Fiberglass Truck Caps or DECKED? We Say DECKED and We Have Reasons

Fiberglass Truck Caps or DECKED? We Say DECKED and We Have Reasons

Owning a truck gets interesting with time. Every mile, job, or adventure you do with your pickup truck strengthens your connection with it, and before you know it, it becomes part of your personal space. That is why your pickup can reflect who you are and your daily dealings just by looking at it. Of course, for this to happen, there are various upgrades and additions you may consider for its customization to enhance its usefulness and appearance according to your taste and preferences and, ultimately, its needs. However, the challenging part in the entire process is choosing the proper dress-ups.

Trucks are popular, and the more people embrace them, their market continues to make tremendous milestones in developing new models, including the aftermarket accessories for improving them. The general increase of brands is good because everyone can get something, but on the other hand, it is a disaster because finding the correct picks for your needs has become more complex. That said, truck owners love to add truck caps for additional space and gear protection. And these caps are available in different styles and configurations with Fiberglass Truck Caps being among the most commonly used. Nonetheless, you need to evaluate your unique preferences  as well as the truck's needs to determine what truck topper can serve you right. You also need information on the best truck caps in the market to enable you to compare a good match for your truck.

Fiberglass Caps are preferred among users for protecting pick up truck beds .They are, beautiful, strong and worth the while.

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Fiberglass Truck Caps


But How Do You Identify an Excellent Truck Cap?

Honestly, if you ask an expert in this area, they can tell you there is no better way to go about the search than to dig into what materials the manufacturer uses in making the caps. This way, finding the right one should be much easier. Let's get to the low down. Truck caps are available in three primary materials:

  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic

Naturally, it is aluminum truck caps vs. Fiberglass because the two primarily receive the most attention in the market. Each is great for different reasons, but there are downsides to either option, which you have probably heard about or even had an encounter with. Nevertheless, if you are in the market, specifically to discover Fiberglass Truck Caps, you are in the right place to know more about them. Several things you will learn here about pickup truck Fiberglass Caps include:

  • The pros and cons of Fiberglass Pickup Truck Caps Where to look for the best fiberglass truck caps
  • DECKED your go-to solution for gear security, with or without Fiberglass Truck Caps.

Fiberglass truck bed caps are okay to use to protect the bed, but DECKED goes a step further to offer more protection , organization and style.

The Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Pickup Truck Caps


  • They are attractive

In the automotive world, appearance is one of those important optics that create an impression. A sleek middle-of-the- road car would command more respect at first sight compared to a more upmarket brand that is carelessly maintained.  Fitting a fiberglass cap on your truck gives it that SUV or cargo van look hence a better look.Nonetheless, when choosing the best shell for your pickup, the hook is that you will always have options. You can get a Fiberglass topper that matches the exact color of your truck body to give it a more sexy look.

  • Security

You need a secure truck cap to ensure your gear, tools, and supplies remain safe always. The Fiberglass truck bed caps provide basic security, which is relatively enough if you are not hauling expensive cargo. Fortunately, DECKED comes in handy when expensive gear, tools and supplies are on board, but you will understand that later.


Fiberglass caps are okay as they keep your truck beds well protected and secure but DECKED is even better. It offers unmatched security to your truck bed and items alike.


  • Durable

Durability is crucial whenever your money gets involved, in which case Fiberglass truck caps can cost you a few thousand dollars. The remarkable thing is that it gives you the value of  money because it is strong. Fiberglass is a heavily reinforced plastic made of tiny glass Fibers bound with a strong resin. That gives you a heavy-duty shell that hardly rusts or dents like other substitutes.


  • Protection

Fiberglass truck caps are insulated which is an advantage because this feature adds an extra layer of protection against extremes such as weather.


  • They are expensive

Just like other truck bed accessories, Fiberglass truck caps have many features which affect their pricing including things like design, strength, brand, material among others. The more serviceability needed hence more features, the higher the price but generally Fiberglass truck caps can be expensive and a strain to the pocket especially when one is on a budget.

  • Accessibility

Ease of access to your truck bed is all you'd wish for especially if you have to frequently get to the tray. A Fiberglass Truck Cap does not offer anything more than bed covering, and if you need enhanced bed access you just may have to budget for extra accessories.


Even with the shortcomings, Fiberglass Truck Caps are excellent options compared to other accessories used for truck bed covering. But DECKED comes as a step up to your Fiberglass Cap pitfalls. Particularly, the Drawer System is such a game changer.

As a truck guy, you'd find your truck bed utility needs quite advanced requiring more than just cargo protection. You man need organization, top of the class security and elements of style. Fret not, for DECKED has you covered.


Where to Look For The Best Fiberglass Truck Caps

Of course, several brands offer a range of Fiberglass Truck Cap types, but that does not mean all of them are worth the while. From the various reputable truck cap manufacturers, Leer Fiberglass Truck Caps in North America have striked a soft spot in people's hearts. They are USA-made, with authorized distribution across all states and beyond. You can quickly locate them by simply searching Fiberglass truck caps near me. According to reviews, they meet truck owners' needs, and most users approve Leer Fiberglass truck caps prices are worthy of the product.

