Emergency survival kit: How DECKED can help prepare you for any type of crisis


Emergency survival kit: How DECKED can help prepare you for any type of crisis

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Picture this: You’re on the road and bad weather hits, you swerve into the ditch, get stranded somewhere, and you need an emergency survival kit. Luckily, the back of your truck has water, food, a first aid kit, batteries, tools, and signals. You’re well prepped.


Because that old adage, “you can never be too prepared,” should always hold true when it comes to your health.


If you’re heading biking, camping, hiking, fishing, or hunting, it might be wise to have an emergency survival kit handy in the back of your truck. And considering your health is always of the utmost importance, why not pair your survival kit with DECKED — an all-American weatherproof product that is so much more than just those aluminum toolboxes of old.


DECKED has engineered a Drawer System which essentially functions as a filing cabinet for your truck bed. The entire DECKED Truck Bed Storage System has a library of add-ons and components to turn your truck into a well-organized and accessible mobile garage.


Thinking of storing some emergency items inside your truck that are easy to get to? Use DECKED to really optimize any type of emergency survival kit you put together.

What is an emergency survival kit?

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When it comes to emergency survival kits, there’s not one unified collection of items. But, there are specific things that can be very useful and potentially life-saving inside emergency kits.


Here are a bunch of essential items that shouldn’t only be part of your truck bed but can be completely organized and easily-stored thanks to the DECKED Truck Bed Storage System.


A basic emergency supply kit should include the following recommended items, all of which have multiple uses for a wide-range of emergencies.


Emergency survival kit list:

  • Water (one gallon per person can last for several days)
  • Food (at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food)
  • Battery-powered or hand-crank radio
  • Flashlight and signal mirror
  • Insulation (thermal wear)
  • Sun protection
  • Fire starter (matches, lighter, flint and striker)
  • First aid kit
  • Extra batteries
  • Whistle
  • Dust mask
  • Knife
  • Plastic sheeting and duct tape (to shelter in place)
  • Moist towelettes, garbage bags, and plastic ties (for personal sanitation)
  • Wrench or pliers
  • Manual can opener (for food)
  • Local maps
  • Cell phone with chargers and a backup battery


When assembling your kit, we’d recommend using a waterproof bag that has durable materials, sort of like the entire DECKED Truck Bed Storage System.  


Look, you never know.


When it comes to emergency survival kits, you’re going to want to make sure it’s packed away (or spread out) somewhere safe. That’s why DECKED is the smart move to store emergency survival kits. The entire DECKED Drawer System is made from a galvanized steel frame molded to a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) skin. Sounds strong, doesn’t it? That’s because it is.


HDPE is built out of industrial-grade materials, is water-resistant, weatherproof, and is durable through extreme temperatures. If you’re looking to store something as valuable as a survival kit, keeping it inside DECKED products is almost like storing it in a nuclear bunker.  


The Drawer System has a strength-to-weight ratio of 10:1, meaning the entire system can withstand any adventure while keeping your emergency survival kit intact.

DECKED Drawer System And Components

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The DECKED Drawer System and its components make up the entire DECKED Truck Bed Storage System integrated modular family. If you’re on the hunt for safety and practically, it’s tough to top what DECKED offers.


Here are some of DECKED’s most popular components, coupled with how they can help you and your quest for the best emergency survival kit options.


DECKED Drawer System

The DECKED Drawer System, having been designed and engineered right here in the United States over the span of more than a decade, is the big momma of all the company’s products.


DECKED Drawers sit above any truck bed’s wheel wells and have a 2000 pound payload capacity. So, if you’re heading out on an extravagant camping, hiking, or hunting adventure, you can park your ATV on top of the Drawer System and fill each of the DECKED DRAWERS with survival kit items to ensure you’re well prepared for anything life throws your way.


DECKED products fit nearly every truck and cargo van on the road, so don’t stress about a system that won’t fit your needs.


When it comes to emergency survival kit options, you’re definitely going to want the DECKED Drawer System to be your starting point and build off of it. Once you’ve locked in the Drawer System, these other handy DECKED components can make sure you’re set up with a multitude of emergency supplies, all tucked away neatly into the DECKED integrated modular family.


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Traditionally, a toolbox would be the only place to keep an emergency survival in a truck. But now, thanks to DECKED, you can have your choice.


If storing a survival kit inside a toolbox is the move you want, the DECKED Tool Box can handle it. The Tool Box is a heavy hitter. It’s made out of the same material as football helmets, meaning it can take a beating. Since the DECKED Tool Box are nearly indestructible thanks to its HDPE make up, you can also be darn sure these truck bed storage units are also impervious to all kinds of weather.


Older generation toolboxes are made out of aluminum, which has a tendency to rust. This Tool Box is from this century. The plastic shell means a crowbar can’t pry into it and it’s very durable and won’t rust or dent.


