Be Prepared With the DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit

DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit is shown inside a partially open DECKED Drawer System drawer in an aerial view.Be Prepared With the DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit

Momma always said to be prepared. Tuck a little extra cash in your wallet, keep an extra roll of toilet paper within reach, and always make sure you put on clean underwear.

It’s with Momma in mind we put together an emergency kit for the ages. It’s not just your run-of-the-mill roadside emergency car kit. The DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit is a complete emergency kit, to be sure. It’s outfitted so completely, it’s a winter weather emergency kit, a roadside emergency kit, a food emergency kit, a first aid kit, a backpacking emergency kit, a hurricane emergency kit — you get the idea. No matter what situation you find yourself in, you’ll be prepared. (Even in your own abode when the apocalypse comes — this is a great home emergency kit as well.)

We know what you’re thinking: You don’t need an emergency kit. You’re a little smarter than the average bear and you’re not going to get yourself into the type of jam that requires an emergency kit for your truck or anyplace else. Maybe you’ll never be one of those unfortunate motorists who get stuck on an icy interstate with traffic snarled for literally days. Maybe you’ll never get stranded in a whiteout while out hunting that big buck. Maybe you’ll never find out you have a broken gas gauge and a dead cell phone when you’re four-wheeling, miles from anywhere in the desert.

But why take chances? When you work hard, and play even harder, it only makes sense to take a little extra insurance along with you. That’s what Momma would want.

Two men in winter gear stand near an open DECKED Drawer System in wintery weather. Snow is on the ground and snow is falling.Step up your game with the DECKED’s X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit. This kit covers so many different scenarios, you’ll be ready for anything. It’s designed to keep two people alive for 72 hours in an emergency situation. We partnered with our friends at the Uncharted Supply Co. for their expertise — and they really are the experts in survival gear. Our kit comes safe and secure inside a DECKED D-Bag, our military-grade soft and hard shell tool bag that’s specially designed to fit inside the DECKED Drawer System. The whole kit can live right there in your truck, ready for you to use at a moment’s notice. It’s really the best of both worlds.

There’s so much more you’re going to love about the DECKED’s X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit. One thing we really appreciate is that there are lots of redundancies in this kit. For example, there’s a battery pack and also a crank radio, which has a flashlight in addition to the extra flashlight and batteries we  included. Get the idea? We’re covering our bases for you.

Two men in camo hunting appear stand near the bed of a pickup parked on open range in isolated terrain with mountains in the background and scrub brush in the foreground.Another thing we love is how this kit is organized. Each category — for example Food and Water or Tools — is bundled separately within the DECKED D-Bag, You’ll be able to find things so much easier and if for some reason you need to grab just a few components and go, you’ll be able to reach for exactly what you need.

And don’t forget the instructions. We’ve heard there are a few of you out there who are a little resistant to reading instructions, but we give you lots of them anyway. Screen-printed on the cover so they don’t blow away or get lost or get faded if you spill your coffee. We figure if you’re in the type of situation that requires you to use the DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit, you may as well listen to the experts and follow the guidance they provide in the kit. The instructions will tell you exactly what to do. Just another part of your little insurance policy.

The torso of a person wearing a flannel shirt and jeans opens a pack from the DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit. The kit is open so some of the components of the kit are visible.

Fuel for You: Food and Water

Let’s start with the basics that need to be included in any auto emergency kit: Food and water.

The truth is you can go quite a while without anything to eat. Your stomach may tell you otherwise, but you won’t be in any immediate danger of starvation. Still, it’s important to keep your energy level up and be as comfortable as possible while you sort through an emergency situation.

  • Ration Bars: We give you two sets of ration bars, each totalling 2,400 calories, for a total of 4,800 calories. That’s enough to keep two of you going for quite awhile. We’re not going to lie: This is not prime rib and a baked potato. This is an emergency food kit. They are easy-to-digest bars that don’t require any cooking, so they’ll fuel your body. (Don’t you love it when things do what they are supposed to do?)

  • Water Filter and Drinking Pouch: All you need to do is screw the water filter onto the pouch. Unless you’re planning to go to a few remote countries in Africa, this system is all you need to provide safe, clean drinking water wherever you are.
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottle: 48 oz. We don’t need to remind you to stay hydrated, do we?

A bearded man wearing a jean jacket reads the instructions on the inside cover of the DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit, which is stored inside the DECKED Drawer System. The drawer is partially open to allow him to access the kit.First Aid When You Need It

For a lot of people, an emergency first aid kit is the single most important item in their overall preparedness plan. They may have started thinking they just needed a couple bandages and some aspirin packets, then soon realized there was a lot more to a functional emergency medical kit. We include:

  • First Aid Pro Kit: A top-of-line emergency first aid kit, with more than 60 pieces of first aid equipment packed securely in a nylon pack.

  • Mylar Blanket: Don’t wait until you’re cold to pull this out. Put this on, under your coat, before you feel cold to trap your body heat.

  • Alcohol wipes: 20 wipes and at 70 percent alcohol, these are not wimpy wipes.

  • Sunscreen: Trust us — summer or winter, the sun can do a lot of immediate damage. Just put it on.

