6 Cool Truck Accessories To Pair With The DECKED Drawer Storage System


6 Cool Truck Accessories To Pair With The DECKED Drawer Storage System

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Who doesn’t love to accessorize?

When you head out on a dinner date or big event, you probably add accessories like watches, jewelry, belts — your truck should be no different.

The DECKED Drawer Storage System is more than just an innovative way to keep your truck bed organized and stored, it’s a network of seriously cool truck accessories. Think about it as customizable add-ons for your truck, sort of like LEGO toys but for truck owners. And you know, not annoying to step on.

These cool pickup truck accessories actually have a name, though. DECKED calls them “components,” instead of accessories. All of the DECKED accessories are part of an integrated modular storage system that makes up the entire DECKED Drawer Storage System family.

The brand’s add-ons give truck owners the actual modularity of storage and organization. The entire system is efficient, inexpensive, and impressively durable. If you’re looking for hip, cool truck bed accessories, you can’t top DECKED.

The system has components that help with every aspect of being a truck owner. There are added toolboxes in all shapes and sizes, which can store everything. If you’re looking to store expensive equipment and valuable tools, DECKED has the perfect accessory for you. Or maybe you’re looking to tore smaller things, the duct tape, bug repellent, jumper cables, flares, and all of the little things that bounce around in the back of your truck, there’s a DECKED component for you.

The brand even has handy dividers that are ideal for keeping your truck bed organized, it’s like a filing cabinet for the back of your pickup.

Similar to the entire DECKED Drawer Storage System, all of the products are 100% made in the United States and are manufactured out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is remarkably durable. So tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry. HDPE is an indestructible type of plastic, it’s essentially the cockroach of plastics.

No matter what the logo on the front of your truck shows, there are cool truck interior accessories for every make of pickup. Looking for cool truck accessories for Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, GMC, RAM? DECKED has a number of versatile components that will fit. Before you head out off-roading, camping, fishing, hunting, or tailgating with your truck, be sure to stock up on DECKED Drawer Storage System accessories. With a 2,000-pound payload capacity, you can even load up your truck with an ATV and still have enough drawer space for all your gear.

For those who are unaware, the DECKED Drawer System runs the entire length of a truck bed that has easily-slidable drawers at waist height so truck owners can reach everything in their truck bed without the need of climbing into the bed. The drawers can’t be broken into and are virtually indestructible. Impossible to dent, but easy to love. The DECKED team has spent years engineering, developing, and perfecting a truck bed storage system that you cannot pass up.

And what’s better? There’s a slew of phenomenal accessories to continually add on to the entire system. In no particular order, here are the six best DECKED Drawer Storage System accessories. Or more specifically, components.Let’s get into it.


DECKED Tool Box, cool truck accessories, D-Box, Crossbox, pickup truck tool box

If the entire DECKED Drawer System were to be the mother bear of the brand, the Tool Box is its precious baby.

The Tool Box is made out of the same material that football helmets are made out of, meaning it's also near impossible to dent and that much harder to try to pry open. The Tool Box is perfectly engineered and sized to fit all full-size pickup truck beds 2001 to present. Because of its HDPE makeup, these durable little tots are built out of material from the future. This Tool Box is from this century.

Designed like Fort Knox, the DECKED Tool Box is impact resistant and it won’t ding, dent, or rust. Do you want a technical brief to sum it up? The Tool Box uses injection molded high impact polymer resin with galvanized steel and aluminum for added reinforcement.

Once inside the Tool Box, any and all of your equipment will be completely dry, thanks in part to the fact that the unit is molded (not welded) so you get a seamless lid and tub, which seals tightly with an Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) gasket.  

Because security is a major selling point, the Tool Box is reinforced with steel for extra stability, and has a tub-lid interface that drastically minimizes potential theft pry bar access points. The Tool Box is built with a robust steel armored lock that makes forced entry almost impossible, meaning your tools will always remain your tools. What’s also great, the Tool Box is almost like the movie Inception – there’s accessories within accessories. Each DECKED Tool Box comes with an über handy tray that rests in place so that all of your smaller nuts and bolts don’t go flying all over the toolbox.

We’re telling you, the Tool Box was designed with long-term durability in mind. HDPE is impervious to all of the elements Mother Nature throws its way so it won’t degrade as the years go by. DECKED Tool Boxes are made out of rust inhibitors and have built-in UV protection so that it stays in sturdy condition, even after being exposed to too much sunlight, rainfall, snow, and even hail. The DECKED team has tested out the payload capacity of the Tool Box in all climates, at a range from 180 degrees to -5 degrees, without an issue.

If you’re a truck fan on the hunt for cool truck accessories, you won’t be able to trump the Tool Box. And that’s just the start. The DECKED Drawer System has a truckload (pun obviously intended) of additional components that not only fit into the entire system, but enhance it.

The DECKED Crossbox

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Think if you’ve seen one tool box you’ve seen them all? Guess again.

The DECKED Crossbox is a handy little tool box that is perfect for carrying around hand tools or to serve as a middleman for switching out tools from your garage to your truck bed. Similar to its big brother, the Tool Box, the Crossbox has an EPDM gasket for weatherproof storage, locking latches, and is easy to get into, thanks to its multiple grip points for easy retrieval. Because why would anyone want to try to work to get into a tool box?

Whatever medium to smaller end tool you want to store into your truck bed, the Crossbox is the answer. It nests into the drawers of the truck bed system and is shaped like the bottom of the drawer so it fits into the drawers. For narrow drawers, it fits sideways and regularly for wide drawers — how ingenious.

These little guys are rugged, durable, and can take a beating. Don’t start a scrap with these toolboxers, they’re tiny but tough. Let’s consider them Tupperware on steroids.