After getting your truck a Fiberglass topper, your next job is to find a solution to the rest of the gaps to improve its form and function. As hinted before, that has been made easy with the DECKED Systems. They truly are a lifesaver.

DECKED, Your Go-to Solution For Gear Security, With or Without Fiberglass Truck Caps


DECKED creates in-vehicle storage systems with the aim being to make the lives of hardworking men and women easier. If versatility and efficiency are the top priorities for your truck bed, then look no further because DECKED has been working on for years to bring you precisely that.

The DECKED Drawer System and the Tool Box aren't your grandad's storage systems. They are absolutely made from the future. A lot of science, innovation, and style have been invested in these ergonomic tool storage equipment to meet the ever evolving user needs.

What makes DECKED special is that it offers unmatched cargo organization. There is just not a thing you can't do with this top class tools and cargo storage equipment whether you have to store huge , smaller or medium sized items; everything is considered.


You have followed through because you want to find high quality truck caps made from superb materials. DECKED materials are not to disappoint. Actually, they are incredibly reliable, capable of holding up for longer periods of use and abuse. DECKED toolboxes are created from high-impact polymer resins using injection molding, and the design includes reinforcements with galvanized steel and aluminum. The best part is that skimping on the extras is just not our style, so these durable materials get combined with stainless steel hardware.

When we say DECKED is strong, what we mean is a Drawer System capable of handling 2000lb in weight and still perform  normally.


Unless you try them, you do not know how valuable the scientific engineering employed on the products can step up your truck's game and cargo handling experience. But here are benefits you can expect from DECKED systems.


Waterproof and rust/corrosion-proof

You want to keep your items dry. The waterproof materials enable your items to remain moisture free, plus the system seals tightly to keep off other elements like snow and dew. A watertight system implies that your equipment will be  rust or corrosion free hence more shelf life.

Security minded

If you worry about break-ins, then this is good news for you. It is mission impossible to break into the DECKED system. The design is security-minded all around. It has a tub-lid interface that acts against a theft pry bar, and for extra stability and security, the Tool Box tub has been reinforced with steel. Additionally, it comes with keys to ensure you have the ultimate control.

Easy to organize

The DECKED package you receive at your doorstep comes standard with an easy-to-grab D-Box that hangs in place within the tub. Also, it comes with a handy Snack Tray that nests in place for small tools and gear. The catch is the  accessories, which further complement the serviceability of the main storage systems.

Easy to install

A DIY instruction manual is included in the package you receive, and it is a straightforward job because no drilling is needed.


With most truck bed toppers, you will encounter accessibility issues but DECKED offers easy access to your cargo. The system grants you access by simply pulling out the drawers.You also have an option of the integrated ladder as an addition if you are using the Tool Box , but you may need to purchase it separately.


If you get DECKED products, you can be sure of long term usage and in case of anything—our lifetime warranty has got your back alongside our generous customer service which will take heed of your needs. So far so good, we have not received  any significant product related complaints but we are here for you in case anything happens.

Free shipping 

DECKED products are 100% US-made. You get to enjoy free shipping if you order from any part of the country. Notably, do your due diligence to ensure you get your order right the first time to avoid inconveniences with any other charges.

What Makes DECKED Your Unique Go-to Solution For Gear Security?

With or without the Fiberglass Truck Cap, your truck will get all the said benefits and even more. Just get DECKED out and see for yourself.

DECKED with a Fiberglass Truck Cap


Fiberglass Truck Caps- DECKED


  • If you have a mounted Fiberglass Truck Cap, you do not have to worry about uninstalling it to use the DECKED system. Why? DECKED products get engineered with the structure in mind. That means it is compatible with most truck models, and after installing the drawers, there is enough space left for your truck to accommodate other activities and functions.
  • If you use your truck for camping, you probably sleep under the  cap. DECKED will provide you with a bigger, flat sleeping platform covering your wheel wells.
  • DECKED also helps you save some money you would otherwise spend on a truck bed liner and shelves as it keeps all gear secure, organized and easily accessible.
  • The UV rays can pose a risk, but your gear gets complete protection with DECKED.

The good thing about DECKED is that it is compatible with all manners of truck rooftop installations including the fiberglass truck cap . If you have one installed, no need to remove it to pave way for DECKED. They can perfectly work together.




DECKED Drawer System DG5 - GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado 8


  • It is still okay if you choose to go without a Fiberglass Truck Cap. All the benefits above can still apply with the Drawer System, and you also get a few extra bonuses on top.
  • DECKED keep all your equipment and gear 100% bone dry in the face of forces of mother nature.
  • The drawers keep your truck bed out of sight, so you do not have to worry about prying eyes and thieves.
  • You can load bulky things on top of the Drawer System because it can hold up to 200lbs of gear while maintaining a 2000lb payload capacity with tie-down points for actual cargo carrying capacity.

There are various reasons to consider DECKED as your tools and gear storage. But the fact that it solves all the common issues other truck bed caps present makes it a game-changer option. Plus, you get protected fully with a lifetime warranty, whatever it costs you. DECKED also makes large toolboxes for various vehicles. That makes it available and compatible with most truck models. It does not stop at that. We believe in learning and improving with the market change to ensure we provide your truck bed with the most unique, practical, and pleasant storage solution possible.