Is A Tonneau Cover F150 Worth It?

Is A Tonneau Cover F150 Worth It?


Absolutely! A tonneau cover F150 is definitely worth the investment. Without a tonneau cover, the items on your truck bed could get exposed to the rain or other elements that will potentially damage your precious cargo. Or your items could be exposed to dust, especially if you are driving off-road or along the highway. The most unfortunate scenario would be if your stuff gets stolen while you are parking your truck. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to experience any of this.


And the good thing is: you don’t have to.


The DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System is an excellent REPLACEMENT to a tonneau cover. You can use it as a substitute but it does not have to be. The DECKED storage system has two sliding drawers for organizing your tools, gear, and other items. It is fully secured so you can ensure that your stuff will not be stolen.


Having a pick-up truck gives you a great deal of pride, however, it can be very costly when your truck bed is not completely protected. Although there are various ways of protecting the most beneficial part of your truck, it is best to use truck bed custom accessories such as a 2021 F150 tonneau cover. Whether you choose a hard or a soft cover, truck bed covers are truly a smart investment.


As a truck owner, you should be aware that maintaining the look and performance of your vehicle means that you have to protect it. Aside from protecting your truck bed, you also need to protect its contents. Although a bed liner can provide you with a lasting coverage and protection against wear and tear, how about your cargo? It is recommended that you should invest in a roll up tonneau cover F150.


What Are The Benefits Of A Tonneau Cover F150?


It is undeniable that tonneau covers are extremely appealing. They offer a classy appeal to your truck, covering up your filthy bed. However, the advantages of a F150 tonneau cover goes beyond its aesthetic appeal. The following are some of the essential benefits of a tonneau cover Ford F150.


A photo of a red Ford F150 Pick-up Truck.

Keep Your Cargo Or Equipment Safe


One of the greatest benefits of a Ford F150 tonneau cover is that it can protect whatever you are hauling. Whether you are transporting some luggage, tools, equipment, or even a bed-full of mulch, there is no safer way of securing your haul than having the best tonneau cover F150. It can protect your cargo from snow, rain, wind, dust or whatever element you might encounter. Ultimately, it is very important that you have year-round protection. This is also essential if you are hauling sensitive items in your truck bed which could get damaged when exposed to the elements. Likewise, if you have loose items on your truck bed that could easily get blown away by the wind as you speed up.    


Enhanced Gas Mileage


Most often, this is the most overlooked benefit of a tonneau cover, but it is in fact, the most relevant. Keep in mind that if your truck bed is open, then it can catch airflow, which can result in a heavier drag on your truck. Unfortunately, this drag can deeply hurt your truck’s fuel mileage.


A tonneau cover has an aerodynamic design, whether you are using a soft or a hard cover. As you drive, air drag can be minimized, at the same time, your gas mileage will improve. This means that you can obtain some savings from installing a tonneau cover for Ford F150. Aside from protecting your truck bed and cargo, F150 tonneau cover 5.5 can also reduce your gas expenses.      


A photo of a black GMC Sierra Truck with a tonneau cover.

More Security


If you really want to protect your precious cargo, then you should keep them out of sight and out of reach from potential thieves. Well, this is just what a retractable tonneau cover F150 does. It can cover up everything, no matter what you are hauling. Aside from concealing your cargo, most tonneau covers also feature a locking mechanism while others can be locked with the tailgate. This can greatly help in entirely protecting whatever you are carrying in the bed of your truck. Hence, you can have peace of mind while driving because you know that your cargo is completely secure. They can also offer you water protection while improving the look and feel of your truck. There are a variety of choices, ranging from hard, soft, retractable, and foldable styles.


Every tonneau cover comes with its own security system. However, the most secure ones are the hard tonneau covers since they are extremely impossible to access when locked. Nevertheless, the less secure tonneau covers such as the soft vinyl covers can also be an impediment since thieves usually prefer an easy steal.


Keeps Things In Place


Have you experienced loading up your truck and after driving around you’ve discovered that the items in your truck have shifted or spilled? Well, this is just so annoying. To prevent this dilemma from happening, you should get a hard tonneau cover F150. With tonneau covers, you can be assured that everything will be in its place. No matter what you are hauling, they can be protected against the wind that usually contributes to the shifting of items. You can feel confident that everything will be exactly how they are when you arrive at your destination.


A photo of a blue Ford F150 Pick-up Truck with a tonneau cover.

Keeps Your Truck Bed Dry And Clean


Obviously, you don’t want your truck bed to be covered in dust or soaked in water. However, this is exactly what you will experience if you are driving without a 2020 Ford F150 tonneau cover. This means that your truck bed will require regular washing and maintenance. It is also possible that your truck bed could quickly wear out. Spraying water on top of a tonneau cover is much easier than cleaning the nooks and crannies of your truck bed.


