When The Going Gets Tough: The DeWalt Tool Box Or The DECKED Drawer System

When The Going Gets Tough: The DeWalt Tool Box Or The DECKED Drawer System?


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Working with your hands is serious business. Putting your body on the line to get the job done can be part of everyday life. If your office is a construction site then you know new challenges arise to test your mettle constantly. Your gear, no doubt, has to stand up to these challenges and be as gritty as you are. Broken drill bits, waterlogged power tools, and disorganized rigs can turn a job from rough to downright miserable. While not every job is going to be such a struggle, it's the ones that are that stick in our memory. So what gear will stand by your side on those days? And are they the best there is to offer? The DeWalt tool box and the DECKED Drawer System are being beckoned to the test to see which is tougher than the rest.


Your tools are your lifeblood on the jobsite and how you store them and access them can mean a good day or a bad day. In the business of building the less bad days the better, in a big way. A tool storage system should be rugged enough to protect your gear in the harshest environments and give you easy access to the tools you need when you need them most. Does the DeWalt Tough System tool box have your back when things get messy or is it the DECKED Drawer System at the ready for you? Let’s delve into which tool storage system has got what it takes to provide you with a little more sunshine on the dreariest of workdays.


Hard Nosed Storage: The DeWalt Stackable Tool Box


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The legendary DeWalt yellow tool box is recognizable on any worksite. Everyone has at least  come across them, if not owned one themselves. More specifically though we want to have a look at the total package: the DeWalt tool box Tough System.


The Tough System is a DeWalt modular tool box system that allows for a customizable configuration of boxes, bags, and organizers to keep your whole arsenal of gear by your side. The modularity possible with this DeWalt stacking tool box is due to an ingenious design. Each of the many components, whether it’s a DeWalt rolling tool box or a DeWalt tool box with drawers, can be interlocked with patented auto-connect side latches. The boxes simply clip into place one on top of the other and can be detached just as easily by pulling the latch and releasing the lock. The one touch technology makes having today's tools change for tomorrow’s job a non-issue.  


By combining your stack with one of several DeWalt roller tool box options you become fully mobile. From the shop to the truck, the truck to the site, take everything with you. The mobility is sturdy. With heavy duty wheels that were designed with rocks, mud, and snow in mind, the terrain won’t be a problem. Stairs are now your friend, not your worst enemy.


The multitude of parts that are compatible with this DeWalt tool box set are built with attention to durability. The body is made to resist high impact and with anti-rust front metal latches that keep your tools secure inside. An IP65 rated seal ensures that your equipment remains dry and debris free while inside the tool box, even if you’re drenched outside.


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The parts are not only rugged, but they’re also versatile. Combining the various parts to suit your particular needs will get you one step closer to optimizing your tool storage so you can focus more on the task at hand. Here are a few of the choice pieces:


  • DeWalt Portable Tool Box: This is the standard tool box that is compatible with the Tough System. Every setup should have one.It offers easy one hand operation , with patented auto-connect side latches, and 2-piece metal latches on the front for secure seal. It also has 20% more capacity than its predecessor which is a nice perk. There is also a DeWalt Large Tool Box and Extra Large Tool Box available. Get these in the classic DeWalt tool box yellow, or in mean looking black.


  • DeWalt Rolling Tool Box: This DeWalt tool box on wheels gets your stockpile of gear moving. With heavy duty 8” wheels and a wide telescopic handle, navigating the worksite is a walk in the park. This is the foundation to the DeWalt tool box system because it is tough, mobile, and a great storage unit on its own.


  • DeWalt Tool Box Organizer: Organization is no small feat and this piece gets you closer to optimal. It has 6 removable deep organizer cups for customization and slots that can be fitted with plywood dividers. The handle allows for easy transport and the clear lid lets you get a view of what you're looking for quickly.


Hard, But Agile: The DECKED Drawer System


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Every workman has two sidekicks: their toolbox and their truck. DECKED takes these two stalwarts of the jobsite and combines them for more efficiency. The DECKED Drawer System custom fits into most truck beds and cargo vans. The system uses rolling drawers that open towards the tailgate to reveal your cache of gear stowed neatly inside. It's clever design leaves little to no room for complaint.


The DECKED Drawer System has a payload of 2000lbs that saves you from having to decide what stays and what goes in your truck bed. If you need to haul something big just throw it on top, your tools are safe inside. Made from High-Density Polyethylene and anti-corrosion treated steel, this storage system is tough, but it's versatile too. Each drawer rolls out on wheels, with a capacity of 200lbs, so you don’t have to climb up into the bed to get access to the back. This combination of ruggedness and dexterity makes the Drawer System uniquely capable on the worksite.


