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6 Best Tool Boxes in 2022

6 Best Tool Boxes in 2022

An electrician on a ladder working on an electricity pole

Organization is one of the qualities of a good professional in any field of life. An organized professional will always appeal more to clients and colleagues than an unorganized one. If you find it hard to organize yourself and present yourself neatly, how can I trust you to be organized with my work?  

Now, you are probably wondering why I have been talking about organization when the header says 6 best tool boxes in 2021. Well, organization has everything to do with an electrician’s tool bag as this helps them look like organized professionals.

While simply having an electrician tool bag is good, it's not just about having an electrician tool bag. It's important to have the best electrician tool bag in the market as it will help you stand out among your fellow professionals while also making your work easier and faster.

That being said, let's take a look at some of the features of a good tool bag for electricians.


A beautiful brown backpack placed on the floor

A good tool bog should be able to stand the test of time. You don’t want a tool box that falls apart at the first sign of trouble such as a heavy object falling on it or being soaked by rain. A good tool box should be able to withstand all kinds of weather while also possessing the ability to withstand punishments faced on the job. Focusing on materials, such as purchasing a leather electrician tool bag or occidental leather electrician tool bag, have proved to be effective.  

Carrying Options / Customization

Have you heard about customizable tool bags? Well, a good tool bag should have customizable carrying options as not everyone has the same taste. While you might want to carry your bag as a backpack, another electrician might prefer to carry it with a long or short strap or as a suitcase. These options should be made available by tool bags manufacturers so as to give electricians the opportunity to decide the best way they wish to carry their tool bag. Electricians should have the ability to choose from different options.

Location Flexibility / Comfort

Another important feature of a good bag is location flexibility or how comfortable it is to carry the tool box around.  For an electrician whose job involves a lot of movement and transportation from one place to another, a tool bag that is easy to move around is highly recommended. Electricians also tend to do a lot of climbing which means the tool bag must be built in a way whereby it will be easy to carry along while climbing. Comfort in this sense also entails the ability to distribute the weight of tools evenly.


Electrical tools are known to be heavy, so should the tool box also be heavy? A heavy tool bag that can withstand any and everything might sound nice and attractive, but is it easy to move around? Does it help reduce back pain? These are the questions a good tool box must provide answers to. A good tool box for electricians should be relatively light and easy to move around. Being light doesn’t mean it won’t be durable, and thanks to great work by manufacturers, there are numerous long-lasting materials that can be used to produce long lasting tool bags.

Pockets / Capacity

Why do you need a tool bag? Isn’t it because you need something that can help you keep your tools organized, protect them from getting lost, and also provide easy access to them? Therefore, one of the first things to consider when selecting an electrician tool bag is its capacity or pockets.

Can the tool box accommodate all your tools? Are you just expected to dump your tools inside the bag, or are there pockets where you can hang them and have easy access to them? If the answers to these questions aren’t yes, the tool bag isn’t good enough for you. A good tool bag must be able to accommodate all your tools while also providing enough pockets to aid neatness and organized arrangement of your tools.

Strong Warranty Protection

A good manufacturer will always be confident enough to provide a long term warranty on their products. A strong warranty should never be negotiable. The best warranties are expected to last for a lifetime.

Top Electrician Tool Bag Manufacturers


Front view of a DECKED D-Bag

Founded in 2013, DECKED was created to fill a void in the automobile tool box industry. The company famous for its high-quality truck tool box proceeded to manufacture the DECKED D-Bag to fit perfectly into the DECKED drawer system. Fortunately for artisans, the D-bag was also designed to ensure its perfect for solo use.


The DECKED D-Bag is specially made by the best hands to withstand the test of time and also provide comfortability. The D-Bag is made from materials such as ballistics coated nylon with an EVA foam base which helps to ensure the bag won't tear, rip, or snag anytime soon. The D-Bag is strong enough to withstand extremely tough conditions without any signs of damage. Oh yes, I meant it literally.

The D-Bag is also enamored with rubberized RIP-Stop nylon flex panels which gives it a soft expanding collapsibility and also makes it comfortable for use. There are also well-crafted aluminum handles on both sides of the bag which makes it easy to grab the bag and carry around. The D-Bag is also equipped with a transparent D-Rito roll which can be easily detached from the bag when you don’t feel like carrying the whole bag around.

An interior view of the D-Bag and some work tools than can be placed inside it

Another important feature of the D-Bag is its ergonomic carrying options. The bag can be carried in a number of ways, such as the bag-pack carry, horizontal carry, and the briefcase carry. You are also allowed to remove the bag straps entirely if you are not a fan of having straps on your bag.

Price - $200


While not perfect, it's hard to spot any negative about the DECKED D-Bag. However, for people who love flashy things, then the D-Bag being available in just one color (black) might be considered to be a negative.  


