DECKED Tool Box: The Most Optimal, User-Friendly Truck Tool Box on the Market

DECKED Tool Box: The Most Optimal, User-Friendly Truck Tool Box on the Market


Defiance, Ohio—You’ve been there, out on the job site, in the pouring rain, trying to reach for tools in your truck box. You know that there’s simply no time to step all the way into the truck bed to get them. Not to mention the fact that it’s a slip hazard. Solution? The DECKED Tool Box. With its patented pull-out ladder and best-in-class tamper-resistant, galvanized steel lid, the job is sure to get done, no questions asked.


Many Ford F-150 truck owners use their beds for tool storage and heavy-duty hauling. DECKED will allow the dedicated contractor to optimize his available bed space, prioritizing organization and dissuading the haphazard assemblage typical of last-minute preparation work at the crack of dawn.






Made from industry-leading, injection-molded high impact polymer, the DECKED Tool Box is impact resistant, and won't ding, dent, or rust, which is more than the competition’s aluminum boxes can say. One thing’s very clear too—this is not your grandpa’s truck box; its high density polyethylene is the same tough stuff used to make the corrosion-resistant piping used in heavy-duty construction applications.  


The DECKED Tool Box with ladder measures 76” across and is 22” wide. It is 20.53” tall, and the height above the bedrail is 5.78”. All DECKED Tool Boxes come standard with one DECKED Blue D-Box and one Snack Tray.




Need to get organized out there? No problem. The DECKED Tool Box has got you covered. The ergonomic and convenient blue D-Box positions you ahead of the curve. It features an interlocking, nested design, so that you can always grab and go. No more wrenching your back to reach down into a truck box. It’s also designed to carry 500lbs, so your heaviest tools are secure. Engineered with structure in mind, when you load it up, it doesn’t bend or sag.


The DECKED Tool Box will get you organized—REALLY organized. Everything from your coffee thermos to your extra pair of shoes to your lunchbox to your sawzall will find a ready and willing storage space that is tough, durable, and priced for today’s working man.  


Construction worker using DECKED ladder to reach for D-box






The DECKED Truck Bed Tool Box is priced at $899.00 with ladder or $749.99 without, and it is an industry-leading value, some $200.00 less than comparable aluminum truck boxes. And to make it even sweeter, it’s a 2-minute install with a bracket and bolt system; thread it in, then use a power tool, and it grabs a bed rail to install.

No drilling is necessary. After all, DECKED is in business to make the everyday lives of working men and women better. Products never go on sale or have discounts/coupons. DECKED believes in everyday fair prices.





Customers rave about the DECKED system and have said it is easy to install and makes getting tools out much more convenient than a conventional tool box. That’s because it’s simply the most solidly-constructed box on the market today. Here’s why:

It’s waterproof and rust/corrosion proof. Your items are completely dry because the

DECKED Tool Box is molded, not welded.




  • Seals tightly when closed with an EPDM gasket        
  • It was created with an upstanding lip that gets overlapped by the lid which acts as a rain gutter on the product
  • When open, there’s a bub seal and gasket that goes around the entire lid
  • Has anti-corrosion treated steel and aluminum hardware for long-lasting durability  


Benefits of Owning


The conventional tool boxes that the competition sells don’t cut it. Typically, aluminum truck boxes have very thin lids, which cause people to have to make adjustments to get the lid to shut. Also, the paint tends to chip off the aluminum very easily, creating a terrible look within six months after purchase. This is not a dentable, aluminum lid. This is DECKED; this is heavy-duty durability and strength, just like you and your work ethic on the job site each and every day.



DECKED is an ergonomics company. DECKED designs products that work. Its engineers have designed the DECKED Tool Box latch so that it is separate from the lock. If the lock is destroyed, you still have to get into the latch. As long as your lid is locked shut, your stuff is safe. This alone is a great reason to purchase this product! Again, this is not your grandfather’s truck box. The DECKED Tool Box is Impossible to break into with a pry bar (and it won’t damage)


  • The tub-lid interface minimizes theft pry bar points
  • Tool Box tub is reinforced with steel for extra stability and security
  • Robust steel armored locking mechanism combined with a driver side lock makes forced entry nearly impossible
  • Comes with 2 keys
  • The lid must be open for the Tool Box to be removed from the bed of the truck.




Feel free to accessorize your DECKED Tool Box with the following extra gems:


The D-Bag is a versatile, military-grade hard-shell tool bag. It's the ideal tool backpack or hunting backpack for everything from power and hand tools to hunting gear and camping supplies. This is great for truck owners who treat their duffle bags like a rag doll.






In addition, the Snack Tray fits the DECKED Tool Box by fitting into grooves on each side of the Tool Box. The tray provides convenient access to all your loose bits and small tools.







User Reviews


Every application is a synch when utilizing the combined features of the DECKED Tool Box and the DECKED Drawer System on your F-150, America’s best selling pickup. From the easy pull-out drawers to the waterproof design, to the 500 lb payload, this tandem of products works together to make the ultimate system of efficiency. People across the country really like this product.