What’s great, the Crossboxes are stackable. So, say you have a couple of them loaded into your truck bed drawers and a few extra stacked in the garage, they’re so easy to grab that interchangeability is endless.

You might want to grab a few of these (they’re available in blue and desert tan colors). Who knows, maybe you assemble such a big collection, you even store last night’s leftovers in them, we won’t judge.


DECKED, D-Box, Crossbox, desert tan, blue, storage, cool truck accessories, pick up truck, tool box

The DECKED D-Box takes your truck bed storage potential to the next level. The D-Box fits all full-size drawers, midsize wide drawers, and the Tool Box (obviously). The D-Box has a carry weight of up to 50 pounds, meaning this bad boy is useful even if you just want a regular toolbox. It also fits snuggly into the drawers, so it’s service is two-fold.

Most importantly, the D-Box gives truck owners access to the back of the drawer and truck beds that might be hard to reach. Because your days of crawling into the truck bed to get something are over. If you’ve done it once, that’s too many times. DECKED D-Box means you can securely organize everything in the back of your truck, it’s like a secretary for your truck.

The D-Box, which is like the bigger brother of the Crossbox, is an absolute bomber tool box. Made from the same durable material as the rest of the DECKED family, these toolboxes are so strong that you could even use it as a step if need be. They’re equally weatherproof as the Crossbox and Tool Box, it has removable dividers so you can keep everything organized. Store emergency gear, field kits, cleaning supplies, and anything else you need stored in these tool boxes. The D-Box and Crossboxes are strong enough to withhold anything. Like can survive a nuclear bomb tough.  

The D-Box uses an interlocking design coupled with strategically-placed handles. The D-Box is also gasket sealed for ultimate weather resistance meaning the innards of these toolboxes will stay completely dry and protected.

There are trusty carry handles at the top and another at the bottom, meaning the ease of access is unparalleled. Two of these beauties fit in a short -full sized truck drawer and three inside a long full size truck box.

Also available in desert tan and blue, mix and match the D-Box and Crossbox to make sure all of your gear and equipment are stored, securely, durably, and to sexily.

The DECKED Ladder

DECKED Ladder, cool truck accessories, drawer system, truck bed, Tool Box,

Okay, let’s be honest. Most of the aforementioned DECKED components are pretty run of the mill but the DECKED Ladder is like magic. Have you ever seen a magician pull something out of a hat? The Ladder is like that. Tucked perfectly into the Tool Box, the Ladder can be seamlessly unraveled from the Tool Box, pulled down to the ground, and used to step up to a good vantage point. Forget opening your tailgate and crawling into your truck bed like a mole or propping yourself up on your tires to get something in your truck bed.

Without sacrificing space (not to mention saving wear and tear on your truck’s body), the aluminum ladder gives truck owners optimal accessibility where you can literally step up your game. The extendable ladder can accommodate a bunch of different bed heights and you’ll never even know it’s inside the Tool Box until you need it.

The DECKED Drawerganizer

Drawerganizer, truck bed storage, organization, cool truck accessories, DECKED

Who doesn’t like a good pun?

The Drawerganizer is one of the handiest DECKED components. It’s a bin that snaps into the handle of the drawer and is a great spot to store power tools, batteries, cords, bug spray, lube, or anything else that’s bobbing around in your truck bed that needs a good home.

When you’re looking for a smaller tool in the back of your truck, nobody wants to hunt for it, being organized — or Drawerganized, more specifically — is vital. Especially when it comes to all those little nuts and bolts.

If you’re looking to battle the small clutter, the Drawerganizer is the winner. DECKED also has the Double Drawerganizer for people who want to stay organized at double the size.

A sneakily good part of the Drawerganizer is that it’s so easy to get to. You don’t even have to open the drawer all the way to access it.

The DECKED Piecekeepers

DECKED, piecekeepers, rifles, storage, organization, tools, gear, equipments, cool truck accessories,

This DECKED component is thinking outside the box. The Piecekeeper is a firearm holder for the drawer system. Neatly stack up to three firearms in each Piecekeeper. Everyone has a need to store their firearms and DECKED has designed a handy way to carry firearms outside of its case.

Truck and gun owners can store common firearms (hunting rifles and shotguns) outside of their cases for quick, easy access, and it looks pretty nifty.

Each Piecekeeper has divider slots (the same that come with the Crossbox and D-Box) that gives owners a nice rigid surface and foam to hold your firearms.

The Piecekeeper also has holes built inside them so you can hold your gun’s clips as well.

Couple the Piecekeeper with the Drawerganizer to hold a first aid kit, binoculars, and hand guns, all securely out of sight, organized, and simple to grab.

Let’s wrap this up

DECKED, cool truck accessories, cool truck bed accessories, drawer system, organization, storage, secure, tools, equipment

So there you have it, folks. Some cool truck accessories to add to your truck bed repertoire. The DECKED Drawer System isn’t complete without the Tool Box, Crossbox, D-Box, Ladder, Draweganizer, and Piecekeeper.

Once you have them all, your truck bed will be like a garage, just more organized and completely mobile.

All of the DECKED components are 100% manufactured in the US, relatively priced, secure, and built to last a long time.

DECKED does recommend buying the components at the same time as the Drawer System, however. The reason being, the company ships all the cool truck accessories inside the master carton for a flat rate of $15 and the company tries to fit in as many components as possible through the initial purchase.

Customers who buy the DECKED components after the Drawer System will have to pay separate shipping and handling costs instead of just one flat $15 rate. And because these products are so lightweight in material, you’d essentially be spending shipping and handling rates for components that are very light.

One more little gem is that DECKED offers financing options for customers who don’t feel like paying all at once, the products ship all across the continental United States, and come with a three-year warranty.

These cool truck accessories are cool all the way around.