Husky electrician tool bag

Founded in 1924, Husky is best known as the house brand of the Home Depot. It is the biggest retailer in home improvement in America. Its over 2,298 states situated all over the United States helps to ensure its products are made available to customers in their communities. Husky also has stores in all ten Canadian provinces and 32 Mexican states.


The Husky Electrician Bag with Driver Wall is constructed of Spun Tuff heavy-duty water-resistant material which helps to prevent your tools from getting damaged by rain. It is also equipped with 14 external and 10 internal pockets to help organize your tools

Price - $119


The Husky Electrician Bag with Driver Wall has a relatively limited number of pockets(24) which might not be enough to house your tools.

Klein electrician tool bag

Klein Tools began operating in 1857 in the United States and has recently extended operation past just manufacturing pliers (after a whole 150 years!). Klein is one of the few major tool manufacturers in the world only focused on electrical and utility operations. Klein tools has extended operations into manufacturing every major hand tool used in construction, mining, electrical, and telecommunications. To help keep the tools being manufactured organized, Klein manufactured tool bags. The tool bag product we will be examining is the Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Tote.


The Klein Tools tradesman Pro Tote is equipped with shoulder strap pouches which makes it easy to carry around. It also has an easy to access opening which makes it easy to find your tools. The orange interior color also enhances visibility.  

Price - $70


While the shoulder strap makes it easy for mobility, not everyone likes a shoulder strap. Lack of multiple carrying options is a let-down. The open top of the bag also makes it easy for weather conditions to affect your tools. Tools aren’t also protected from dirt or theft.

Dewalt electrician tool bag

Dewalt, a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker, began operation in 1924. The company has made leaps and bounds to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of power tools. Dewalt prioritizes toughness and durability to ensure their tools can withstand adverse conditions and the test of time. Dewalt’s consistency over the years has helped to ensure they are one of the most trusted brands worldwide. We will be focusing on one of Dewalt’s most popular products which is the Dewalt DGL523 Lighted Tool backpack.


The Dewalt DGL523 Lighted Tool backpack features 57 pockets, with 48 multi-use pockets structured inside, while a further nine are stationed outside the tool bag to help ensure your tools are well organized. The Dewalt tool backpack also comes with padded web handles and adjustable shoulder straps which helps to ensure easy carriage.

Price - $104


The backpack has limited carrying options and the yellow color used for the interior part of the bag means it will easily get dirty due to the sometimes unavoidably dirty tools and equipment used by electricians.

Greenlee electrician tool bag

Greenlee, founded by brothers Robert and Ralph Greenlee in 1862, is headquartered in Rockford, Illinois. At inception, Greenlee majorly manufactured a drill surrounded by four chisel blades used in making the pockets for mortise and tenon joints for the furniture industry in Rockford. As years passed by, the brothers diversified into other products such as hand woodworking tools, machinery for making wooden barrels, data and communications equipment, tool bags, and many more. We will be examining the Greenlee 0158-26 Professional Tool Backpack.


The Greenlee 0158-26 Professional Tool Backpack is equipped with Poly and Nylon Ripstop construction which helps to ensure a durable and long-lasting tool bag. The green interior of the tool bag helps with visibility when picking up tools from the backpack.  The backpack also gives customers the opportunity to make use of personalized embroidery name plates.

Price - $139


The backpack has limited carrying options. Electrician tool bag reviews also show that its limited pocket options makes it hard for users to organize their tools properly.


CLC electrician tool bag

Custom LeatherCraft, otherwise known as CLC, describes itself as a company that has a simple philosophy, which is to make the best work gear and also keep the price reasonable. Over the years, CLC has produced some high-quality leather electrician tool bags but its latest product, which is the E-Charge lighted USB charging tool backpack, is a level above previous products.


The E-Charge Lighted USB Charging Tool Backpack is equipped with an internal USB charging system and removable 15000 mAh power bank which can simultaneously charge two devices and also powers the backpack LED light system. This helps to ensure your devices remain charged at the job site and also illuminates your path while moving with the backpack. It also comes with three zippered compartments and 36 pockets to help ensure your tools are well organized and easy to pick out.  

Price - $209


The bag has limited carrying options and it can also reportedly cause cancer and reproductive harm.

Which Tool Bag Ticks all the Boxes?

Man carrying a D-Bag like a suitcase

After carefully examining one brand after the other, it is obvious they are all pretty good products that are suitable for use by electricians all over the world depending on preferences from one individual to another.

However, despite the close competition and excellent work by all the brands examined, the DECKED D-Bag still stands heads and shoulders above every other tool bag. The D-Bag ticks all the boxes such as carrying options, location flexibility, durability, and a lot more.

Its transparent D-Rito Roll can be easily detached from the whole bag when you need to climb a ladder while also helping with electrician tool bag setup.  

For people looking to purchase the DECKED Tool Box, it should also be noted that the DBag also fits perfectly into the DECKED Drawer system.