Why You Should Choose DECKED Over The Gator Tonneau Cover

Why You Should Choose DECKED Over The Gator Tonneau Cover

If there is something so annoying to pickup truck owners, it is the dreaded thought of how to keep their truck bed cargo organized and secure. Most truck guys are tools people and may double as handymen or tradesmen. As a truck guy you constantly rely on your tools for your routine outdoor engagements and you need them properly arranged, reachable and trackable. If you lost that screwdriver because you couldn't secure it properly the last time you used it, you'd have to spend your productive time searching for it or thinking about its replacement. Wasted time equals to no work done which means delayed or no pay. But hey! Are you in business to make losses? Without a doubt, proper tool storage is key.  In response, the tool storage industry has seen many revolutions, and the Tonneau Cover has since been discovered.

The Gator FX3 Tonneau Cover does provide a solution to the truck cargo storage problem. It comes in many forms for a range of truck models, such as the Tacoma Gator FX3 Tonneau Cover for the Toyota Tacoma Pickup Truck. It comes in handy when you have to protect your stuff from flying off the truck bed while on the road. It also keeps cargo safe from weather elements. But it only goes as far as covering the cargo tray is concerned. Nothing more. Therefore, if in need of organization and order, the Gator FX3 Tonneau may not be the best solution.

In seeking to put such concerns to rest, DECKED Systems (the Tool Box and the Drawer System) have been developed. These are badass ergonomic tool organization equipment that go a step ahead serving more than just truck bed covering. They are ideal for storing and organizing as well as keeping cargo in your pickup properly secured and in place for easy access. With DECKED Systems, you get an unmatched order to store all your items efficiently.

Tonneau Covers are good for keeping your truck bed protected from malicious intrusion and bad weather, but you may need more than just that.You may need extra security, better storage of cargo and more capacity , which is where DECKED comes in.

DECKED vs. Gator Tonneau Cover, Who wins?

Scientific Engineering Behind Our DECKED System

Believe us or not, our DECKED Design aspect has received far too much scientific research. DECKED Systems are created with high-quality, long-lasting materials, which is our differentiating point and our primary flex. Furthermore, we take pride in the fact that our products are reasonably priced. We've also included a UV inhibitor as part of our value offerings to keep the material from fading in the sun. These minute details undoubtedly demonstrate the astute mind that went into developing our products. DECKED differs from the tonneau cover at this point. Our production process is truly ahead of time.

Compared to DECKED Systems, the Gator FX3 Tonneau Cover too does employ high-quality materialing. The Aluminum panels with RFP reinforcements make up a rather sturdy frame to give your cargo a great canopy. But the design is pretty standard, and the modeling quite average. They are things you'd easily get from any other tonneau cover out there.

Features Of Our DECKED

Before continuing, it is necessary to get a proper understanding of DECKED features to get a clear picture of how we stack up against the Gator FX3 Tonneau Cover.

  • Firstly, DECKED Systems (the Drawer System to be specific) provide special protection to your goods. As implied before, the materials employed are long-lasting, and so is the design. As a result, you are adequately safeguarded.
  • Secondly, cargo-carrying storage is highly adaptable when using DECKED. Because of the expanded functionality, you can transport tools of varying sizes with ease and convenience.
  • Custom locking is also possible. It's a useful feature for improving the overall experience.
  • The Drawer System’s base is made of aluminum and steel. The primary goal is to guarantee long-lasting, secure, and corrosion-resistant storage.
  • DECKED's scratch and UV-resistant black powder coat finish ensures that your system will maintain that shining luster for years to come.

DECKED Systems are in their own league .The engineering, research, innovation and the input are all enough proof that DECKED is here to make the life of hardworking mend and women easier.

Up until now, you'd realize that the features of our products are not available in a simple tonneau cover. In fact, the  Gator FX3 Hard Folding Tonneau Truck Bed Cover doesn't essentially focus on delivering such utmost quality build features.

Why DECKED Is Special 

  •  DECKED Systems are built with repurposed materials to avoid waste. We are not only concerned about solving corporate problems but addressing pertinent societal issues too. We've heeded to the environmentalists' call and have built a production process in a closed circular fashion to address the problem of pollution. To meet this need, we've ensured that our products are manufactured from salvaged metallic and plastic waste to make the environment clean and safe.
  • The Drawer System’s framework steel is anti-corrosion treated.
  • Every cabinet in the Drawer Systems has a wheel installed beneath to ensure that it comes out flawlessly.
  • Every cabinet has a 200-pound payload to hold as many medium sized devices as possible. In any case, to make your system more properly organized, we make other storage items, such as the D-Box, CrossBox, Drawganizer, and others (more on that later) (PP) for a more modular storage system.

DECKED Drawer System allows you to bring all of your work stuff on board, whether tools, clothes, quad bikes, bicycles, and everything you you may need for your outdoor expeditions. DECKED is meant to enhance your productivity.