If you’re thinking about owning a DECKED system, consider the following review by Adam F:


“This company is what it’s all about. American made product. Fantastic marketing, directions and installation videos. Top notch product on top of all that. It’s just a badass company to support to be honest. I’m so glad I found this drawer system because it has made my organization and job so much easier as a contractor. 10/10! Would recommend.”


Or this solid review by Jessica M:


“I'm a field biologist and spend most of my time outdoors doing remote fisheries surveys. I wanted to add a storage/sleeping platform to my Tacoma and this works perfectly. I have a camper shell (mid-rise Leer) and wanted to build a sleeping platform with storage underneath. After toying around with multiple design ideas I decided to go for the Decked system. It's waterproof (wooden beds will mold if left in over winter) and has plenty of room to store most of my gear (camping gear and fisheries biologist work gear) while leaving enough room to comfortably sleep.”




For the Fisherman


In a similar vein, the fisherman will be thrilled with the DECKED Truck Box D-Box feature.


This little blue gem will allow the fisherman to organize his tackle into one place to prevent the rolling around that you get if putting the tackle box in the back of the pickup truck without anything to hold it down.


Invariably, the novice fisherman will be left with a tangled-up mess of a box, lures strewn together in a misshapen menagerie of funk when you just get on the water and see the fish start jumping. To prevent this, putting all of your lures in the D Box will organize them and prevent this rolling effect. In a side note, a fisherman once explained that it took him five hours to untangle his tackle box because of the rolling around effect. Needless to say, he did not catch anything that day.


Also, when combined with the DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System, the fisherman finally has a good option for storing his rods, rather than using a tie down and risking their destruction on the way to the lake.


The DECKED system is a time-saver for the novice fisherman as well as the tournament professional.


For the Hunter


No more scratched and nicked guns on the way to and from the hunting site.


The DECKED accessory called piecekeepers allows hunters to conveniently and easily store guns in the truck bed without any damage. Organization is very easy.


Included are two foam-backed, resin dividers for transporting shotguns and rifles securely in the DECKED Drawer System. They offer cradles that grip the barrel for easy-to-remove and convenient access to firearms.  


Also important are the secure multi-position drawer slots and locking clips as Drawer Dividers, allowing for easy placement and adjustment.


What hunter would not want this product?





Safety For the Construction Worker, Good for Bottom Line


How does the DECKED Tool Box help promote safety and at the same time nurture a company’s bottom line?


According to the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, the construction company that implements effective safety procedures can save over $7,000 per employee that would go towards workplace injury claims. The DECKED Tool Box system can help prevent these kinds of injuries.


Andrew S. Merryweather, PhD, Director of the Ergonomics and Safety Program in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah, pioneered a risk analysis study of the DECKED system, and determined that the DECKED system increased safe access to truck storage space by 44%, reducing risk of fall from the vehicle by 16.7%.


Furthermore, the DECKED system reduces the need for an employee to jump from the vehicle, which reduces or eliminates elevated compressive loads in the lower extremities and back from impacting the ground on descent.


Manual material handling (MMH) contributes to a large percentage of musculoskeletal disorders reported annually in the United States. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) often involve strains and sprains to the lower back, shoulders, and upper limbs.


Dr. Merryweather and his colleagues found that the DECKED system increased accessibility to objects without the need to stand on a tire or jump and reach from the side of the vehicle. In addition, organizing a work vehicle environment using the DECKED drawer system resulted in a reduction of physical exertion and ergonomic risk measured using shoulder and elbow moments for tasks that would otherwise require excessive forward bending, reaching, and twisting to manually handle objects located within reach from the ground.


Therefore, the DECKED system will save companies time and money, as their workers will be working more efficiently, productively and safely, as they lift, bend, and pull the tools of their trade on a daily basis.


Dr. Merryweather notes that whole body ergonomic risk was reduced significantly, thus enabling a worker to do the following daily tasks: lifting objects with a vertical height above 30", and an extended reach.


American Made


The DECKED Tool Box is 100% American made, manufactured at its Defiance, Ohio plant in Williams County in the Northwestern part of the state.



DECKED was looking for a place to manufacture its product that had the folks with the know-how and the grit to get the job done. Williams County, being a Midwest manufacturing hub, and location of great local talent, provided just such a place.


DECKED was born in 2011 in Ketchum, Idaho on the back of a lunch counter napkin. DECKED strives to be a brand of the working man who appreciates good quality and performance. They do that by developing premium products and selling them at the most competitive price they can afford in order to make them as attainable to as many folks as possible. DECKED has prioritized making the DECKED Tool Box product in America with best-in-class facilities. The moulds, which weigh in excess of 35,000 pounds, are finished and prepared for assembly, assembled, packaged, and shipped in the good-old USA.  


If you’re interested in contacting DECKED for product information, call us at 208-806-0251.  DECKED products are also sold at The Home Depot. You can also order the entire DECKED system on their website. Right now, special financing deals are available with Affirm.