Stay Organized: DECKED Drawer Tool Boxes Are Like Tupperware For Your Truck

Stay Organized: DECKED Drawer Tool Boxes Are Like Tupperware For Your Truck


Stay Organized: DECKED Drawer Tool Boxes Are Like Tupperware For Your Truck

DECKED Drawer Truck Bed System, Tool Box, D Box, Crossbox, Drawerganizer, tools, storage,


Most of the time in life, it pays off to keep organized and your truck should be no different. Those days of tossing wrenches, hammers, pliers, and equipment aimlessly into the back of your truck are over.

Think about it, your kitchen is full of neatly organized Tupperware lids, so why should your truck be any different? Because when you want last night’s leftovers, knowing exactly where it is in the fridge is essential to today’s snack. Similarly, knowing where all your equipment is in your truck is the key to keeping order. Enter: DECKED’s Tool Box and Drawer System.

And listen, no offense Tupperware, but these bad boys are on wheels — sliding drawer truck tool boxes, what else do you need?


DECKED’s truck bed drawer tool boxes are more than just organization, though. The Drawer System is also about storage and protection, offering a nearly indestructible depository that is fully impenetrable from potential thieves. Owners can get easy access to all of their equipment and gear, like a filing cabinet for your truck bed.


Before we slide into some other features of our drawer truck tool boxes, let’s roll through a quick refresher of everything about DECKED, in general.

The company — which was founded in 2013 — is all American, with 100% of our manufacturing coming from the US, headquartered out of Northwest Ohio.


DECKED Drawer Truck Bed System, Tool Box, D Box, Crossbox, Drawerganizer,


DECKED offers three product lines, the Truck Bed Drawer System, Truck Bed Tool Box, and our Accessory Line. DECKED’s pickup truck drawer tool boxes are all impact resistant which means it won’t dent or rust, thanks to the product’s injection molded high impact polymer resin (say that ten times fast) with anti-corrosion galvanized steel and aluminum for added reinforcement.

The DECKED Tool Box is completely waterproof and seals closed with an EPDM gasket which means all of your tools, equipment, and accessories will stay completely dry. Because our tool boxes aren’t made out of conventional tin, the DECKED Tool Box is impossible to break into. Heck, you can even try to prod your way in with a pry bar, it won’t happen.


The full-length DECKED Truck Bed Storage System has a 2,000-pound payload (200-pound payload per drawer) and a full line of accessories, including the D-Box, Crossbox, Drawerganizer, D-Bag, Dividers, Drawer Locks, Core-Trax, Snack Tray, and Ladder — all of which we’ll l get into a bit later.


Are you all caught up? Here’s what you need to know about our drawer system and tool boxes.


What is the DECKED Drawer System?

DECKED Drawer Truck Bed System, Crossbox, D Box, tools


Think if you’ve seen one tool box you’ve seen them all? Guess again.


Simply put, the innovative DECKED Drawer System is a painless way to make your truck more functional and continually more efficient, we’re telling you, truck Tupperware.

With the DECKED Drawer System, we aim to solve the number one problem with your pickup truck: access and organize everything easier.


The Drawer System is do-it-yourself, easy to install, and fits into the bed of practically every make of truck. We customize our ingenious drawer truck tool boxes to fit most pickup trucks and cargo vans.


This ain’t your grandad’s toolbox, because it’s not 1973. Here are some technical mumbo-jumbo and specs so you can all keep on trucking.


  • High density polyethylene
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Cast aluminum handles
  • Galvanized steel subframe

Weight capacity:

  • 2,000 pounds evenly distributed payload
  • 200 drawer capacity (each)

System dimensions (full-size trucks and cargo vans):

  • Length: 64.54” (short bed), 75.25” (standard bed)
  • Width: 63”-71” (short), 63”-71” (standard)
  • Height: 12”
  • Total weight: ~220 lbs (short), ~230 lbs (standard)


Shipping dimensions:

  • Dimensions: 67"x 39" x 23" (short bed), 78"x 39" x 23" (standard bed)
  • Weight: 241 lbs; truck & 241-250 lbs; van (short), 270 lbs; truck & 267-277 lbs; van (standard)


What about the DECKED Tool Box?

DECKED Tool Box, Crossbox, ladder

If the Drawer System is the big momma of the DECKED world, the truck tool boxes and bed drawer slides are its precious little babies.


But it’s not that easy, we put some major scientific engineering, years of research and design into making sure these tough little tots are made from materials from the future. Sorry tin, but your time is done. This Tool Box is from this century.


Our Tool Box is made of the same sturdy material that football helmets are made from, meaning it’s nearly impossible to dent and tougher to break into. We’re not saying it’s a valid replacement for a nuclear fallout bunker but when it comes to quick drawer truck tool boxes and durability, DECKED is tough to beat.


The Tool Box is the ideal size to accommodate any of your organizational needs and our inventory of accessories means you can constantly add-on, adjust, and perfect your truck bed thanks to our constantly expanding line of products.

What makes the DECKED truck bed Drawer System and Tool Box so good?

We’re all for a little bit of friendly competition so let’s compare some DECKED qualities compared to our competitors. In our minds, when it comes to an all-around truck bed storage solution, DECKED takes the cake.


If you’re looking to check off a bunch of boxes, DECKED is reasonably priced, light weight, and fully modular compared to other pickups, cargo vans, and contractor truck tool boxes drawer units.


Here are some bigtime key points in favor of DECKED compared to our competitors:


  • You already DECKED features a galvanized steel subframe but it’s also made with high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which we can’t say is the same for our competitors — we don’t need to call out names here, we’re all friends.
  • Our products are completely weatherproof and protected against UV damage meaning it won’t rust in some of the most extreme weather climates. We can almost guarantee that expensive tools and gear are safe when they find a new home in our Tool Box. When it comes to weather resistance and durability with non-DECKED products, they’re mostly weatherproof but not as airtight as DECKED.


