Why should you try out DECKED over Dee Zee Tool Boxes

Why should you try out DECKED over Dee Zee Tool Boxes?


A tool box is an organized container with drawers and pockets used for holding tools. These tool boxes are increasingly popular because they prove to be advantageous over other storage units such as closets and drawers. The tool boxes can be arranged and stacked easily to save space and accommodate any number of tools of any size. In a tool box, accessories can be bent to fit the contours of the box without difficulty. Compared to a tool chest, the tool box is smaller and requires less floor space, it has good size to be carried around, and takes up less room in the garage.


Dee Zee has been making custom-made tool boxes and tool chests for many years with a reputation for producing the most popular, highest quality, and best performing tool boxes in the market. Dee Zee tools and tool boxes generally come in various sizes and styles, but all are made with the most durable and long-lasting material. All Dee Zee tool chests and tool boxes are made from real solid Teak wood. Dee Zee tools and tool boxes are second to none in terms of strength and performance.




The most famous logo of Dee Zee Tools


About Dee Zee

Dee Zee as a company was started in the year 1977. The company has produced a wide range of high-quality products, including truck accessories, construction tools, and tool boxes. Even with competition from other competing companies, Dee Zee has stood out because of its superior products made of the best quality materials.


The customers' satisfaction is Dee Zee’s main focus and priority. The Company founders, who are passionate about quality and customer service, came together to set up a company based on these principles. The company has several product manufacturing sites across the United States. They combinedly ensure that consistent production standards and deadlines are met. The products are designed by professionals who understand what customers need, what they value, and how they use their tools. It ensures that the products are high quality and tailored to suit any customer's needs.


Dee Zee has been an innovator in designing new and unique product solutions for years. The company aims at being a market leader in truck accessories by providing customers with efficient products that solve all their needs. The company has developed over 500 new and patented products for the trucking industry and offers more than 12,000 different parts from an extensive range of truck part accessories. The company has also been licensing the technology to several companies since 2003 with great success. Overall, Dee Zee has led a success story in the custom market tool box industry by producing innovative and quality products at competitive prices.


Dee Zee always preaches a greener tomorrow through the utilization of non-polluting manufacturing techniques. The company's policy is to use the best non-toxic and non-polluting products. They are committed to ensuring they put the environment at the forefront of their business practices. All the products they produce are tested to meet or exceed the requirements of all E.U. and U.S. safety regulations. They pursue their continuous efforts to meet, if not exceed, these standards in every product they sell. You will find the right tool box for you, no matter what your requirement is since Dee Zee has a variety of products in the line.


Best Dee Zee Tool Boxes

Customers of Dee Zee tool box have demonstrated that the company is a leader in manufacturing and designing tools and tool boxes for truckers. The company has a wide range of truck accessories to meet the needs of truckers both on the road and at home. The company has been around since 1977, which makes it one of the longest-standing companies in this industry. Many customers have found Dee Zee's products to be top quality and durable. Here are the best tool boxes from Dee Zee:


A Dee Zee Tool Box for home and garage use.

1. Red Label Crossover Dee Zee Tool Box


Manufactured tough enough to withstand the course of time, this Deezee tool box is one of the best tool boxes to have on your truck. It is a crossover tool box, which features a turnkey locking system for increased security. The storage utilization is also enhanced by the unique design of the tool box, which is one of its many features. The storage capacity is tremendous thanks to its wide range of box sizes. The Red Label Crossover Dee Zee Tool Box is a real trucker's dream.



  • Metal Corner Guards Protect Against Rust
  • High Strength Hinges For Superior Latch Security
  • Double V-Pan Lid Stiffener Creates Strength and Rigidity
  • Crowned Lid With Full Pan Double-VStiffener
  • Lockable With a Turn Key locking system
  • Made In the USA
  • Limited-Lifetime Warranty
  • Red Label Crossover Dee Zee Tool Box is an excellent choice for both truck drivers and truck owners. It is built with strength and stability in mind.



2. Specialty Series Narrow Dee Zee Tool Box


This tool box is engineered with a lifetime warranty, made from the finest craftsman-grade American hardwoods and American-made hardware. The tool box features a strong and durable top design that holds up against the elements. It comes with a foam gasket that ensures the lid closes securely to prevent dust and water from escaping the lid. With its square shape, it makes storing items much easier. This tool box comes in handy when the truck bed space is less. This narrow tool box fits in the space perfectly and adds much-needed storage to your truck.



  • Fabricated with Heavy-Gauge Aluminum
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Heavy-Duty Hinged Bolts on the Lid to Open and Close the Lid Efficiently
  • Durable Black Powder Coated Finish: Guarantees No Rust, Pitting or Corrosion
  • Foam Gasket on Each of the Four Sides of the Lid Ensures Lid is Waterproof and Completely Sealed
  • Features a 4" Lift-Up Side for Easy In and Out Accessibility for Your Tools


3. Wheel Well Swing Dee Zee Tool Box


This swing tool box is stylish as well as rugged. The Dee Zee tool box features a square design that allows it to fit perfectly in the truck bed of your choice. The swing tool box has a sturdy manufacturing that offers you long-lasting quality at an affordable price. For most people who want a hanging tool box,the Wheel Well Swing Dee Zee Tool Box can be the best option for you.


