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Get Your Rig Decked Out With These GMC Truck Accessories


A white GMC pickup with a toolbox in the bed.



Truck enthusiasts know that the acronym GMC is an abbreviated version of General Motors Company. But perhaps what they didn’t know is that is in the early days, the acronym used to read, GMTC, standing for General Motors Truck Company. While the brand may have dropped the “T” in truck, they never lost focus of what was clearly in their sights: the production of high-quality, high-performing larger vehicles such as trucks, buses, and SUVs. These vehicles—trucks especially—have been there for us through every mile, every milestone; so it’s high time we repay them with a few incredible GMC truck accessories that will complement their sleek lines and rugged durability to a “T”.

A profile view of the front only of a bright orange, vintage GMC heavy-duty vehicle.

Photo by Robby Fowler on Unsplash

GMC Sierra Truck Bed Accessories


We’ve got something for you that you’re not going to find in a GMC truck accessories catalogue. We make these GMC Sierra truck accessories not very far from where American-made GMC’s are manufactured in Detroit, Michigan.


We’re coming to you from Defiance, Ohio, because everyone knows the best comes from the Midwest, and it’s there that we are injection-molding the best damn truck bed accessories for GMC Sierra the market has ever seen. So, if you’re looking to deck out your rig, we are here for you, friend, and recommend that you take a good look at the DECKED Tool Box.


Because here’s the deal: if GMC is the “truck to tackle any task,” then DECKED is the toolbox for every truck. These two go together like peas and carrots, and, you guessed it— a DECKED Tool Box in the bed fits like a glove. Similes aside, let’s take a gander at the features that make it so great, by far the most durable, innovative, and affordable toolbox in its class.


(And don’t worry, it’s not just the Sierras that get to have all of the fun. Read on to discover what GMC truck bed accessories we have for the Canyon, Service Body rigs, and even the Savana cargo van.)


Close up view of GMC logo on the tailgate of a white pickup with a toolbox in the bed.

Our Philosophy: The What and The Why


Our company was formed on a lunch counter napkin. Like you, we are just hard-working Americans who wanted a product to make life easier. We firmly believe in the “work hard, play harder motto,” and the company we keep does too. We had all seen, and even made ourselves, those nifty plywood drawers folks build for the back of their pickups.


It's a universal need to bring order to the junk show that is the beds of our rigs, with the safety and security of our tools and gear at the tops of our lists. We knew we weren’t alone in this respect, and that so many of us—nearly every truck owner—deserved a purpose-built product that would make life easier. A product that would be affordable and attainable to those who needed them. A product that helped workers save time and reduced wear and tear on people’s bodies.


That is why we’re not building a premium or elite brand. We are making truck bed storage solutions for the people. The GMC pickup truck accessories people.


A DECKED employee takes a break with one glove off. he perches next to a metal support in a resting position. He appears friendly.

Our Principles: The How


Our products are proudly made in America; and like we said before, in Defiance, Ohio, because we’re defying what is possible when it comes to innovative truck bed storage. We employ real people, working really hard in our massive, state-of-the-art facility that spans four football fields. It’s there that we operate the largest molding presses on earth that weigh an excess of 35,000 pounds, to create a toolbox that is injection-molded and not welded using recycled high-density polyethylene plastics, high-impact polymer resin, and steel and aluminum reinforcements.


Two workers stand at a work table with supplies. The DYCO logo is large in the background.



We source the vast majority of the rest of our materials from suppliers that span the midwest, from businesses that are highly capable and specialists in their fields.


Take DYCO Manufacturing Inc. for example. Their family-run business has been in operation for over 40 years, and they create the crucial steel components that give our product durability.


And Supreme Casting? Their magic process of metallurgy provides the aluminum we need for the handles and our first-of-its-kind integrated access ladder. There’s something inherently fascinating about transforming molten alloy into a useable product, and in our case, we put enough thought and design into them, (over two years!), that we made damn sure you can use our handles with gloves on.