  • Water Bottle: It’s metal so you can put it in a fire to boil water if needed. (There’s also the water filter in the Food and Water, but we like to repeat ourselves, remember?)

The DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit is shown, open so individual packs are shown.

Power to See You Though

Food, water, a first aid kit — these are the things you absolutely need in a car emergency kit. But don’t forget a power source. Wherever you’re stranded, you’ll appreciate the peace of mind knowing you’ve got the power you need to get you through.

  • Battery Pack: Our Zeus power source is a little bit of magic. It’s mighty enough to jump start an 8-liter diesel. (It includes the battery clamps for jump starting) It can run your flashlight for days or charge your cell phone up to 10 times. It’s not going to let you down. Plus, it includes cables to connect USB, USB-C and micro USB, and even has a cigarette lighter adapter with a female end. (We told you we’ve thought of everything.)

  • NOA Crank Weather Radio: Just in case you can’t use your Zeus pack, you can always operate the crank radio. It has a solar power source, flashlight and a USB port so you can charge a device. Just in case.

  • Flashlight: A separate flashlight with low, high, zoom and SOS beam is included, with batteries packed separately so they don’t drain. (Are you picking up on our theme that we like to be prepared for anything?)

  • Cables: We make sure you have the right assortment of cables to connect your devices.

A pickup is parked in a wooded area with snow falling. There is snow on the ground and a person stands near the truck.Gimme Shelter: Staying Warm Vital To Winter Emergency Car Kit

Shelter and protection from the elements is one of the most basic needs we have. No emergency survival kit  is complete without multiple ways to keep you safe from any weather condition — whether it’s sub zero wind chills or a blazing heat.

We’ve got everything you need to stay safe if you’re caught outdoors in a cold weather emergency:

  • Instant tent: It’s safest to stay with your vehicle, but if for some reason you are separated from your truck, you’ll be thankful you have this tent. It’s as basic as it comes, but we’re talking about staying alive until help arrives, not a weekend at the campground with the fam, right? Just tie it up between two trees or similar objects (we include 100 feet of paracord in the Tools package) and weigh it down in the four corners. Because it’s made of mylar, your body heat is reflected back inside. You can pile leavers or pine boughs on the outside for added insulation. Simple, but pretty effective. And it’s waterproof.

  • Beanies: As it turns out, that old saying about you losing 90 percent of the heat from your body through your head isn’t exactly true. You lose the same amount of heat all over your body. But let’s face it: Some of us have a little (lot) less hair on our head than we used to and if we don’t cover up our noggin, we’re going to feel cold. So put a beanie on.

  • Gloves: The first layer in our gloves is silicone, which by itself will crack. So we added a layer of nitrile. Then we added fleece for warmth. The result is a really warm, waterproof glove that gives you complete dexterity to change a tire or do whatever tasks need doing.

  • Hand Warmers: Put them in your underarms or crotch — where you have a lot of blood flow — to warm your entire body.

The DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit is shown. The case is closed with the inside components displayed on the outside.Tools of the Trade

If your truck is outfitted with the DECKED Truck Bed Tool Box or DECKED Drawer System, chances are good you may have your tools with you at all times. That’s great in an emergency situation, but why risk it? The DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit includes the basic tools you need for any emergency preparedness kit or roadside emergency kit. If you need to, you can grab our Emergency Kit and feel confident you have the basics you need.

  • Multitool: Needle nose pliers, a couple of screwdrivers, a bottle opener, a can opener, a saw. What can’t our multitool do?

  • Paracord: Another incredibly versatile and absolutely essential element on your emergency kit list. Use the 100 feet of paracord to tie up your tent. Or as a safety guide if you need to leave your vehicle. Trust us, you’ll be glad to have it.

  • Knife: Full metal tang with a bottle opener and serrated edge. You can pry, cut and saw with this beast. We even included a sharpening stone. But most important — we added a finger guard: The last thing you need is to accidentally cut yourself right now.

  • Matches: Ours are stormproof, so they keep lighting even after they’ve been submerged in water. Of course, we gave you extra striking pads.

  • Duct tape: 5 yards in a flat pack so you can stick it in your pocket. (You can fix anything with 5 yards of duct tape, can’t you?)

  • Military shovel: Pickaxe and shovel combination. Just tighten the collar and you’re ready to take on sand or snow.

Breathe Easier and See Clearly

We’ve seen a lot of roadside emergency kits and one thing that they often seem to overlook is the importance of making sure we can see and breathe. Sounds basic, we know, but check out a few car emergency kits and you’ll see what we mean. DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit includes an Air and Vision component that includes:

  • Goggles: We include two pairs of double-paned goggles to protect your eyes from snow, sand or smoke — whatever weather conditions you may be in.

  • Air Masks: 2 RZ N99 complaint masks with an extra filter and an extension (in case you or your buddy have a larger head.) A valve on the mask opens and closes as you breathe in and out, providing extra filtration protection.

  • Glow sticks: These aren’t designed for your kid’s slumber party. These are military grade, and will provide light for up to 8 hours.

Step up your game. Make your momma proud: Wear clean underwear, take some extra cash and keep your DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit with you. You’ll be ready for anything.