F150 Accessories

F150 Accessories


Can you believe the F-150 has been with us since 1975? The F-Series overall is the best-selling pickup truck line in the US and has been the highest-selling vehicle overall since 1981, if you can believe that. Maybe you got a new F-150 with one of those generators onboard that can power a house or maybe you got one of the special models like the F-150 Nite, the Lightning, the Harley-Davidson Edition, the Raptor, the King Ranch, the Platinum, or the Tremor.


With all those F-150s out there, there are also a range of F150 accessories, and you may be wondering where to start.


Take a second and think things through. You probably didn’t buy a work truck to record videos hollering into your phone like some folks. If you’re going to work in your truck or using your truck at work, it’s a work truck, even if your name isn’t on the side. And a good work truck needs a good toolbox.


There are a million F150 accessories and probably a hundred F150 toolboxes, but the DECKED Truck Tool Box may just be “the best truck tool box ever,” which is high praise indeed. You bought the best truck. You deserve the best toolbox to put in that truck. Right? Right!

A truck on a jobsite with an open DECKED Toolbox


Which F150s Are We Talking About?

Now, with…okay, let’s not all feel old thinking about how long ago 1975 is, but let’s say the F150 has been around a while. Obviously, a new toolbox made with new technology can’t go too far back in time. Not legally, anyway. So if you have an F-150 from before 2001, it might be time to upgrade. There’s nothing wrong with an older truck but at the same time, once they get into college, they start getting funny ideas and wanting to debate at Thanksgiving and it’s a whole mess.


Now, an F-150 or Raptor made between 2001 and the present? You’re all set. It’s that simple.

A worker looks for tools in his truck toolbox


Aren’t All Toolboxes The Same?

That’s like asking if it’s still okay to wear the paisley. Maybe if it’s still 1975.


To be fair, some toolboxes still are made the same way and you know how that usually turns out. They start sagging in the middle, but then again, that happens when you get up to a certain age. Maybe they don’t hold as much. Maybe they ache when it gets rainy.


The DECKED Truck Toolbox is a new toolbox for a new era, one where your phone tells you where to go and you can watch the game in the middle of a National Park. The base is injection molded, impact treated high density polyethylene. Now, that’s a lot of fancy words that maybe a college-age truck can explain, but let’s cut to the chase and say it’s impact resistant and won’t ding, dent, or rust like grandpa’s toolbox.


You know how the stereo would eat your tapes and you’d have to get a pencil and wind everything back up? That’s what old toolboxes are like. (If you don’t get that reference, that’s okay, you probably know what high density polyethylene is! See you at Thanksgiving!).


That all means that the DECKED Truck Toolbox won’t show up dented–50% of aluminum toolboxes do–and is waterproof and rust proof and corrosion proof. Not only is it made with modern technology, it’s made with modern techniques. It’s molded, not welded, which means the lid and tub are seamless. Of course, they put a little work in the design, too, so the lid seals tightly. It even has an upstanding lip that gets overlapped by the lid. That means any rain that tries to sneak in under the lip gets channeled away harmlessly.


There’s nothing wrong with good old steel and aluminum, mind you, but even there, DECKED takes care of things. The steel and aluminum hardware have been treated with special anti-corrosion stuff to keep rust and other nasty stuff from eating away at them.


This is the Tool Box from this century.


A motorcyclist loads his dirtbike


I Thought We Were Talking About F150 Accessories?

We are!


The DECKED Tool Box is the ultimate work accessory for your ultimate work truck. You can always get those little dangly things for the tow hitch or the headlights that look mean once it’s kitted out. And to afford those, you’re going to need to go to work. And once you’re at work, you need tools. And for your tools to get there safely, why, you need a truck toolbox. See? It all fits together.


Perhaps you’re still a little skeptical. Sure, the DECKED Truck Toolbox sounds like the best thing since the nail gun, but maybe you’re itching for a little personalization. If you want accessories for your accessories, DECKED also has you covered.


Each DECKED Truck Toolbox comes with a D-Box. A D-Box is a little weatherproof box that goes inside your weatherproof truck tool box in case you need something a little more portable once you get where you’re going.


There’s also a little something we call the Snack Tray. Every project, large or small, has a thousand tiny little things that need to go somewhere or it’ll be bad news. The Snack Tray is that somewhere. It’s where you put the small things, that screw you absolutely can’t lose, or the hot dog you picked up at the truck stop on the way in but wanted to keep for later.


Working people have a different set of priorities from regular folks so you may be the kind of person that gets excited about a really nice saw. (They are just the best, aren’t they?). How about ladders? Maybe you need accessories for that F150, but you got one of those F150s that’s more of a monster truck 19 feet in the air, right? Well, that’s a dilemma, because your toolbox’ll be way up there and at the end of a long day when your back is a hurtin’, that climb is going to look bigger than Everest.


