Some of the best GM accessories to add to your truck repertoire


Some of the best GM accessories to add to your truck repertoire

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Looking to add some seriously cool GM accessories to your truck?


Smart move.


Whether you call it GM, GMC, or General Motors, there is an abundance of great truck accessories to add to your ever-growing line of truck products — especially when it comes to GM truck accessories.


General Motors was founded in the year 1900 and has since established itself as one of the most renowned automobile manufacturers in the United States. If you’re looking for a smart union between your truck and accessories, you might not find a better pairing than GM and DECKED.


Similar to General Motors, DECKED is a company that prides itself on also being American-made, manufacturing all of its components right here in the United States.

Considering GMC is one of the most storied automobile manufacturers in the history of the US, it’s only fitting to pair it with DECKED, the DECKED Truck Bed Storage System, Tool Boxes, and Truck Accessories.


When it comes to searching for GM parts and accessories, DECKED is almost a match made in heaven. US-made heaven. At this point, GM could even stand for “good marriage” — with DECKED, that is.


Before we do a detailed dive into the entire DECKED Truck Bed Storage System and how they fit in (literally) with GM parts and accessories, we’ll give you a quick little refresher about DECKED.

DECKED Components

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Technically speaking, the DECKED accessories are called components. DECKED’s components are part of a huge integrated modular system that makes up the entire DECKED Truck Bed Storage System family. Consider it as a toy model train collection. The DECKED Drawer System is the track and all of its components are the trains and add-ons.


WIth DECKED, truck owners who are on the hunt for GM accessories can essentially start a brand new line of collectibles, all of which can be mixed, matched, and added together to form the complete DECKED Drawer System haul.


DECKED specializes in organization, storage, and security but the modularity of the system means you can build up a useful line of GM accessories, all in one spot. The entire system, along with its accessories, is impressively durable, inexpensive, easy to use, and pretty damn sexy. The entire DECKED system also fits on nearly every truck currently on the road which means its accessories will most probably fit inside your pickup. GM corvette accessories? DECKED will fit. GM Silverado accessories? No problemo. GM Cadillac accessories? DECKED has got you covered.


Simply put, DECKED is made to last. It’s made out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which is a nearly indestrubile type of plastic. Every product in the DECKED family is also completely weatherproof — head out in the rain, snow, hail, or mud and the products will handle anything thrown their way.


Let’s get to it. Here are the best GM accessories and components to pair with your GMC pickup. From toolboxes in a variety of shapes and sizes, you’ll be able to securely store and organize everything in the bed of your truck, like a filing cabinet on wheels.


Looking to store tools, duct tape, bug repellent, flares, cables and cords, equipment, clothes, and hec, even an ATV? There’s a DECKED component with your name on it.

DECKED Drawer System

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The DECKED Drawer System is the big daddy of the entire brand. It’s an innovative and painless way to give your GM truck more functionality. It’s like having a fridge in the back of your pickup and the GM accessories are different Tupperware containers.


If you’re hoping to find GM accessories, the DECKED Drawer System should be your definite starting point. It fits into practically every GM make of truck and you’ll be able to accessorize it to really make it your own.


The DECKED Drawer System has a 2,000-pound payload capacity and a 200-pound payload capacity per drawer – party on top, business inside the drawers. The product is designed for owners to spend less time searching for gear and more for productivity and trucking. Forget crawling into your truck bed to search for gear.


DECKED is born in Idaho, manufactured in Ohio, and engineered in Detroit, meaning it’s completely US-made. Both of the Drawer System’s two bed-length drawers keep your tools secure, out of sight, and stylishly stored.


Looking for GM parts and accessories online? Look no further. Here’s how the rest of DECKED components line up:





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If you’re looking for GM pickup accessories and you’ve got DECKED in your crosshairs, you won’t get far without considering the Tool Box. So tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry.


The Tool Box is made from a high-impact polymer resin, making it impossible to dent but easy to love. The Tool Box is completely waterproof, incredibly secure, and ships for free to customers across the continental United States.


The accessory is molded, not welded, so GM truck owners get a seamless lid and tub which closes tightly thanks to an Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) gasket. Essentially, everything that goes dry into this bad boy will stay dry.


What’s more, DECKED Tool Boxes are made out of UV-protected rust inhibitors so that it remains sturdy and won’t fade if exposed to too much sunlight, rain, snow, or hail.


You’re looking for GM accessories? The Tool Box is a good first component to build off of.






DECKED D-Box & Crossbox

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If you’re looking for a smaller but equally durable alternative to the Tool Box, the DECKED D-Box and/or Crossbox are GM accessories that should be on your radar.