But you’re still not sold on our humanitarian qualities alone? Well, shoot. Let’s zero-in on the specs then.

A pile of aluminum handles that say DECKED on them.


At DECKED, we are decidedly different. Take a look at these unique features that set us apart from the rest, and make us one of the most sought-after truck accessories for GMC Sierra. The DECKED Tool Box fits the GMC Sierra 1500/2500/3500 in current models and all the way back to 2001. (And possibly beyond—but you should contact us about this.)


Wholly Waterproof


We know that your set of tools can quite possibly be one of the largest investments of your lifetime. Us too. That’s why we don’t screw around when it comes to waterproofing. The DECKED Tool Box is 100% waterproof and keeps your tools dry as dust.


We achieve this in a few different ways. Since our toolbox is molded and not welded, that means the tub and the lid are each one piece. That right there is a big component in waterproofing. No seams mean no ruined dreams when water leaks in and destroys your gear.


We also created the toolbox with an upstanding lip that gets overlapped by the lid which effectively acts as a rain gutter on our product. When the lid is open, there’s a bulb seal and gasket that goes around the entire thing.


The whole unit seals tightly with an ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) gasket, and we treat our steel and aluminum hardware with anti-corrosion materials for long-lasting durability.


A closeup view of a DECKED Tool Box with water cascading off of it.

Super Secure


We certainly aren’t like those other cheap truck accessories for GMC. You know those toolboxes when you’re going down the road, and you see the tell-tale signs of a break-in? That will never be you, because our toolbox is nearly impossible to penetrate, and pretty much make crowbars cry and pry bars beg for mercy.


So, even if some moron does make breaking into your toolbox their hill to die on, at least your toolbox won’t show any signs of it. No toolbox is 1000% unbreachable, but at least we made one that is harder to break into than your truck is. Seriously. That’s the truth.


We achieve this through smart design. Our tub-lid interface minimizes theft pry bar points, and our steel and aluminum reinforcements provide extra stability and security. In addition, the lid must be open for the DECKED Tool Box to be removed from the bed of the truck.


We utilize a robust steel armored locking mechanism that combined with a driver’s side lock, makes forced entry nearly impossible. We give you two keys to ensure that you, yourself, will still be able to access your tools and gear, but you’d better stash one of those puppies in a safe place—we hope that much is clear.


Rhyme-time aside, we don’t joke about putting security at the forefront because we never want our dependability to be an afterthought.  


A man attempts to pry open a DECKED Tool Box with no success.


Outstanding Organization Capabilities


If organization means as much to you as the ice cubes in your whiskey on the rocks, then you’re really going to love this. And if you’re still trying to get organized, consider this next bit as a free drink from your favorite bartender.


The DECKED Tool Box comes standard with a portable toolbox, the D-Box, that nests within. It provides grab-and-go segmented storage and has two carrying handles, one on the top and one on the side, because, well, we’re an ergonomics company after all.


Whether you’re using it as a tackle box or a tool suitcase, the D-Box holds 50 pounds, and the two D-Box dividers inside can be removed. It has recessed locking levers and is watertight, also with an EPDM gasket.


We wasted no opportunity to make things handy for handypeople and used the outer lid to incorporate a common bolt/bit guide and a ruler.


The other freebie is our Snack Tray, which is akin to a mud pan, and the concept is pretty simple: it’s a great place to stash the small stuff, or maybe even a charcuterie plate if you’re super hungry and weird enough.


A small gray insert for a DECKED Tool Box. Rectangle shaped and looks like a mud pan.

Put your snacks in here. With your bolts, washers, and nuts. What kind of nuts? You decide.



Doubled-Down on Durability


It’s a regrettable (and likely embarrassing) fact that 50% of aluminum toolboxes arrive at the customer dented and dinged. Could you imagine dropping a wad of your cash on GMC truck parts and accessories that arrive all jacked up? Same here. No thanks. That’s why at DECKED— hell no you don’t pay for dents! Because of the materials we use, our product simply does not get them.