The HDPE plastic body is not only tough on wear and tear, it’s also tough on thieves. The plastic is so tough it'll make a crowbar cry and the drawers can be equipped with locks to keep tools in and greedy hands out. The system is weatherproof to boot – rain, hail, mud, snow – not a match for the DECKED Drawer System. Peace of mind is important to keep you thinking about getting the work done instead of worrying about protection. Park your truck in a sketchy area during a  blizzard and don’t bat an eye.


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The DECKED Drawer System is optimized by utilizing the corresponding DECKED Accessories. This is an area where the versatility begins to seem in a league of its own. Each DECKED component built with the same futuristic materials fits securely inside the drawers for easy access and optimal organization. Optimize your supply storage with these:


  • DECKED Drawerganizer: The Drawerganizer sits at the head of the drawer and wraps around the interior of the drawer handle so no space is wasted. It's an open top bin style storage piece that is perfect for duct tape, bug spray, and other odd parts that you want to toss in for later easy grab access.


  • DECKED Crossbox and DECKED D-Box: These are the perfect modular tool boxes. They work in tandem nicely making customized clusters in the drawers. The Crossbox is a trusty tool box with a removable insert tray for organization. The larger D-Box is great for larger items that need storing, but using dividers it can achieve more precise organizing. Both are made from HDPE plastic and both are weatherproof.


  • DECKED D-Bag: Is it a backpack? A tool roll? A duffle? It’s all of the above actually packed into one. The hybrid soft and hard shell makes the body easy to pack and handle, but it remains durable like its counterparts. It stows in the drawers snugly with a thermoformed EVA foam body that keeps its shape. Beefy zippers are in place to prevent tears or snags with wear. The D-Bag is perfect for a workman on the move. Ask hunters; it’s a favorite among many of them.


Tough Decisions: DECKED Drawers or DeWalt Boxes?


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The DECKED Drawer System and the DeWalt tool box system mean business. Both are built with high impact resistant materials, provide ample protection from the elements, and stop thieves in their tracks. Let’s compare which can make those extra tough days on the job a little more bearable, or better yet, have you whistling while you work.


The DeWalt plastic tool box is high impact resistant. So, it can definitely take a kicking without giving in, but where DECKED gets a leg up is in the dynamics. The DECKED Drawer System is also built like a rock using HDPE plastic, but it doesn’t sacrifice storage space in the bed of your truck in place of durability. DECKED provides both organizational space and hard durability by stowing the tools beneath a 2000lb payload. You can get on top of it and jump on it; your tools won’t hear a peep. With the tool box DeWalt offers there will be boxes bouncing around the truck bed using up precious cargo space. Even using the DeWalt truck tool box as an alternative still causes the issue of interconnectivity to arise. With the DECKED Drawer System it’s tough, it’s fully integrated, and it leaves space for what pickup trucks do: hauling. That type of dynamism makes a difference on hard days.


Those dynamics seem to follow through into times of the day when hauling isn’t needed. The problem with a traditional box system as opposed to a drawer system is lugging the tools into the truck from the shop, and then out of the truck at night. After a long day all this extra labor takes a toll on your body. Although the DeWalt rolling tool box has a detachable back handle to allow for placement in a pickup truck, it just seems to be too much unnecessary work. Don’t waste so much needed energy bearing the load of your tools when they’re supposed to be relieving burdens, not becoming one. The DECKED Drawer System seems to have this problem neatly settled. The tools you want to use tomorrow morning stay in the truck. The drawer locks and HDPE body keeps them safe from crooks and no rain, hail, sleet, snow can hurt them. While you rest for a hard day ahead, your tools rest safely in the driveway.


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A feature that DeWalt does offer that can provide some relief from this design oversight is the Tough System Workshop Racking Solution. This system allows the user to store tools on the wall of the shop or garage in an organized way. It won’t save your back from all the lifting, but at least the shop will look pro, with no clutter in sight. The Decked Crossboxes and D-Boxes are fully stackable though so they do allow for tidiness in the shop. A cool rack on the wall does look pretty awesome though.


Sometimes Tough Just Isn’t Enough: The Dynamics Of The DECKED Drawer System


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If you’re no stranger to harsh working conditions then you know that sometimes a little clever ingenuity can go a long way in place of brute force. It’s natural to assume that tool storage systems will truly be tested out in the field to see if they can go the distance, but sometimes it's the testing in the development lab that will make them go the extra mile.


The DeWalt tool box is a tough customer, for sure. Its smart auto-connecting side latches for increased modularity with one touch response is a marvel to use. Maybe what holds it back though, is too much emphasis on toughness.


The DECKED Drawer System’s versatile design makes your tool storage system the beast of burden, not you. With everything cleverly integrated into your truck bed you can focus on the hard job in front of your truck instead of worrying about  work in the back of your truck. The drawers make access easy and save your back. You’ll never need to climb into the truck bed, well… unless you want to get up and jump on the DECKED Drawer System to see how tough it really is.