Designed to carry up to 50 pounds, the D-Box fits all full-size drawers, midsize wide drawers, and the Tool Box to give you layers of storage — think about it as storage inside storage.


The D-Box, the bigger brother of the Crossbox, is a bomber toolbox. It’s made from the same strong material as the rest of the DECKED products, is weatherproof, and they have insertable dividers so you can keep everything extra organized.


The Crossbox, like the D-Box, is built with easy-to-carry handles and has multiple grip points for easy retrieval.


You don’t only have one Tupperware container at home, do you? That’s essentially what the D-Box and Crossbox are. They’re durable toolboxes that are great on their own but even more valuable as GM accessories inside the DECKED Drawer System or Tool Box. Or heck, why not both?


Besides fitting snugly in the Drawer System, the D-Box and Crossbox are stackable so you can neatly store these toolboxes on top of each other — say in the garage — whenever they’re not serving their purposes in the Drawers.


When it comes to the D-Box and the Crossbox, the more the merrier. Load up on these bad boys.


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Who doesn’t love a good pun? Especially for a product that’s just so darn useful. The DECKED

Drawerganizer helps to keep all of those smaller — yet equally important — frequently-used items neatly organized. Consider nabbing some Drawerganizers to store your tape measures, duct tape, gloves, sunscreen, repellent, and so on.


Because when you need a smaller item, wasting time rummaging through your truck bed is the last thing you want to do.


With the DECKED System, organization is key and the Drawerganizer will help to keep order. Plus, the amount of times you get to use this pun is priceless.





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The GM accessories don’t stop there. They just keep getting better. Say, how about a magic trick?


Have you ever been wowed when a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat? With the DECKED Ladder, you can do that every day.


This sparkling accessory is a high-strength aluminum ladder that extends out from the Tool Box and cements itself onto the ground. Forget those days of propping yourself up on the back wheels of your truck to look for something. Accessorize your GM truck with the ladder and facilitate all your searching needs.


The DECKED Ladder tucks in so snuggly, it barely takes up any space inside the Tool Box. We’re telling you, it’s like magic. Step up your GM accessories game – literally.


gm accessories, bag, backpack, gmc, gm, d-bag, d bag, dbag,


GM accessories bag? Check.


Ladies and gentlemen, the DECKED D-Bag. It’s made out of a military-grade hybrid hard shell, a soft siding, and a smooth interior. The bag functions as a tool and gear bag for DECKED drawers and it also fits in the DECKED Tool Box (obviously). You can also simply wear it as a sexy backpack, it’s great for solo use.


It’s ideal if you’re going hiking or hunting and need to transport camping gear or power tools to your truck site. The D-Bag has a versatile strap system (and aluminum handles) meaning it can be worn as a backpack, carried like a briefcase, or slung over the shoulder like you own the place.


Each D-Bag comes with a removable DECKED Tool Roll and DECKED Duffel Bag, accessories within accessories. It’s like the movie Inception.


Take note that the weather-resistant D-Bag is the only DECKED product not made in the United States. It’s manufactured in Vietnam because the company could not find a vendor in the US to keep up with the quantities needed.


Yes, it’s a GM accessory that is that good.

The DECKED Piecekeepers

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DECKED has thought of everything when it comes to GM accessories, even a secure component to hold your firearms.


The Piecekeeper is a way to neatly stack up to three firearms into the Drawer System for quick and easy access.


Each Piecekeeper has divider slots that give GM truck owners a solid surface to store firearms, along with built-in compartments to hold your gun clips.


Most importantly? They’re completely safe.  

So there you have it, folks

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Looking for ​​a warranty on GM accessories? How does a lifetime warranty sound? Besides ensuring quality from its US-made products, DECKED has a lifetime warranty for all of its accessories, meaning if you’re a DECKED consumer, you’re one for life.


Along with shipping for free across the continental United States, truck owners who purchase the DECKED Drawer System get a free D-Box (in desert tan), a Crossbox (also in desert tan), two drawer dividers, and a Drawerganizer. So you’re already starting off your DECKED career with a decent collection.


DECKED also has financing operations and offers a 0% APR financing up to six months, for customers who don’t really feel like tossing down cash. For customers looking for GM accessories, DECKED recommends buying the components at the same time as the Drawer System. The company ships all the truck accessories inside the master unit for a flat rate of $15. Try to get as many GM accessories as possible, right off the bat.


GM accessories and DECKED go together like a “good marriage,” sure but GM can also stand for “great move.”