Enhances Your Truck’s Appearance


Aside from security and functionality, truck bed covers can also improve the looks of your pick-up truck. Its aerodynamic design does not only improve your fuel mileage but it can also provide a sporty look. Most tonneau covers can make your truck look cool and neat. Roll-up, retractable, and tri-fold tonneaus can create a glossy and sleek effect. If you prefer to have an aggressive and rugged look, then you can choose to have hard tri-folds.


Prevents Rusting And Corrosion


As a truck owner, there is nothing more annoying than seeing some rust on your truck bed. Usually, truck beds are made of steel. Even if they are coated, snow, rain water, or road salt could likely get through the coating which can lead to rusting. When this happens, you will either have to pay for the re-coating or live with a rusted truck bed. However, rusting and corrosion can be prevented with a hard folding tonneau cover F150.


A photo of a black Tundra Truck with a tonneau cover.

Hauling Flexibility


Truck bed covers allow hauling flexibility, especially the hard ones. With hard tonneaus, you can store your things inside the truck bed, at the same time, you can use the top even without a rack. For instance, if you are getting your gear ready for your activity, then you can temporarily place your equipment on top of your tonneau cover for quick access.


Retains The Value Of Your Truck


With all of these incredible features of a 2021 F150 tonneau cover, you can have more savings now and make more money when you resale. You can get more savings from low gas mileage as well as in preventing lost and damaged cargo. At the same time, it can help in preventing any serious damage to your truck bed, which can likely cause costly repairs when necessary. When the time comes that you will be reselling your truck, your truck bed will be in better shape than if the truck bed was exposed. This can greatly help in maintaining the value of your truck. Hence,  don’t just upgrade your vehicle, invest in a F150 bed rack with tonneau cover.


Should You Get A Soft Or A Hard Tonneau Cover?


Before making a purchase, you need to ask yourself what you really need. Do you want to have a roll-up, tri-fold, hard or soft tonneau cover? Well, it actually depends on your preference. A hard or a soft cover can be valuable to someone who has certain needs.


Benefits Of A Soft Tonneau Cover


  • Very easy to install and remove
  • Much cheaper
  • Can be stored quickly when not in use


Advantages Of A Hard Tonneau Cover


  • Extremely durable
  • Very easy to operate
  • Fully secure and lockable
  • Washable
  • Entirely weatherproof
  • Sleek looking


A photo of a white pick-up truck.

What Is The Perfect Replacement To A Tonneau Cover?


A tri-fold tonneau cover Ford F150 can protect your cargo from various elements, prevent them from escaping out of your truck, and most of all, keep them out of sight from potential thieves.


The DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System is a great replacement for a tonneau cover. It can do all the things that a tonneau cover can do, at the same time, it can keep your tools and other stuff well-organized and easily accessible. The DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System has two sturdy drawers that can effectively protect and organize your gear, tools and other stuff. However, you can also choose to have a combination of the tonneau cover and the DECKED Drawer System. You will be amazed how these two can work together in storing, organizing, protecting, and accessing your tools and gear.


Your Tool Box From This Century


Your truck is sexy, your toolbox should be also. The DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System provides you with weatherproof, secure, and highly organized storage. This sliding drawer toolbox system is 100% American made and perfect for your pickup. It features two full bed-length drawers which are completely secure. Each drawer can slide easily using its  industrial-grade wheels and is capable of carrying a load of up to 200 lbs. Aside from this, the deck itself can also carry a load of up to 2,000 lbs.


A photo of a white pick-up with a DECKED Truck Drawer Storage System.


The DECKED storage system is built from steel and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), so you can enjoy an ergonomic access to your gear, tools and equipment while having the chance to have full use of the truck bed. This is perfect for carpenters, contractors, surveyors, painters, electricians, handyman services, plumbers, as well as outdoorsmen who require a secure storage in their trucks that can be easily accessed. The drawers can be pulled out at waist height while allowing you to fully use your truck bed. The system can be easily assembled, without any drilling required. There are also several accessories that are available for customized storage.  


Features Of The DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System


    • Two full length drawers that slide smoothly
    • Constructed from 30% steel and 70% high pressure injection molded HDPE
    • Maximum weight capacity for each drawer is 200 lbs
    • Maximum weight capacity of the deck is 2000 lbs
    • Weatherproof. Resistant to intense UV exposure and temperature
    • Maintains a flat surface area
    • Makes full use of the whole truck bed
    • Easy access to items
    • Excellent for security, organization, and storage
    • 100% made in the USA
    • Backed by a lifetime warranty
    • Free shipping
    • Comes with crossbox, dividers, D-Box, and Drawerganizer