Since we’ve enlisted a whole cadre of engineers, and holy cow are these folks interesting, we’ve created an ultra-durable product that will never bend, flex, or sag. We’ve put it to the test in deadly 180 degrees Fahrenheit heat, and also conversely in negative five. Our toolbox continued to perform beautifully.


In addition, we added torsion bars, and used spring steel to lift our 30-pound lid, eliminating the need for gas struts because why use something when it’s reliably known to fail? “Reliable” and “fail”? Yeah. We couldn’t make this shit up if you paid us…


A person with big arm muscles hits bricks with a sledgehammer and shatters them atop a DECKED Tool Box.

We often try to break our own stuff.  Consider it a hobby.


Intuitive Installation


Our installation is a cinch, but we just called it intuitive here to fit in with the rest of our alliterative jargon. Did you notice that? Damn you’re clever. But we already knew that, because you found your way to the DECKED site.

Amazingly Accessible


You know how when people spout, “We saved the best for last!”? Well, that’s what we actually did here in telling you about this ladder. Once you get one you’ll wonder how you ever managed to live without it.

A truck fully DECKED out with a toolbox and drawer system installed in the truck bed.

Made from 6000-series aluminum, it provides unparalleled, integrated access to your tools from above. No more killing your back or acting a fool in front of God and everyone when you try and haul out your stuff.


The ladder makes it easy to step up your toolbox game. Just pull it out, listen for the clicks, and it extends all the way down to the ground. And since there’s quite a range in truck heights, we designed it to reach almost all of them, even on those big ‘ol Denali flexin’ rigs.


Then when you’re done, the ladder telescopes back into the toolbox, smartly and securely. It hardly takes up any space—and obstructs nothing. Kinda like a good boss.  



DECKED Drawer System


If you’re looking to step up your game even more, or are seeking GMC Canyon truck accessories, or even GMC Denali truck accessories for both the Sierra and the Canyon, then you’ll want to take a look at the product that has been turning heads since 2013.


The DECKED Drawer System is the Tool Box’s older sibling, and bosses your gear around with the same authority, gusto, and fanfare. It’s a great solution for truck owners who need to organize their on-the-job tools or hard-at-play gear, and still utilize the full length of their truck beds. And, if you want to see the ultimate in #toolporn, head over to our Instagram to see some bangin’ truck builds.


The Drawer System harnesses all of the same features, excellent craftsmanship, and modern materials as the Tool Box, but also has some great stats of its own. So what makes these cool truck accessories for GMC so special?



A top view of the Drawer System and an array of camping gear styles around it to illustrate its capacity.



  • Keeps your cargo dry and secure. Because you need bone-dry tools, we got dead-serious about that.
  • The System is super-secure, even when the tailgate is not locked, or even lockable.
  • Made from recycled HDPE, American steel, and born for harsh environments
  • Ammo can storage utilizes extra space near wheel-wells
  • The handle is so easy to operate, even a bear could do it. So watch out.
  • Zero to minimal drilling
  • Fits like a glove
  • Utilizes urethane, sealed bearing drawer wheels
  • Galvanized steel skeleton in-molded to HDPE
  • Strength to weight ratio 10:1
  • 2000-pound payload
  • 200-pound per drawer rating



So there you have it. If you’re looking for a few of the best truck accessories for GMC, or most other makes and models for that matter, (we’re not biased— we love all trucks!), then you’ve navigated to the right part of the internet. You can start your DECKED build here.


And what if we told you you could have not one, but both of these beautiful specimens in your eight-foot truck bed? Would you do it?


Well, if you’re still not sold, no need to take our word for it. Because this GMC owner said it all.



A screenshot of a review on DECKED's website of a customer who is very happy with DECKED products.