pistol or even a long gun in the cab (in a way that’s legal, of course) so it’s ready when the need arises, whether they choose a car gun mount or a gun holster car mount.


But you’re smarter than the average bear. Choose the DECKED Tool Box to serve as your own one-of-a-kind gun car mount, and thieves will walk right on by looking for some other poor sap’s property.


Less creative gun owners may think that Glock is of best service to you if it’s close by the driver’s seat in a magnetic gun mount. Car after car in any given parking lot may have a hand gun car mount. But your 9mm in a thief’s pocket as he walks away won’t do you any good at all.


Here enters DECKED. We’re pickup truck owners and gun owners like you. We know what we need in a car gun holster mount, and we see all those possibilities and more in the DECKED Tool Box:



Easy to access





We can give you all kinds of statistics. We can link to news stories that report more guns kept in cars means more guns stolen. And we can definitely give you all the facts and figures for the DECKED Tool Box.


How about we just show you the solution?



The steel-reinforced lid in the DECKED Tool Box, shown open against a plain white background, adds to features that keep thieves out, making this tool box a great place to store firearms.

Don’t let your firearms get into the wrong hands. Between the steel-reinforced lid and the driver’s side locking system, molded construction, and more, thieves will have no luck getting into your DECKED Tool Box. This is a tool box so tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry.

Get the Security You Need That a Gun Car Mount Can’t Offer


Keep your favorite firearm safe in a place where thieves likely won’t even look for it.


First of all, even if a thief tried to get in, the DECKED Tool Box is impossible to penetrate with a pry bar, and it won’t sustain damage if someone tries. The tub-lid interface minimizes theft pry bar points. Last time you left your Ruger in a car gun mount holster, did you consider it safe and secure?


Maybe, maybe not. But not secure like DECKED secure. This tool box tub is reinforced with steel for optimum stability and security. Its driver side lock has a locking mechanism that’s armored steel. The few thieves who might try won’t last long against it.


Even if they have a bit of staying power, thieves will soon realize that the DECKED Tool Box lid has to be open for the box to be removed from the bed of the truck. And you get security like that without having to drill holes in your truck or take forever and a day to install it. Instead, the bracket and bolt system make this a 10-minute install. Just thread it in, grab a basic power tool, and the box will hold on for dear life to a bed rail. The four clamps that fasten to the bed rail from inside the tool box mean you’re all set in less time than it takes to learn how to mount a gun magnet in a car.


Maybe you’ve wondered: Is it legal to mount a gun on your car? Can you mount a gun on your car? Maybe a car mount gun holster doesn’t seem secure enough to you. Maybe your truck won’t easily accommodate a car gun holder mount.


Answer those questions, solve those problems, with the DECKED Tool Box. You’ve got multiple layers of security for your guns when you store them in this box. But we know what you’re probably thinking… That Sig Sauer you got for Christmas will be almost impossible to get to if it’s locked up so secure, right?


Nah. Not with DECKED.



The DECKED Tool Box, shown installed in a white pickup truck as a worker wearing a hard hat accesses items inside the open box while he stands on the optional integrated ladder, is a great alternative to a car gun holder mount.

No matter what you store in the traditional saddle style tool box, you may think access will be a pain. When you use your DECKED Tool Box as a great alternative to a gun car mount, you’ve got to be able to reach that firearm fast. We’ve got access covered via the DECKED D-Box plus the option of a quickly deployed integrated ladder.

A Gun’s No Good If You Can’t Get It When You Need It — But It’s All Good With DECKED


Let’s just put this right out there: Comparing the average tool box in the back of your truck to a gun car mount or a car gun holster mount could seem like a stretch.


Well, you might think so … if you’ve never heard of DECKED.


Innovation? We’re there. Organization? We’re all about that. Handling the unexpected? We prep ahead of time.


Did we mention that plenty of us are Second Amendment kind of guys (and gals) too? DECKED understands where you come from, where you’re going, and what you need along the way.


So we know you need quick access to a gun if you’re going to keep it close in your vehicle for emergencies. And the DECKED Tool Box has plenty of options to do just that.


Let us introduce you to the D-Box. The easy-to-grab D-Box hangs in place within the tub of the DECKED Tool Box, keeping the smaller box and whatever you put inside right at the top. Featuring a gasket seal, the D-Boxes are weatherproof, and they come with dividers you can use or set aside.


Want to keep a 9mm close for protection? A D-Box will do the job. Need your Remington out of the elements but easy to grab? Your DECKED Tool Box has plenty of options for organization.


And if you’re like us, you dread trying to find gear that has slipped to the bottom of the cavernous saddle style tool box. No worries — DECKED has you covered.


