Using the Dewalt BackPack Tool Bag? Try DECKED’s D-Bag and Thank Us Later


Using the Dewalt BackPack Tool Bag? Try DECKED’s D-Bag and Thank Us Later


As DECKED, our reputation of quality precedes us. We know this because we have gotten your feedback on our tool boxes, or as we love to call them, our magnificent yet tough and durable genius innovations. No exaggeration.

Now, with the same expertise, diligence, and genius innovations and detail—to meet and surpass your every need and expectation, we created the tool Backpack you didn't even know you needed, the DECKED Tool Backpack, otherwise known as the D-Bag.


As we unravel the features of our D-Bag, which we are so fond of and soon you will too; you'll get to see that is not just better than the DeWalt Tool Backpack, but among the most incredible tool backpacks there could be, we simply have one word to describe it, AWESOME!

Tool Bags haven't changed much in decades prompting a need for something new.We fill this gap. We Bring you a top of state of the art tool storage and organization backpack bag with top of the class ergonomics , versatility and agility.



Engineering and Design Aspects

Let’s get to it, and show you just how incredible the Tool Backpack is and why it is way better than and incomparable to the DeWalt Tool Backpack.

As evident from the beginning of this writing, we really pride ourselves in the quality we offer to our customers, our fast-growing DECKED community. As such, when we heard so much about the DeWalt tool backpack, we couldn’t help but wonder, could it be possible that the backpack was actually better than our tool bag? That would make us hide our faces in shame, not to mention how severely it would bruise our ego and pride.

We cannot deny that you probably have used a range of backpack bags to secure your handy tools. But we have something better than what you are used to ; the DECKED D-Bag-a hybrid hard shell soft sided bag with enhanced storage and organization.

So we embarked on a study, as formal as that might sound, with a few of our customers to try out the DeWalt backpacks and compare it to our D-Bag. We even went to the extent of checking out the features and benefits of the backpack so we could see what would make it better than our tool bags. After all, our main agenda is to give you the best,yes! That is how personal we are. We also wanted to prove to ourselves as a company–without any doubt– that just as we knew, could it be that our D-Bag is simply being insulted by making such a comparison. To be honest, we took offense because, seriously, we are DECKED; I mean, we are not a mediocre company, and we like to be accorded the respect we deserve.

To make it a fair “trial,” this writing will first give the features of the DeWalt Tool Backpack Bag, since our opinion is already compromised–and might seem like we are vouching for DeWalt to lose. While we may be doing that, we want it to be evident, from the features of the two tool backpacks, that our D-Bags are indeed super and way above the alternative.

Whether it is securing your electrician's tools,  hunting gear, handy outdoor equipment and other smaller items , the D-Bag will safely hold them securing them against weather , abuse and malicious entry.

Here are the Hyped Features of the 57 Pocket-Lighted DeWalt Tool Backpacks

  • It has LED light, which can be easily adjusted and directed to either help identify tools and parts in the backpack and light the work area
  • It has a light output of a maximum of 39 lumens
  • With the many pockets, it holds a multitude of tools and accessories such as pliers, drills, cord extensions, wrench sets, testers, screwdrivers, among others
  • There are three levels of light output which allow adjustment for either close-up work or wide-area illumination
  • The backpack has an impressive range of 57 multi-use pockets,48 pockets on the inside, and 9 on the outside, all of which help organize all your favorite tools, parts, and accessories
  • It has padded web carrying handles and adjustable shoulder straps
  • It has large pads on the back for extra support and comfort
  • It is powered by 2 AAA batteries
  • It has base pad feet which help reduce friction and possible wear and tear
  • It has US and International Patents Pending

Now we know that these features may seem impressive, especially the “57 pockets” part. But in all honesty, these are no ordinary features. Let’s face it, any company making a Tool Backpack must do these things. In fact, the lighting is the only special feature of this bag, and just how bright can it be? We all know you still need a flashlight. It is also good to look into details and analyze without just looking at the outside features and the hype. For example, yes, the backpack has 57 pockets and presumably, and as advertised, a lot of storage space. But exactly how much storage space does it have in terms of units? Because our D-bags–and yes, we are bragging about this–offer you 2,500 cubic inches of storage space. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg; allow us to tell you more.

The Genius Features Behind Our DECKED Tool Backpack (D-Bag)

Outstanding Design and Construction

Our DECKED D-Bag features strength, durability, and security. The backpack has a ballistic 900D nylon cloth coating which does not rip, snag, or even get a simple tear, no matter what abuse you subject it to.


Additionally, the D-Bag has high-quality YKK zippers, which means that even when run over by your truck accidentally–or intentionally in case you wish to really test its quality–these teeth will not separate nor break, and neither will your backpack notice the accident.

How is this better than the DeWalt backpack, you ask? Like most other backpack companies, DeWalt does use heavy-duty canvas and polyester for their “durable” tool backpacks. But the DECKED D-Bag is something else.  

Also, about the zippers, we have heard complaints–don’t ask from where–about the DeWalt backpacks having ripped zippers, especially when overloaded. Oops! You did not hear that from us.

Imagine a tool bag that withstands the pressure of being run over by a moving car. Isn't it a kick ass tool storage beast?

Spectacular Organization

The first thing that guarantees the convenience of a backpack is first-order retrievability of tools. And what most of you who use tool backpacks know is that the organization of a backpack–especially how precisely it can be organized– means more first-order retrievability and more convenience.  

