Top 7 Chevy Truck Accessories to Personalize Your Silverado in 2021


Top 7 Chevy Truck Accessories to Personalize Your Silverado in 2021

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Reliable performance, durability, and a smoother ride experience, the Chevy Silverado is the perfect unison of all those components that make it one helluva pickup truck in America. Take it out for a nice and sunny kayaking trip with your kayak on top of the truck bed. Or, load all your fishing gear, and ask your best bud to join you on a countryside fishing trip. Regardless of wherever you take your Chevy, you know that you are in good hands and your ride is going to be safe and enjoyable.


You know what? You can take that experience up a notch and make your already reliable ride more powerful with the right Chevy truck accessories.


There’s a wide array of Chevy Silverado truck accessories available in stores. You can opt for a pair of assist steps for sturdy support so you can get in and out of the ride with ease. You may install a Chevy truck toolbox to organize all your valuable tools and protect them against theft or any damages. With all these and many other options available to spruce up your Silverado, it tends to become a bit difficult to pick the best-fitting Chevy pickup truck accessories.


If you find yourself sailing in the same boat, this guide is for you.

7 Chevy Truck Accessories to Spruce Up Your Pickup

For someone dealing with pickup truck accessories for a decent few years, we can relate to your situation and experience that unsettling feeling that comes when you have to pick between highly desirable options. To ease that feeling and help you personalize your pickup the way you want, we’ve put together a list of 7 must-have Chevy truck parts and accessories that you should consider.

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Truck Tires

Anyone could own a truck. I’m not judging. But most of the time, truck owners are people who use their commute for off-road trips or work that involves going through harsh terrains or tough weather. If you are that person, then what you first need is an all-terrain tire that can make your Chevy ride less bumpy but more smooth.


For off-road trips, you need to pick up Chevy truck tires that are built to endure rough roads and terrains for consistently efficient performance. This takes us to look for tires that have split and bruise-resistant sidewalls, specially-engineered thick rubber, stone injectors, and staggered shoulder blocks to give you a consistently amazing experience on rough to muddy or snowy roads.

A Few Things to Consider

When you are shopping for new tires for your Chevy Silverado, there are a few things you should consider checking: tire size for ensuring that you are replacing your old tires with a new tire of equivalent size, tread-wear for assessing the number of miles you can run your truck before the tires get worn down, and speed rating to gauge the overall performance potential of the tire.

Truck Assist Steps

Assist steps, also called running boards and step bars, are really cool Chevy truck accessories that add style to your use of the truck, i.e., climbing in or out of it in style. However, assist steps are more than some fancy decor, and it adds a couple of other functionalities to your truck. For instance, the most obvious is the difficulty of climbing in and out of the truck that a side step can easily fix for adults of any age, especially for people in their 50s when your joints don’t allow you to continuously climb ladders, stairs, or your truck cab.


Apart from your well-being, side assist steps add to the safety of your dear Silverado truck as well. The sturdy side steps also act as protective armor for your truck while you are driving on or off the road. It shields the truck’s body from any possible dents or damages resulting from driving against any fence or wall.

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A Few Things to Consider

Truck side steps usually come in varying types. You can go for a cab size sidestep if you wish to use it only for accessibility. But if you are looking to protect your truck’s body, the undercarriage and the rocker panel against road debris, a wheel-to-wheel pair of assist steps would be preferable. Lastly, go either for aluminum or stainless steel for your assist step because molded plastic carries less weight, offers less durability, and has no baseboards, which is something you need for better stability.

Rear Wheel Well Guards

People also call rear wheel well guards fender liners or wheel well liners. If you are constantly using your expensive Silverado for frequent off-road trips, it can have an adverse effect on your truck fenders if left exposed. Your Chevy’s underbody has to endure continuous road beatings due to the road debris and rocks that shoot to the fenders, leaving dents to the vulnerable part or chipping the finishing. Even if you drive on paved roads, the dirt or road salt may have the same adverse impact on the underbody as it has on off-road trips.


If you don’t wish to leave your precious Silverado at the mercy of road rocks and debris, it is recommended to install a fender liner. Fender liners, as the name suggests, sit between the fender of your Chevy and its rear wheels. The wheel liners are durable and resistant to impact which means you can have peace of mind knowing that your fenders are well-guarded against anything that your truck tires throw at them. Secondly, the thermoplastic composition of the guard makes the care and cleaning easy.


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A Few Things to Consider

Installing wheel well liners to protect your fenders doesn’t mean leaving all the dirt and blocks to keep getting accumulated on the liner. It is imperative that you occasionally clean the liners for increased longevity. When you clean your liners, make sure that you first shake them off to remove large debris, and then apply any degreaser to effectively remove any dirt deposited over time.