Easy access reaches new heights with the DECKED Tool Box and our optional integrated ladder. Pull this adjustable ladder right up and out of the box, where it normally nestles inside and out of the way of whatever you need with you in the back of your pickup. You can use the ladder from the passenger side of even a lifted truck, and a quick step up or two and you’ll be right within easy reach of your gear.


I mean, come on: We’re sure you’ve probably stood on a tire or a step side or pulled up a nearby concrete block more than once to reach into your saddle style tool box. With DECKED, you can avoid all that hassle.


The ladder we offer can be purchased separately. It’s made from 6000 series aluminum and, like all of DECKED’s offerings, can stand up to a lot of punishment.


Speaking of life’s rough-and-tumble times, we’re reminded that no one and nothing can deal punishment like Mother Nature. And we don’t want our firearms exposed to the elements, do we?


They won’t be with DECKED.



Whether you're on a work site, camping, or ready for a weekend hunt, the DECKED Tool Box, shown here at a dusty home construction site installed in a black pickup truck, protects your gear, including firearms.

Dirt on the job site, a torrential rain when you’re on the run … Your gear is covered. The DECKED Tool Box doesn’t just stand between your stuff and the rain; it also keeps out most particles such as dust.

DECKED’s Tool Box Keeps Gear Out of the Weather Like Your Truck Cab Keeps You Out of the Weather


You’re not gonna take Dad’s classic “Yellow Boy” Winchester to the shooting range unless it’s protected. For that matter, your new Taurus doesn’t need to look like you stored it in a dusty basement, either.


Take your guns and gear with you and be sure that they’re protected from the elements. The DECKED Tool Box keeps your gear bone dry, even when you are soaked to the bone.


This is no aluminum tool box. It’s rust/corrosion proof and waterproof, too. The box features a seamless lid and tub — molded, not welded —  and it seals tightly with an EPDM gasket when closed. You can see the upstanding lip gets overlapped by the lid, acting like a rain gutter. The bub seal and gasket around the entire lid inside keeps water at bay, too.


And that gun car mount that keeps your firearm close and easy for the world to see can’t offer the anti-corrosion treated steel and aluminum hardware that the DECKED Tool Box has for long-lasting durability.


But at DECKED, founded in 2013, we strive to go that extra mile in both creativity and quality. We’re in business to make the everyday lives of working men and women better. For us, that means 100% American made tool boxes crafted in northwest Ohio, too.


It also means surprises that go far beyond any gun car mount you could imagine.


You carry a firearm with you to handle bad surprises; the DECKED Tool Box has lots of good surprises in store, including the tie-downs built in, shown here as a motorcyclist secures his bike in the back of a pickup with the DECKED Tool Box installed.

Key features of the DECKED Tool Box that you likely haven’t seen in any other saddle style box for your truck include the pair of tie-downs on the back of the tub.

Let Us Clue You In About a Few DECKED Surprises

Versatility in a saddle style tool box? It’s built right in with DECKED and the tool box that looks like it came from this century.


This ain’t your granddad’s tool box, because it’s not 1973. At DECKED, we’ve designed the tool box that is not just safe and secure, weatherproof, and tough, but is also “Versatile” with a capital “V.”


Have you ever seen a saddle style tool box with tie-downs pre-installed? Now you have, like lots of other truck owners. You’ll find them at the base of the tub on the tailgate side to secure even large cargo. Gonna go target shooting on the back 40 with a buddy? Load up that ATV in your truck and tie it into place right behind the DECKED Tool Box with ease using these tie-downs.


The little things add up, right? The lid on this practically indestructible box opens and closes with little effort thanks to torsion springs. And it stays open, too, so it’s out of your way when you’re grabbing your gear.


Think if you’ve seen one tool box you’ve seen them all? Guess again.

Store what you want in your DECKED Tool Box, shown open and with gear organized in it as a man in a baseball cap reaches to pull a D-Box out, and it'll keep anything from camping gear to guns safe and out of the weather.

The DECKED Tool Box is not your granddad’s toolbox. It’s an innovative alternative to a gun car mount and can keep almost any firearm close by, safe, out of harsh weather conditions, and away from thieves.

It’s Tough, Too, And It’s Time For The Tool Box for the 2020s


Your truck is sexy, your toolbox should be also.


It will be when you get the DECKED Tool Box, and it’ll be as tough as you are. It’s designed like Fort Knox. Impact resistant, it won’t ding, dent, or rust.


This tool box uses injection molded high impact polymer resin with galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcement. Put it through the paces of your work life or recreational life, and it’ll stand up to the tests.


The DECKED Tool Box is so tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry.


You know what they say: “Go big or go home.” Skip the gun car mount and keep your firearm handy in your DECKED Tool Box right in behind the cab in your pickup. Secure, easy to access, weatherproof, versatile and tough, this tool box gives you value, too.


Check out our free shipping, lifetime warranty, and financing options.


Step up your game. Step up to the DECKED Tool Box today!





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