The Gerstner Tool Box vs The DECKED Tool Box

The Gerstner Tool Box vs The DECKED Tool Box

Pickup truck people are by design “field service” people and definitely “tools people.” It may not really matter what it is you use your pickup truck for; you will find it a norm to have to bring tools and stuff with you, and being indiscriminately organized is a fundamental concept you'd have to master. After all, you’ve got a massive cargo bay; what else are you driving a pickup for?

As a field service person, you'd attest that it could be a hell lot of a challenge to keep your tools and gear organized, accessible, and properly secured, especially in a "tools storage world" that is woefully unresponsive to change. Most of what is there are antiquated tool boxes that have refused to move with the times.

Well, purchasing a tool box is a commendable step towards the right course. However, what you will probably get will start off as logically promising but won't take long before cluttering apart. Besides, many lack proper organization, so you'd have to thrust everything in one hollow compartment and dig through the heap blindly to retrieve the items you need. It can be dreadful if you have to do this kind of searching while out of time; it's even harrowing to imagine the hazard you get exposed to if there are sharp objects to hollow out.

Gerstner tool boxes are okay to use if you are looking for a traditional tools and cargo management solution. But you may need to reconsider. As the ultimate toolbox of the century, DECKED is your multipurpose cargo organization equipment of choice, promising ergonomic functionalities hard to find in other tool boxes.  

The DECKED Tool Box is here to change your experience with tool boxes. You no longer have to confine your choices to a rather out-of-the-mark midsize pick up tool organization equipment with very little to offer in terms of versatility and durability.


DECKED brings unmatched functionalities , revolutionizing the cargo organization industry taking it to an entirely new level.


Wooden tool boxes are a thing of the past as technological advancements promise a new prospect regime in the cargo storage and organization market. DECKED combines science and engineering to create bold and appealing tool boxes made from high-impact polymer resins. Get to move with the times and enjoy a new generation tool storage application with features and accessories that have taken the industry by storm.

We Can’t Compare Apples to Oranges


DECKED is designed for all manners of outdoor work . It is good for woodworking, handiwork, outdoor operations-you name it.


You may enjoy oranges, but they won’t beat your craving for apples. In fact, you can’t mistake an apple for an orange, let alone the fact that an orange won’t quench your desire to eat a refreshing apple. Both fruits have value, but each has its place, making comparing them almost foolish.

Gerstner tool boxes have a different utility, making them almost incomparable with DECKED. Gerstner makes wooden and portable chests which are more suitable for indoor usage in more sedentary environments such as offices, or homes but somehow (okay, fine, really) unsuitable for your pickup truck. So as a field service guy in need of more portability, you wouldn't find a Gerstner tool box handy.

On the flip side, DECKED goes beyond the normal into a whole new realm of high-tech innovation and pick up storage advancement and you have all the reasons for Kitting yourself with such a State-of-the-art Toolbox


The Tool Box guarantees security , durability and resistance to adverse weather .

Pick up truck owners know that they must always have a checklist on the products they want to use to accessorize their vehicles as they play catch up with the trend. You certainly have a point of reference against which to check the appropriate truck size, brand, and other essentialities like color, wheels, and storage capacity. Similarly, you cannot go short when selecting the right tool box. When shopping for one, you will want an option that will offer:

  • Quality and durable storage
  • Top-notch security
  • Weather resistance
  • Convenience
  • Excellent organization
  • Wide applicability, whether for work or recreational activities
  • A stylish, elegant, and luxurious look

DECKED is here to revolutionize the market, meeting such needs and going beyond to offer aspects of style and class beyond your imagination.


Durable and Impact Resistant

Most people would go for the Gerstner tool chests since they have been around for a while now and have since gained an industry positioning of repute. But hey! Have you stopped to consider the shortcomings of using wood for your cargo organization?

Some wooden tool boxes are such a piece of work. If you have been using one, I am sure you are seeking to repurpose it into something different because already you are experiencing issues with the lock mortice, the caster, the upper skirting, not to mention how bland it looks: no style, no class, just an old  piece of equipment staring back at you as if it was retrieved from the past hundred years. Well, we are way over the stone age and humanity is evolving.

You won’t believe that the DECKED tool box is built like a fortress from plastic material, specifically the high-density polyethylene industrial-grade plastic. A process of injection modeling coupled with the galvanization of steel and aluminum reinforcements gives it the kind of ruggedness to even withstand a bomb. You could try hitting it with a sledgehammer  and it will stare back at you like nothing happened.  DECKED is truly made for the toughest of outdoor tasks. Abuse it however much you want and still be sure of perfect performance. With it, you'd be sure of resistance, extra strength, and lasting quality.

If you have a thing for wooden, steel, or aluminum cargo storage equipment and are thinking to furnish your pick up with one by all means do, but just know this is the kind of industry where you literally “get what you paid for.”

The Security Concern


DECKED is made with the kind of  ruggedness that would withstand a bomb impact. You can be sure that your tools and cargo will be securely stored.

You have to agree that you always desire to keep your valued tools and gear safe from prying eyes and low-life thieves who wish to take what you have. Your best option would be to find a top-of-the-line tool box with a reinforced lid, beefy sidewalls, and unbreakable latches. You can never go wrong with the new DECKED, which is carefully crafted with all your security concerns in mind. Its impenetrable defenses make it the most desirable option that many competitors cannot muster.