At DECKED, we wish you that luxury in your backpack, which is why we go the extra mile to guarantee you state-of-the-art organization in our D-Bags. Most of the other backpacks out there like to pride themselves in having many pockets for organization. But we do not think too many pockets is any better in making your tool backpack orderly. Instead of numbers, we go for ergonomics, inlay design aspects for agility and adaptability.

For instance, we have the D-Rito Tool Roll, a specialized storage feature which comes as part of the D-Bag package for securing smaller handy items. We know that frequently used tools require perfect storage if you are to locate them in terms of their various sizes conveniently. We even added a feature of semi-transparent pockets to the D-Rito Roll for even easier visibility and location of equipment. The best part is we made the D-Rito for enhanced portability.


The D-Bag features special inlay design aspects including a detachable tool roll (the D-Rito) whose role is to secure smaller handy items keeping them safe from bad weather and all kinds of outdoor abuse.

It does not stop there. Our D-Bag comes with an integral detachable duffel bag that contains extra pockets for even extra storage. And yes, we know, sometimes work gets messy, though this does not mean you can’t be organized. The duffel bag has got your back in securing your work garments, boots, and other gear you would like to keep in a separate area.

The D-Rito Tool Roll  has heavy duty adjustable ring straps which together with the adjustable cinch system rolls allow for the Tool Roll to be rolled up into a nice safe, efficient “burrito.”

More than Enough Storage

One thing with tool backpacks is they have a space disadvantage compared to tool boxes. What most makers are doing to make up for this inadequacy is ensuring tool backpacks are able to transport all the wares you need for the day in an on-the-go, easy-to-carry fashion.

At DECKED, we know better! While many tool backpacks offer storage of a maximum of 1000 cubic inches, our D-Bags offer a massive 2500 cubic inches in volume for securing your items. This is made possible by the backpack’s agile design with contour pockets, foldable layers, and an extra bag together, creating an efficient tool storage system.

The D-Bag promises more than just storage. You get style, power , strength and order all in one package.

Ergonomics and Versatility

When it comes to backpacks, carrying them, especially when loaded and heavy, is such a significant concern. It becomes extra special for people with fragile bodies, but also, let’s face it, no one wants to get bruises and muscle cramps daily from carrying tools. Don’t we all crave comfort?


DeWalt Tool backpacks pride themselves on having extra padded shoulder straps for back comfort and extra straps at the top to allow for carrying by hand over short distances.

As DECKED, our D-Bags are versatile and come with various ergonomic handling options to be carried easily as it comfortably suits you

  • Firstly, the D-Bag has double shoulder straps–padded, of course–such that it can be strapped at the back like a backpack
  • Secondly, if you wish, you can adjust the straps and carry the bag horizontally in a briefcase fashion for both a savory and comfortable carry over short distances.
  • Thirdly, it does come with a single long strap to be hung on one shoulder


The-D-Bag comes with a range of carry and holding options for varied user needs.It can be held as a briefcase , hung on the shoulder or strapped at the back; the choice is yours.


Weatherproof? Yes Please!

One unique feature of our backpack is that it is weatherproof. Yes, not waterproof; that is old-fashioned. Our D-Bags are highly impervious. They are made with materials that give them magnificent resistance to elements, especially the 900D nylon cloth coating.


When combined with the bag’s detailed double-stitched zippers, together with the genius engineering skills employed in its manufacturing process, we guarantee excellent results. This kick-ass of a bag has been tested to the extreme, and it has turned out 100% rain and snow resistant.

With this hybrid kick ass tool storage solution that is resistant to elements and weather conditions not even snow or rain will prevent you from going about your duties as you'll be sure your tools will be kept bone dry.

Affordability and Value for Money

After considering the features of your desired tool backpack, the next thing you do is check for its price. Is it affordable? We know retailing at around $200, our tool bag might seem a bit over the board, especially since alternatives such as the DeWalt Tool backpacks are going at about $100-150, with some designs being even cheaper. And we know you could be overly tempted to go for lowly priced tool bags, maybe because you are on a budget or you want to save a few bucks.

But have you thought about value for money? If you want something cheaper, by all means, go for it, but be sure of those frequent visits to the tool box repair guy to fix parts every other fortnight, and of course, end up digging deeper in your pockets. With the D-Bag, this is something of the past. It’s a one-off spend with little to no worries of additional future repair costs; you’d be able to save in the long run.


Added Advantages to Our D-Bags

Our D–Bag has a huge advantage of being compatible with not only our DECKED products but also non–DECKED accessories.


Finally, if we haven’t already convinced you by now about the quality of our D-Bag, to be honest, we don’t know how else to. But, you know what; maybe you will finally trust us once you see our lifetime warranty for the product. Yes! While the dewalt backpack tool bag brags about a 3 years warranty policy, at DECKED we have confidence in our product and the production process we employ, which is why we give you a limited lifetime warranty. I know you think we are lying, but here we mean business, and true to our word, we accept returnables and repairables throughout the product’s lifetime if the defect is manufacturer-related. We don’t see any risks or losses for our company, because we know our quality, and what we want is to gain your trust.


Additionally, our D-Bags come with free shipping within the U.S. We know the cost of shipping is a pain, especially after paying $200, so let’s take care of that for you.


We have invested heavily in research and development and have since created what we call a center of excellence where character, creativity, value, and honesty are brought together in a careful process of innovation. The result over a course of almost a decade now has been an unmatched exquisitely detailed tool backpack bag worked on by experts and supervised by the master's eye.

Buy yourself our convenient yet durable and practical D-bag and become one of us. Become DECKED!