All DECKED Tool Boxes are reinforced with steel for extra stability. Consider these storage units the cockroach of toolboxes, they’re unbreakable. Store any type of homemade emergency survival kit or gear into the Tool Box and be pretty positive it’s not getting broken into or damaged.


And if storing a survival kit into a toolbox in your truck bed isn’t really up your alley, fear not. This unit can be completely accessorized, meaning there are plenty of great options.

D-Bag Emergency Kit

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Because DECKED is prepared for everything — as you should be too — DECKED has its own emergency survival backpack kit, in case you want to start off your survival gear collection with a bit of a head start.


Designed to keep two people alive for 72 hours of an emergency situation, the DECKED D-Bag Emergency Kit is the brand’s D-Bag fused with Uncharted’s Seventy2 Pro survival kit.


Here are all the items that are impressively included in the D-Bag Emergency Kit:



  • 1x duct tape
  • 1x multi-tool
  • 2x waterproof matches
  • 1x knife
  • 1x paracord
  • 1x shovel



  • 1x First Aid Kit
  • 2x antibacterial wipes
  • 2x emergency blankets
  • 1x emergency splint with instructions
  • 1x sunscreen



  • 2x air filtration masks
  • 2x chemical lights
  • 2x goggles



  • 1x Zeus portable power station and jump starter
  • 1x flashlight
  • 1x crank radio/USB charge



  • 1x emergency shelter
  • 2x handwarmers
  • 2x knit hats
  • 2x insulated, waterproof gloves



  • 12 x 200 calorie ration bars (total of 2400 calories)
  • 1x water filter
  • 1x 16 oz refillable drinking pouch
  • 1x 48 oz stainless water bottle

DECKED Crossbox

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We’ll come back to more backpack options in a bit. But first, the DECKED Crossbox is another handy component to consider if you want a durable emergency survival kit. Consider the Crossbox as the Tool Box’s little bro.


The Crossbox is super lightweight and has various grip points, making it ideal to grab when you’re in a rush or emergency.


Designed to fit snugly into the Drawer System, these toolboxes are actually a perfect fit inside the DRAWERS.


DECKED Crossboxes are also easily stackable so not only can you fit all of your supplies into them, you can also stack them on top of each other when you’re not using them. If you want to pre-plan your emergency kit, load these little guys up with supplies and stack them all on top of each other in the garage.


Consider the Crossbox to store knives, flares, lotion, matches, lighters, sun protection, and maps/GPS.


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D-Boxes are double the size of Crossboxes and carry up to 50 pounds (obviously, while fitting inside a DECKED DRAWER).


D-Boxes are made out of the same HDPE as the entire DECKED product line. They’re also gasket-sealed so it keeps all of its innards dry.


Consider these durable toolboxes to hold medium-size emergency supplies; jackets, hats, gloves, raincoats, flashlights, thermal gear, medical supplies, non-perishable food, and more.

DECKED Drawerganizer

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Along with having a great name, the DECKED Drawerganizer helps to keep small items, you guessed it, organized.


The plastic bin snaps into the handles of the Drawer System and helps to promote organizational bliss.


When it comes to your emergency survival kit, stash batteries, cords, lotion, and other essential nuts and bolts into the Drawerganizer.


The Drawerganizer also comes in Double Drawerganizer form if you want to double down on organization.


DECKED Ladder, DECKED Drawer System, emergency survival kit, emergency, truck bed, tools, kit


The DECKED Ladder is an interesting component that extends out from the Tool Box and reaches the ground.


Because if you’re in an emergency, wasting time by climbing into your truck bed or rummaging around looking for items isn’t very helpful.


The Ladder is tucked neatly into the sides of the Tool Box so it takes up very little space. It gives truck owners a great vantage spot from higher up so you can nab those emergency supplies quicker. After all, when you’re in a bind, time is of the essence.


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If you don’t want to buy the D-Bg Emergency Kit, ​​the DECKED D-Bag can easily be turned into a emergency survival kit backpack, filled with your own supplies.


The D-Bag is a versatile, military-grade hybrid soft and hard shelled bag. Designed to integrate into the DECKED Drawer System and Tool Box, the D-Bag is durable enough to take abuse but soft enough to be worn.


The bag can be carried as a backpack or as a briefcase, making it very useful as an emergency survival kit.


Once loaded with supplies, the D-Bag can be very handy in emergency situations as the backpack can be easily slung onto your back and carried out of danger.


DECKED And Emergency Survival Kits: A Happy Marriage

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Because of DECKED’s durabilty and versatility, it’s an ideal choice for truck owners looking to beef up emergency survival kits.


All DECKED products are 100% manufactured in the US and are quite frankly, built to last.


DECKED and its components ship all across the continental United States, have a lifetime warranty, and can be purchased through financing options in case you don’t feel like throwing cash down right away.


If you want to feel safe with a trusty emergency survival kit and an equally trusty storage system, DECKED is your absolute go-to.