Truck Bed Liner

Whether you are a new Silverado owner or a used truck, if your truck is the only means to your bread and butter, then you would surely want to keep it protected, clean, and in top condition. For that, you need a bed liner for your Chevy Silverado. If your truck is in daily use for transporting different cargo or storing tools and storage boxes, there are high chances that the bad liner may have to endure scratches, dents, scuffs, or other damages. There’s also the imminent damage of rust and corrosion if the truck bed is left unprotected.


Depending on the type of bed liner you use, it may prevent cargo movement while you drive with its skid-resistant surface. The continuous movement of the cargo not only proves damaging to the cargo itself but also the truck railing. When you have a bed liner, covering every corner of your truck bed, you will be at peace knowing that it is protected against any damages resulting from harsh weather, rust, and decay.

A Few Things to Consider

As mentioned earlier, truck bed liners are available in three different types: spray-on, bed mats, and drop-in liners. Every type of bed liner has its pros and cons, but most truck owners recommend going with the spray-on option. The spray-on paints have to be applied once and you are all set for a lifetime. However, spray-on paints are expensive but might void the paint warranty.

Truck Winches

You might not need a winch often, but when you need one, you’ve got to have one, or else you’ll be left at the mercy of the goddess of luck whatever situation you are in. Truck winches can be a real lifesaver when you are stuck and your buddy is stuck and needs help to get out of that hell of a predicament. Moreover, winches are more reliable, resourceful, and durable than straps. For starters, winch cables often extend to 100 feet long, allowing your truck to park in a safer place and pull the other vehicle or obstacle from a safe distance.


Another benefit of choosing winch over straps is that you have control over the motion of the pull. Thus, you can easily drag your best bud’s vehicle out of mud or rocky terrain slowly and steadily. More importantly, you may use your truck winch to remove any heavy obstacle that you can’t without support from dozens of other people, such as a fallen tree. You’ll leave the heavy work to this baby with full confidence.

A Few Things to Consider

When you are out shopping winches, first determine your needs and budget. Winches can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars because of added features and functionalities. For instance, if your work trip involves water, then you might need a waterproof winch. Similarly, if you often find yourself pulling heavy objects, then you must consider the pulling power of the winch’s motor.

Truck Tool Box

Truck tool boxes are amongst the best truck accessories for Chevy Silverado, and there are many reasons that validate this statement. As a general contractor, carpenter, electrician, or plumber, you cannot do your job if you don’t have the tools when you need one, or the tools are not in good condition. Truck toolboxes are a must-have Chevy truck accessory because it protects your precious tools from theft and damages.


Truck tool boxes further enable you to get all your tools organized so whenever you need them, you know where to find them. Most toolboxes often come with locks allowing you to store your items safely in the truck toolbox.

A Few Things to Consider

When deciding on a toolbox for your truck, it is imperative that you choose the right material. Plastic toolboxes are lighter in weight and cheap but they are vulnerable to dent and damage. Aluminum is durable but it is heavy and expensive. Steel is also expensive but more importantly, it is prone to corrosion. We recommend opting for a blend of high-impact plastic resin, galvanized steel, and aluminum.


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Not sure where to find it? Check out the DECKED Tool Box. The highly durable composition of DECKED Tool Boxes ensures that your toolbox gets no dent, dint, or damage. Add waterproofing to the mix and you get a toolbox that keeps all your tools bone dry and protected against rust and corrosion.

Truck Drawer Storage System

Similar to truck tool boxes, drawer storage systems offer you the security of your tools and ease of accessibility. But unlike the truck tool boxes, drawers give a neater look to your truck and your tools and better accessibility. You can access your tools through the truck bed drawer without climbing all the way to the front of your bed. By adding a top surface to the mix, you have a good enough space to mount your ATV or kayak for an off-road trip while your tools rest securely in the locked drawers.

A Few Things to Consider

The material of the drawer storage box and its top surface count a lot for the sustainability or longevity of the drawer. Make sure that it is dent, dint, rust, and waterproof. Not only does it allow you to keep your things out of any damages but also gives you the ease of cleaning without worrying about water slipping inside the storage box and rusting the tools. Another thing to consider is the weight limit that the top surface can carry. If you tend to use your truck for carrying heavy items, it is best to consider a drawer system that can endure the weight.

Get the DECKED Drawer System

The DECKED Drawer System makes your Silverado a whole lot better. It can easily carry a 2000-pound payload while each drawer box can handle 200 pounds. You can install it with regular tools, use it to carry more cargo than before, and best of all, it will perfectly fit your Chevy Silverado bed liner.


Now that you know the must-have list of Chevy truck accessories for your Silverado, it is time to start shopping and checking it off the list.