DECKED and Custom Truck Accessories - A Match Made in Heaven

DECKED and Custom Truck Accessories - A Match Made in Heaven?

Custom Truck Accessories (CTA) has grown its product listing which includes interior and interior accessories. When you love camping, they provide camper shells to keep a roof over your head. If you are passionate about performance cars, they ramp up your vehicle.

No matter where you live in the U.S. and search for Custom Truck Accessories Carson City, or Custom Truck Accessories Reno, this company is likely to give you what you want.

Before we become too lyrical about CTA, a quick reminder is necessary. DECKED makes unique storage solutions for camping, hunting, the military, construction workers, and many other purposes.

If we’re still not on the same page, the suggestion here is that you can create a match made in heaven with both these brands.

You can source excellent storage systems from DECKED and complement these with something like a tonneau or a winch from CTA. And if you want to know more about Custom Truck Accessories near me, you should find a quick answer.

When you search for DECKED products near you, the chances are that you will also find a dealer in your neighborhood. Seriously--who could ask for anything more?

So, let’s show you what our investigation came up with in our quest to bring you a match made in heaven with DECKED and CTA offerings.

An open DECKED Tool Box is installed on a truck bed, showing easy equipment accessibility.

Exterior Custom Truck and Accessories

Kitting out the exterior of your truck has never been more straightforward with Custom Truck Accessories Foley Ai or anywhere else. And the broad selection of accessories from CTA is exciting and includes:

  • AMP steps
  • Entry assistance or NERF bars
  • Running boards
  • Bumpers
  • Winches
  • Status grills
  • Grille guards
  • Fender flares
  • Thule racks
  • Yakima
  • Light bars
  • Bug shields
  • Vent visors
  • Air home systems

Complete your lifestyle needs with a DECKED Tool Box with any or many of these add-ons and be the envy of Custom Truck Accessories Sacramento. Your DECKED Tool Box will look as sexy as your truck and be an absolute joy to drive.

Also, by accessorizing with something as simple as AMP steps and the DECKED integrated ladder as part of your tub purchase, your life immediately becomes much simpler. You get a step up into your cab and a 6000 series aluminum ladder to reach gear in the DECKED tub with ease. Plus, ordering the ladder doesn’t have a negative impact on the tub’s storage space.

Impress the lady in your life by giving her a step up into the cab. You win points, she feels much more comfortable, and you can increase the level of luxury with internal accessories.

A white pickup truck with the DECKED Drawer System and DECKED Tool Box open and a man standing on the integrated ladder telescoping out the Tool Box.

Interior Custom Truck Parts and Accessories

You can't only spoil yourself in Foley or Sacramento. When you need to up your game with Custom Truck Accessories Carson City NV, you can also order items like:

  • Dash covers
  • Floor liners
  • Seat covers
  • A storage du-ha

The storage du-ha keeps the inside of your cab neat, but it's not necessary to limit yourself. With the sexy DECKED Tool Box on your truck bed, your organizing potential is magnified.

Whether you need an effective storage solution for work, driving around town, or going hunting, you can pack 500 pounds of gear in the DECKED tub. So, even with the storage du-ha for cab stuff, you need more space for your equipment.

DECKED has a handy Snack Tray in the tub on the driver's side. In addition, a free blue D-Box nestles alongside it on supports, and the tub has tie-downs attached at its base, all increasing the appeal of this storage solution.

Combine the comfort of internal Custom Truck Accessories Baton Rouge with the external amenities of the DECKED Tool Box, and you have a winner. You will enjoy enough space to pack your stuff for work or while traveling around the great U.S., no matter where you live. And we sell a range of other accessories that you can keep safe in the tub or carry with you in the cab.

An open Crossbox showing the removable tray fully packed with gear. You can get this toolbox as a standalone item or store it in the DECKED Tool Box or DECKED Drawer System.

Custom Road Truck Accessories

For those of you located on the west coast, there are a bunch of tonneau covers from California Custom Truck Accessories, which you can choose. The beauty of tonneau covers is that CTA makes retractable, hinged, folding, and vinyl roll-up designs. Tonneau covers protect whatever you want on the truck bed, and several of these designs work with the DECKED Tool Box.

By matching up a tonneau with the DECKED tub, you’ll increase the security of your equipment. When you’re on a construction job site or hunting, the tonneau and tub both secure your stuff.

The armor lock system in the tub is just one of the security defenses that keep thieves away. Another is the steel and aluminum reinforcements in the lid. One more protection is the incredibly durable high-density polyethylene injection-molded structure of the DECKED Tool Box (virtually unbreakable and theft-proof).

We have tested the tub with multiple methods and know that it effectively keeps thieves at bay. Together with a tonneau, no one will even know you have our tub installed, which is yet another strategy to keep your stuff hidden from prying eyes.

But before you add a tonneau or purchase the DECKED Tool Box, contact us at It’s necessary to make sure that the tonneau works with our tub because good planning and preparation make for a solid relationship.

Accessories for the Towing Business

Anyone in the towing business understands just how lucrative this field can be. They also appreciate the value of a premium towing tool to tow logs or pull a truck out of the mud on an eventful hunting trip.