Benefits of the DECKED

  • DECKED Systems offer precise covering keeping rain away from the bed and the items well protected from moisture.
  • You have well-made, functional devices at reasonable prices. To be a bit clear, we wouldn't necessarily say DECKED Systems are cheap, especially considering that the Gator FX3 Tonneau Cover would be a bit lower priced than many of our offerings. Be that as it may, why spend less in the beginning and much more later in repairs than just a one-off 1449.99 USD saving big bucks in the long run? Besides, you'd enjoy a guarantee of a limited lifetime warranty, plus you'd get along with our products' repairs on a shoestring.
  • The locking mechanism of DECKED Systems are quite good (cam locks with bed resistance and stiff still braces), do a good job of securing you items.It offers organized storage for your tools. It features special inlay design aspects for proper cargo arrangement and order.
  • Unlike the Gator FX3 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover, the DECKED Systems are very simple to install and remove. With the embedded user manual, it would be a 30-minute one-person job to get them up on your truck bed. With light drilling (For the Drawer Systems) and no special equipment, assembling them up should be as easy as snapping a finger.
  • Weatherproofing. DECKED offers a wide range of weather protection and water management options. But most importantly, it features a rubberized perimeter gasket seal that keeps the cargo tightly inside, preventing water and dust from leaking in. The FRP material shields the cargo from UV rays, protecting any natural or delicate objects in the truck bed.

DECKED Systems' design makes them highly convenient and ensures full truck bed access. The Drawer System's low-profile design is inviting and looks great on your truck. Interestingly given its massive size, the functionality of the space is the thing you won't have to sacrifice. And most importantly, the system has been made to last for years, which may not be the case with the Amazon/Gator FX3 Tonneau Cover.

The Tool Box comes with a specially designed ladder for use to access the cargo. This ergonomic functional feature makes your work easier as you'd not have to crawl up your truck's tailgate every now and again.


DECKED Systems are durable providing the optimum protection for any truck driver's goods. There is no need to be concerned about security because the construction process, the materials, and the general design are made to ensure your goods are well protected. DECKED is thief-proof as implied in our philosophy, "So tough, it'll make a crowbar cry." Buying this item is particularly important in wrongdoing-ridden nations worldwide, yet it is similarly basic to have one in the U.S.

A devoted criminal with the appropriate tools and enough time will get into pretty much anything. However, the DECKED framework both for the Tool Box and the Drawer System is one amazing hard thing to break into – indeed, which may not be the case with tonneau cover.

Optimum Organized Storage Is What We Offer

If you would wish to achieve maximum bed functionality with  organized compartments for each tool, then DECKED Systems are the best. The Drawer System for example helps in the effective storing of your tools to access them easily when need be. The fact that you have everything well-positioned as per your requirements will save you a great deal of time.

This characteristic may not be the case with the Gator FX3 Tonneau Cover, as you don't get an organization with it. The Gator FX3 Tonneau Cover serves the purpose of covering your truck bed only; No arrangement, no order, no compartmentalization.

Easy To Install

As already implied, DECKED Systems are easy to put up and disassemble. No pre-drilling (though you may need some light drilling for the Drawer System) or setting up other accessories to mount them is required. Also, no advanced handyman knowledge is needed or any special equipment. Everything will just fall in place. Just follow the manuals, and you will be fine.

And the Clear Winner Is…

We proudly say that not many if there is any that can beat DECKED Systems.We invest our time, resources and energy and have since come up with innovative storage equipment  with extra layers of security for your truck bed cargo. We have not only focused on providing the maximum functionality of trucks' storage in terms of proper arrangement but have also given the added benefit of top class security and protection from both adverse weather and malicious entry. The Tonneau Cover is certainly not an awful choice, but a DECKED has an extra edge.

If you decide to put your resources into greatness, do visit our website.

Other Important Aspects Of Decked

It is this segment that makes us become enthusiastic and why we think you'll as well. Truly, there is no proof that storage frameworks presented by any of our rivals are probably going to incorporate a sturdy 2000l payload as adaptive enough to haul super bulky items with seamless accessibility. And if you go for the Tool Box, our movable ladder is just one of the numerous achievements that separate us from our rivals. Yes, we are worried about your safety too, not just your tools, which is why we don't want you to crawl over your tailgate every now and again and have therefore devised something comfortable — an ergonomic ladder with which you can access your truck's cargo in the Tool Box from any of the sides.

An ergonomic tool box access system, a sturdy storage with an intensive inlay design with a superb carrying capacity is all you need on your truck bed. You need DECKED.

Our experts even made a few things to work with the innovative Tool Box and the DECKED Drawer System. This implies that our accessories will maximize space and deal with the most imaginative, useful, and agreeable storage solution you can get. For that reason, we guarantee that this isn't the standard tool kit your grandparents used. All things being equal, we utilize the most trendsetting techniques, materials, and designs. We think about our devices as our TBBFs (most trusted friends) toolbox.

We take care of every touchpoint that can be considered (the consequence of comprehensive review) to offer you better items than  the many tool storage equipment  there are in the market. Every review we've gotten has been positive. Not many different retailers can guarantee that degree of consumer loyalty.

If you're prepared to take your game to a higher level, prepare yourself to encounter the DECKED experience as there are other things to discover that we can't squeeze into one article of data.

With DECKED you are able to go out on all manners of outdoor expeditions whether hunting, camping, you name it. Other than a great tool storage space, you'd have an exemplary camping platform for mounting all kinds of rooftop accessories such as tents. DECKED is truly a game changer.

Final Thoughts

Quality and fulfillment are what you get with our DECKED drawer system, and you don't need to worry about this at all. We generally attempt to get the trust of our clients by conveying quality items. We verify our quality, and we would like you to feel the satisfaction of using a thing that adversely enhances your performance and efficiency.

Utilizing our DECKED Drawer System will help organize your stuff when doing field service, keeping your tools secure in a place where burglary is a near to impossible task. Most importantly, you get unmatched ergonomics, style , protection from adverse weather and a promise of strength like you have not experienced with other tool storage systems out there. Make that bold move today and be part of the DECKED movement.