This box will ensure utilization of every inch of space in your tool box and keep your tools and accessories organized. The swing mechanism of this product is a great feature that will allow you to store the box with its hinges down, gripping the back of the truck. This design makes this tool box easy to remove and put back in place. You will be able to lock down your tool box on-site and easily remove it when complete.



  • Durable Hard-Anodized Aluminum Interior
  • Patented Slide Latch Mechanism
  • Lockable With a Turn Key Locking System
  • Plenty of Storage Space and Holds Up Against the Elements
  • Anodized, Adjustable Steel Hinge For Superior Strength and Precision
  • High Strength Hinges for Maximum Strength and Security
  • Made In USA
  • Limited-Lifetime Warranty


4. HARDware Series Side Mount Dee Zee Tool Box


Made to last, the HARDware Series tool boxes are built to hold your tools in great condition using the latest technology and manufacturing skills. This hard box is engineered with a long-lasting material that makes it perfectly suitable for daily usage. The box features a high-strength aluminum base, which is designed to resist rust and pit over time. The hinges are designed for a classy finish that allows you to use the box for years. This side mounting tool box is a great addition to any truck, as well as one of the best tool boxes for a truck driver's home.



  • Durable Hard-Anodized Aluminum Interior.
  • Patented Slide Latch Mechanism.
  • Lockable With a Turnkey Locking System.
  • Plenty of Storage Space and Holds Up Against the Elements.
  • Pie-Hinged Lid with Vertical Sliding Barriers in the Base for Long Life & Easy Accessibility.
  • High Strength Hinges for Maximum Strength and Security.
  • Made In the USA.
  • Limited-Lifetime Warranty.


5. Red Label Gull Wing Dee Zee Tool Box


This tool box ensures protection of your tools in any weather conditions as it is manufactured with the highest quality weather-resistant material. The all-weather box is made to withstand the toughest weather conditions. This tool box comes with a foam gasket that ensures no dust or water gets into your tool box. The wing lids of this tool box are designed for a high end protection. The box features a double latch system for increased strength and security. It is easy to install and uninstall as well. The down hinges allow the tool box to grip the back of your truck bed to fit perfectly, providing you with quick accessibility. The box can be opened from two ends that makes the tool box more accessible.


  • Tool Box Made from durable high quality materials.
  • Prevent Rust and Pitting Over Time.
  • Easy to Install, Remove and Use.
  • A perfect fit for most pickup trucks.
  • Double Latch System for Increased Strength and Security.
  • Non-Rusting Aluminum Base.
  • Engineered with a High Strength Hinge System.
  • Made In USA
  • Limited-Lifetime Warranty Regarding Breaks, and any other issue


6. Wheel Well Tool Box with Drawers


This unique drawer system from Dee Zee allows you to conveniently organize your tools, automotive parts, and other items in the truck's wheel well. This tool box is a perfect combination of quality and value. With its sturdy construction and locking mechanisms, it will secure your items in this sharp-looking tool box. It has a total of five drawers that can be fully customized to fit your needs. The compact design of the box allows it to fit well in most of the trucks. The drawers inside this model are removable, so you can use the space for larger items, like tools. On top of all these features, this tool box comes backed by a limited lifetime warranty and is proudly made in the USA.



  • Tool Box Designed for Maximum Durability and Protection.
  • Integrated with a Caster System for Easy Accessibility & Easy Storage.
  • Made from High-Strength Aluminum Design for Extra Strength and Durability.
  • The Drawers Are Removable - Use the Space Available Above for Larger Items, Such as Tools.
  • The Drawers Can Be Customized to Fit Your Needs & Storage Needs With Up to Five Drawer Compartments


Dee Zee has been acing it with their new line of tool boxes. The new models are much more durable, and all come with a lifetime warranty. All models also feature inside storage of the box, not just the basic front-facing model like before. However, DECKED has recently launched its new line of truck tool boxes. They are quickly becoming one of the leading brands for off-road truck accessories. They are quickly gaining popularity with interchangeable tool box lids and accessories to customize them to your truck. DECKED also looks promising for the future, with their new line of tool boxes. They are a newer company but are making great strides. However, Dee Zee has been a leader in the industry and will continue to be so for years to come.


Our Final Words

For most, the best tool boxes for trucks will be off-road tool boxes. They are specifically designed to offer great protection to your tools and maintain their value over time. With that said, all of the Dee Zee tool boxes mentioned in this article will most likely last a lifetime. Each of these models is extremely durable and guaranteed to provide you with many years of service. They all offer the best tool box protection, especially those with aluminum bodies.


Whichever model you go with, you should be  sure that you will be getting one of the best tool boxes for trucks on the market. They are all made from corrosion-resistant aluminum, which will ensure a longer life. All of these models also come with locking mechanisms to keep your tools safe and secure in your truck. Whether you are looking for a regular tool box for trucks or something more specialized for truckers, these models will not disappoint. Besides that, we would ask you to visit the official website of DECKED for tool boxes, drawer systems and truck accessories. We assure you’ll not leave disappointed!


A DECKED Tool Box for truck beds.