Behold, the ladder. This puppy nestles right in the box and doesn’t block your access to your wrenches, welders, or that hot dog we were talking about. It slides right out and drops to the ground, so you can climb up and get what you need, then get back to work. It drops right to the ground even on a lifted truck and it’s made from 6000 series aluminum, so it can hold you even if you decide, you know what, now is a perfect time for that hot dog you’d been saving in the Snack Tray.


A man carries a smaller, more portable toolbox across the jobsite


DECKED Has Accessories For Your Decked F150 Accessories

DECKED isn’t just a space age toolbox for your F150. It’s a great start to a whole way of getting things done. For example, you may not always need everything in your toolbox all at once.


Finally, a D-Bag you won’t mind having around the jobsite. This is a combination hard shell, soft sided toolbag that can fit in your Tool Box and hold all the little stuff you need to take with you when you get started. Maybe your truck can’t go indoors, for example. One day they’ll make doorways wide enough, but until then, you have to carry things. The world just isn’t fair.


Work may take you far afield or maybe you’re the wandering type and you actually take your truck offroad. Sometimes, things happen, and sometimes, it takes a little bit more than that bandage you keep finding in the change tray. The Uncharted Survival Bag is the D-Bag’s prepper brother, outfitted with everything 2 people need to survive the first 72 hours of an emergency situation. It fits real nice in your DECKED TRuck Toolbox. And frankly, if you can survive 72 hours locked in your truck with someone, marry that person immediately.


Now, that’s for normal emergencies. Maybe you go to those kinds of places where they’ve heard of roads, but frankly, they don’t believe in them. Way out in the boonies, you may get injured and while you wait for the helicopters to find you, it’d be nice to stay alive, right? Your DECKED Tool Box can also hold this Survival Kit for the really, really bad situations, like when your wife makes you actually go to the doctor.


We talked about the D-Box, but let’s talk about the Crossbox. This is the D-Box’s friend and it goes lengthwise in your DECKED toolbox for holding even more tools, small things, hot dogs, you name it. It’s even got a little ruler built in the top so you can make sure your lie about that fish is plausible.


There’s also a tool roll if you need something, but all that seems a little too fancy. It’s okay. You have to ease into self-care, start small, get used to it, take it slow. DECKED will be there when you’re ready.


A truck cruises through the desert


DECKED Has F150 Accessories…For You

Every truck stop and gas station has stickers and geegaws and doodads you can put on your truck, but are they really you? Fact is, you probably got an F150 to do serious work, and a funny bumper sticker has its place, but is that better than a waterproof toolbox that’s easy on the eyes and tough on thieves? What if that toolbox was made right in Northwest Ohio?


That’s right, the DECKED Truck Toolbox is 100% American Made, by working people who understand that working people need working class tools, not things that are going to break and require a 30 minute trip back into town. DECKED has been around since 2013…probably don’t think about how long ago that is…so you’re not getting something by a company that disappeared once they tossed it on the truck.


Best of all, you never have to wait for Black Friday or Super Tuesday or Pretty Alright Thursday. DECKED gives you a fair price each and every day of the year. You’ll never see a coupon or discount or sale the day after you bought it and hit the steering wheel in frustration. Every day fair prices for every day people, that’s the DECKED way.


Oh, it comes with free shipping–and won’t dent, we covered that up top!--and a lifetime warranty as well. Your tools are an investment. Your truck is also an investment. Don’t trust a cheap toolbox with your most important assets. Your truck is sexy, your toolbox should be also.


A carpenter gets tools out of his DECKED Truck Toolbox


The F150 Accessories That Won’t Walk Away

Things on job sites tend to disappear, right? You don’t want to toss accusations, but even when you engrave your name on your tools, they up and walk off and nobody’s seen them. Amazing how that happens. You’d think a walking crescent wrench might catch the eye. Well, it turns out the DECKED Truck Toolbox has a sophisticated capture system that makes it impossible for tools to just walk off.


That’s a fancy way of saying the DECKED Truck Toolbox is impossible to break into with a pry bar. The tub-lid interface makes it hard to even find a place to put a pry bar, not that it’ll do any good to try. When they get mad and beat on it, it won’t damage. The tub is reinforced with steel for extra stability and security.


The locks themselves are armored with steel and the driver side lock makes forced entry nearly impossible.


And just to keep it from being a little too secure, it comes with two keys. People keep on losing the keys to their truck toolbox. Probably put one in a safe place.


Now, the brightest of the larceny-minded might try to steal the whole dang box, but they won’t have any luck there, either. The lid has to be open–remember how hard that is, right?--to remove the tool box from the bed of the truck.


The point of this is they might steal your fuzzy dice if you leave the cab unlocked, but you can always get more of those. Your tools will be right where you left them and that’s the important part.


A worker accesses tools in the back of his truck