Image of the Driver winch from Custom Truck Accessories.

Custom Truck and Accessories has several powerful towing products to get you out of tricky situations. Some of these products attach at the front or the back of the vehicle, while others fit on the truck bed. Also, several other products are available for use as accessories to your towing or winching equipment.

A few examples of these towing accessories are:

  • Receiver hitches
  • Front tow bars
  • Winches and accessories
  • ARB and FabFours
  • Airbags
  • Brake controllers

If you have a towing business and need help from Custom Truck Accessories Reno NV, it’s a phone call away. An even better idea is to match a winch with the DECKED Tool Box.

Camping or working, you need a waterproof and weatherproof tub to store related equipment, and the DECKED Tool Box delivers this advantage. Simply pack all the necessary tools in the tub for protection against the elements and easy reach when towing someone out of trouble.

The DECKED Tool Box features a wide rain gutter and lid closure. So unless water suddenly starts flowing upwards, the rain will stay out of the tub. Also, the HDPE shell of the tub is protected with UV treatments, and the hardware is corrosion resistant. Together with the weather and waterproof seals that are also resistant to chemicals, your gear stays dry even when you’re cussing at the rain and mud gods.

No matter the weather, the DECKED Tool Box keeps water and debris away from your gear.

You'll also find that in dry weather, the tub keeps dust and debris out, so you have one less issue to worry about to keep your gear in excellent condition.

Keen on Camping?

Camping is one of those beautiful activities in life that give you the breather necessary to tackle daily challenges. So you get out on the road, relax in nature, and get away from the busy world.

Discover the many camper styles possible at Custom Truck Accessories Houston if you live in Texas. Alternatively, California Custom Truck Accessories can kit you out with a camper if you're on or near the west coast.

CTA campers offer the type of luxury road trip you want when you need a vacation. They also give you the freedom to travel at your own pace on your terms.

You can’t mix and match a camper with the DECKED Tool Box or Drawer System, but you will gain a new perspective on rest.

But, when you’re looking for a more rugged survival type of trip, the DECKED Tool Box is ideal. Go camping in the rough or take some creature comforts with you like a one-person tent. Whichever kind of camping works for you, the DECKED tub works harder.

Man retrieving something from the DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit, stored in the DECKED Drawer System.

Store your stuff safely as you challenge yourself on a rabbit hunt or avoid bears in the woods on a hike. We even sell the DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit that fits into the tub along with up to 500 pounds of other survival gear. So you'll have ready access to the stuff you need to survive for two days if that deer gets one up on you or you twist an ankle.

Need a Tough Solution for Tough Jobs?

Because we use HDPE and injection molding to make the DECKED Tool Box, it is durable. We have run tests on the tub and the lid, like throwing concrete into it and trying to break open the cover with a crowbar. We have bashed this container with heavy-duty hammers, dragged it along rugged terrain behind a truck, and still, it remained intact.

DECKED has also put its Tool Box through heat and cold tests. Temperatures of 180 degrees Fahrenheit and -5 degrees do not affect the tub. Even containing 500 pounds of gear during testing left the contents unaffected.

Increasing the tub's durability are the steel and aluminum lid reinforcements. Over and above these strengthening benefits, the lid's opening and closing mechanism is made with a torsion spring mechanism.

Anyone who understands this type of lid system knows that it won't slam down on your fingers and is easy to open and shut. This feature is beneficial when working because you need a tub that works for you instead of against you.


DECKED may not make a storage solution for all makes, but you can get Custom Dodge truck accessories.

For the rest of you that drive a:

  • Ford
  • Nissan
  • Jeep
  • Toyota
  •  Mercedes Benz Sprinter
  • Ram
  • GMC

… we customize the DECKED Tool Box to fit like a hand in a glove. So all that's necessary is for you to check if we make a custom tub for your vehicle model. You can check this on the website by clicking on any of the pages and completing the "Select your Vehicle" popup.

So, if a product from Custom Truck Accessories Sacramento CA catches your eyes, and you drive one of these vehicle models, consider the DECKED Tool Box or DECKED Drawer System. You can input your details online to find a dealer near you, or you can order the tub directly from us and receive free shipping.

When placing your order for Carolina Custom Truck Accessories, go to the DECKED site to include our tub in your lifestyle change. Or, if you need help from Carolina Custom Truck Accessories Florence SC, you have the convenience of door-to-door delivery of your DECKED Tool Box or Drawer System to match your CTA order.

Make Your Match

Of course, the most fantastic DECKED match made in heaven is to order the Tool Box and Drawer System for the ultimate storage solution.

A pickup truck with the DECKED Tool Box with extended ladder and the DECKED Drawer System.

Should you live down south, you can always complement our products with Custom Truck Accessories Austin TX. However, if you live in the desert, match the DECKED Tool Box and Drawer System with a winch or bumper from Custom Truck Accessories Reno Nevada.

Whatever you decide, you can get financing for our DECKED products. So when you're serious about stepping up, financing simplifies your drive to accessorize your truck with the best products.

So now that you've met your match make your match with a new build from DECKED.