In addition to the high-density polyethylene industrial-grade plastic, the DECKED tool box is reinforced with steel and aluminum, guaranteeing strength and stability. A favorite trick of most thugs is to use a crowbar to force entry into a tool box. DECKED has a tub-lid interface and is also molded, minimizing pry bar points. It would take a heavily built burglar about a year to even get close to making a break-in. This is not something you would say for wooden or aluminum tool boxes with joints all over.


With DECKED forced entry and an-authorized access to your cargo  is a thing of the past.


Forced entry is an impossible prospect with the DECKED Tool Box since it also has a robust steel-armored locking mechanism. This further adds to the system’s security design. You can lock your tool box when away from your vehicle and remain rest assured that your valued  tools will be safe.

Weatherproof and Corrosion Proof

DECKED is resistant to all kinds of extreme weather including  very low and high temperatures. It can be used all year round with an assurance of perfect performance.

Other than security, handy outdoorsmen have to worry about the performance state of their tools. You want to be sure that your implements are in good shape for optimum  productivity. Rest assured that water, debris, sand, and blowing snow will be kept off unless the lid is open. There is also a rubberized gasket which seals the lid off further offering an extra layer of protection from water and dust.

Again, we can bet that you don't like the look of a corroded tool box. Worry no more. As implied earlier, DECKED undergoes a pre-hardening process of injection molding which leads to a corrosion resistance materialing. In a careful process of balancing between ruggedness, rust resistance and machinability, DECKED is created to not only withstand wear and tear but also resist “corrosion cracking” for longevity and durability. To add to this strength mechanization, UV stabilization is employed  in the construction of the plastic and steel. With this, you can be sure that your equipment will pass the test of time and have the same beefy and crispy look it had when new.

Why DECKED is Special

Super Convenience and Seamless Organization with DECKED Accessories

Toolbox organization is vital when driving a pickup truck to work or other personal adventures. Proper organization will keep your pick up tidy and facilitate easy retrieval of tools and gear. DECKED Tool Box comes with a range of inlay design aspects that enhances your tool organization and management.

  • A D-Box that allow you to pack gear and tools
  •  A complimentary snack tray with no lid is ideal for storing the stuff you need quick access to and use often.
  • Pre-installed tie-downs at the tub base for securing large and heavy cargo.

With respect to convenience, it is the ease of opening and closing a tool box that makes you love or hate them. Opening the lid in the DECKED Tool Box is almost effortless. The tool box also has torsion springs so you won’t slam your fingers. The latches operate smoothly, which will make you enjoy using the DECKED Tool Box.

An Inbuilt Adjustable Nesting Ladder

Sometimes all you need is access to your Tools and not the entire Toll Box.This translates to the need for calculated access to your cargo in an easy and seamless position. DECKED comes with an integrated ladder system for this functionality . 

The DECKED Tool Box achieves another level of success with its optional ladder that facilitates easy access to the tub. The DECKED ladder is made of 6000 series aluminum, and it slides out to the surface level when you open the lid. You will be astounded that the ladder does not obstruct anything or limit the storage space.

Once the ladder is out, you drop it to the ground, and you can easily access tools inside the tub. You also don’t have to worry if you have a lifted truck. The ladder is adjustable, and it will drop to the ground. You’ll find this equipment handy, especially when you do not want to open the back of your bed to retrieve tools, which can be very boring at times. Unluckily, if you had a Gerstner tool box at your truck bed, you would have to climb up and down the tailgate every now and again to access your cargo.

100% Made in the USA

We like to assure our customers that DECKED is entirely a US-made product. This, we insist to prove that we have the regulator’s greenlight to sell to the American market as well as the world over for our exemplary adherence to the various standardization requirements, including those of safety, health, and labor. We share in the American spirit of quality and value and most importantly customer protection.  

Extra Perks

The DECKED Tool Box comes with perks that you will find lovable. DECKED gives you money-saving opportunities while also guaranteeing quality and superior performance. DECKED offers:

  •  Free shipping – Regardless of your location, the DECKED Tool Box ships for free to your doorstep. Delivery is also fast and may take a maximum of fourteen days.
  • Easy Install – it is easy to install the DECKED Tool Box. You may need assistance from a colleague or friend. You can as well visit a DECKED dealer around you for quick installation.
  • Lifetime warranty – You may wonder why we have a lifetime warranty. It is because we boast of manufacturing the toughest products in the market. Although defects may happen, we have a generous warranty that covers you.

Time to Explore the Extraordinary

The DECKED Tool Box may not exhibit the prominence of its rivals like the Gerstner tool boxes that have been around for quite some time now. However, DECKED is the future of value-adding, class, and durable storage for all your tool storage needs.The DECKED Tool Box offers much more benefits than you would get from any other competing company. Move beyond the ordinary and invest in a tool box that does not limit your work or recreational endeavors.

Do not hesitate to visit our website and click on “select a vehicle” to choose your make, model, and year of manufacture. You will get a customized tool box that perfectly you’re your truck. DECKED is the future, and it is high time you join the revolution.