DECKED Tool Box, Crossbox, ladder


  • When it comes to accessibility, DECKED drawers roll out on wheels instead of slides. Slides tend to bend or bind and since our Drawer System has the potential to host heavy equipment, we opted to avoid that entirely. We use a sealed bearing skateboard-type wheel which lets drawers slide open smoothly. By using our wheel system, the more weight that’s inside the drawers, the smooth it rolls. Who doesn't love a smooth ride?
  • Whereas the majority of drawer truck tool boxes come with no-drill, easy, and DIY installation — like DECKED — we can’t say we trump our competitors in that field, necessarily. However, our removal system is tough to top. In less than 10 minutes, you can unscrew the DECKED ruler, unhook the J-hooks, remove the wheels of the drawer, and slide them out. On the main piece, unbolt the center support and lift the side off. Easy installation and easy uninstallation. We’d say we beat our competitors in that regard as well.
  • DECKED also includes financing options — how many other truck bed storage companies can say that?


This isn’t rocket science when it comes to DECKED, keeps your gear bone dry, even when you are soaked to the bone. We’ve done a comparison so let’s quickly run through the DECKED benefits.

  • Weatherproof
  • Add-on accessories available
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Stacks nicely when uninstalled
  • 2,000 dealerships across the United States
  • Free shipping, drop-off at your place
  • 3-year limited lifetime warranty
  • DECKED fit most flat truck beds and cargo vans
  • Financing options
  • DECKED believes in everyday fair prices

Other essential DECKED accessories

All DECKED Drawer Systems include a D-Box and Crossbox (both in Desert Tan color), Drawerganizer, and a pair of two Wide Drawer Dividers at no extra cost. Because once you’re part of the DECKED world, you can keep adding to your truck bed storage until your heart’s content.

D-Box & Crossbox


The DECKED D-Box takes the Tupperware truck storage game to the next level. It maximizes your truck drawer storage efficiency and organization by fusing with the DECKED drawers and Tool Box. The D-Box fits all full-size drawers, midsize wide drawers, and (obviously) the Tool Box.

Designed to carry a weight of up to 50 lbs, D-Box uses an interlocking design coupled with strategically placed handles. The D-Box is gasket sealed for ultimate water resistance meaning the inners will stay dry and protected.


Tool Box, Cross Box


The Crossbox is D-Box’s little (but equally strong) brother. Fitted with an EPDM lid gasket for weatherproof storage, the Crossbox features an easy-to-carry handle, parts organizer tray, and multiple grip points for easy retrieval. These little guys are rugged, durable, and meant to take a beating. They’re cute, sure, but they’re tough. Let’s call them Tupperwareon steroids.



Besides having a great name, the Drawerganizer helps to keep all those little but equally important nuts and bolts together. Because when you’re looking for a smaller tool, measuring tape, or sunscreen, you don’t want to spend a bunch of time looking for it. We said it from the get-go, organization is key and the Drawerganizer helps to turn potential chaos into order.



Adjustable step ladder


Tool Box, Ladder

You know when magicians pull rabbits out of hats? The DECKED Ladder is sort of like that. Except these optional add-on ladders are even cuter to look at than rabbits. The aluminum ladder is as easy to use as opening the Tool Box lid and pulling it down to the ground. It’s about as seamless as opening your tailgate.

Forget stepping on your tire to prop yourself up to dig into your toolbox, the ladder will facilitate your accessibility needs, without taking up too much storage space.


No truck owner should have to strain their neck or back to pull equipment out of their bed. If you’ve lowered your tailgate and crawled into your bed to get something once, you’ve done it too many times.


The DECKED 6000 series aluminum step ladder is one of our most popular add-ons. It simply slides right out of the Tool Box and doesn’t obstruct anything within your storage space.


Step up your game. Your truck can almost become your garage, just more organized.



Where do we go from here?        

Now that you’ve become a little bit more familiar with the drawer truck tool boxes of the future and some of its add-ons, it might be beneficial to know how to take the next steps. Keep in mind, truck tool boxes haven’t changed much in the past half century — until now.

The DECKED Tool Box is the only toolbox on the market that's easy to access and install, that won't ding, dent or rust. Besides being useful for every haul, our Tool Box also looks like it came from this decade. Our products are all secure (so tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry), weatherproof, nearly indestructible and all locally manufactured and made 100% here in the USA.

The DECKED Truck Tool Box ships free right to your front door and no additional assembly is required for installation. The DECKED Tool Box is currently stock and ready to ship within seven to fourteen days. If paying it all off in one shot doesn’t bode well with your wallet right now, we offer financing as low as 0%.The DECKED Truck Tool Box is also backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

DECKED Drawer Truck Bed System, Tool Box, Ladder, tools, Crossbox, D-Box

Start (or continue) your DECKED journey by visiting our product website and browse through our Drawers and/or Tool Box selection. We have options for some of the most popular trucks on the market including RAM, Chevy, Ford, GMC, Jeep Trucks, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, and Toyota, all the way back to 1997.

But we don’t just rely on organization. The entire DECKED system can handle a 2,000-pound payload meaning you can load up your ATV, moto, snowmobile, or a bunch of your pets in the truck bed, all while keeping your tools and gears organized neatly underneath.

Show up to the job site, off road course, or fishing trip like you mean business. Do you know that feeling after a big meal when your leftovers fit magically into multiple Tupperware containers? And everything just feels a lot easier and organized?

DECKED truck bed drawer tool boxes are like that. Just tougher (and a lot easier to clean...) Your truck is sexy; your toolbox should be too.



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Made in the USA

100% Weatherproof

Recycled Steel

Lifetime Warranty