Why A DECKED Tool Box is One of the Best Chevy Accessories You Can Buy

Why A DECKED Tool Box is One of the Best Chevy Accessories You Can Buy

A white Chevy truck has both the DECKED Drawer System and Tool Box installed.


Ahhhh, a Chevy. Can we just celebrate them for a minute? They gave us the Corvette, which has proved to be one of the most popular sports cars in the world; and from full-size pickups to SUVs and crossovers, to mid-size and compact sedans; Chevy has tirelessly given Americans what they want, and what they need, for over 100 years. Here at DECKED, we’ve taken note— and that’s why we’re offering up one of the best damn Chevy accessories on the market today: the DECKED Tool Box. A toolbox as innovative as the Chevy brand itself, and one that looks as good as your truck.


Chevy: Behind the Brand


Chevrolet has a long tradition of offering new technology and features affordably to consumers. They take features that are typically reserved for higher-end vehicles and make them available for the average consumer. They’ve done this since inception in 1911, and right out of the gate wowed their customers by offering an electric starter and electric headlamps at a time when both were rare across the entire automotive industry.


They made performance affordable and in 1955 introduced their small-block V-8 engine that heralded a new era in high-performance. According to the GM Corporate Newsroom, “Chevrolet is the winningest brand in NASCAR and has collected more NHRA Pro Stock Manufacturers Cups than any other brand.”


It’s not only the speed capabilities and overall affordability that consumers find so attractive, but it’s the unprecedented design prowess that the brand has displayed over the years, carving out some of their most iconic rigs, like the Bel Air or the Corvette Stingray, and cementing them as cornerstones of American culture.


Front view of a 1950's teal Chevy Bel Air

Photo by Kace Rodriguez on Unsplash

DECKED: Our Brand Story


At DECKED, we fully understand American culture, because our products are made by folks who bleed red, white, and blue—just like you. Our products are made in Defiance, Ohio, in the Heartland, like the General Motors Headquarters, where we are defying what is possible when it comes to truck bed storage solutions; and particularly Chevy truck accessories.


Like Chevrolet, we are in the business to improve the everyday lives of the working men and women of America. We believe that quality is an important value, and it should be affordable and available to all.


We make our Tool Boxes and DECKED Drawer Systems with attention to detail, and spent over two years in research and development getting it just right. Because like Louis Chevrolet who was a racer himself and made engines that he actually wanted to use; we operate in the same way by making truck bed accessories that we personally need and find useful as well.


With our Drawer System, we took DIY plywood truck bed drawers and revolutionized the truck bed storage industry by making a purpose-built product available at a price point that isn’t out of reach.


With our Tool Box, we’ve reached new heights in crossover toolbox innovation by offering the only toolbox that you can beat the hell out of and it won’t die, and is 100% waterproof and nearly impossible to break into.


So how’d we do it…?


A worker in a warehouse stops what he's doing to smile for the camera.

The DECKED Tool Box

You can think of the DECKED Tool Box as the DECKED Drawer System’s younger sibling. Poured from the same mold, so to speak, yet the Tool Box is flashier and looks as if it’s ready to brawl at all times.




Made from high-density polyethylene, high-impact polymer resin, and steel and aluminum reinforcements, the DECKED Tool Box is impact resistant, won’t ever dent, ding, or rust, and will never arrive at you dented, like 50% of the aluminum toolboxes that are sold.


We use recycled materials not because they are cheaper, but because we give a crap about the finite amount of resources that are available in this world. So we grind down HDPE plastics, melt them, and add a little carbon for color in our brand continuity. Then we employ the world’s largest molding presses in our massive state-of-the-art facility that spans four football fields.


Our other materials are made in the Heartland too, like family-run small business, DYCO Manufacturing Inc., who provides the steel components that ensure our product stays rigid and won’t ever bend, flex, or sag. And Supreme Casting who does the metallurgy magic of casting molten aluminum alloy into our iconic aluminum handles.


A warehouse view of steel manufacturing. There's a person driving a forklift in front of a large American flag hanging on the wall.




Since our Tool Box is molded, not welded, it's this lack of fabrication that plays a pivotal role in the waterproofing capabilities, but also in security as well. Since the toolbox and lid are each just one piece, it vastly reduces the avenues water can use to travel into the toolbox to begin with.


We engineered the toolbox with an upstanding lip that gets overlapped by the lid, acting as a rain gutter on the product. When open, there’s a bulb seal and gasket that goes around the entire lid, and when closed, the unit seals tightly with an EPDM gasket.


And for security, it’s this same design that minimizes pry bar points and will make a crowbar cry for mercy. The Tool Box won’t be damaged if some idiot decides to try their luck. (Spoiler alert: it’s not luck that protects it—it’s that engineering we talked about.)


As for the rest of the security features, a robust steel armored locking mechanism, in addition to a driver’s side lock makes forced entry nearly impossible, and all hardware is anti-corrosion treated for long-lasting durability.

A black, rugged-looking toolbox sits shut.



Perhaps what is arguably the best feature, is a revolutionary new access point we’ve added to our toolbox. Gone are the days of performing a gold-medal-worthy gymnastics floor routine just to climb into the bed of your truck to access your tools.


We’ve integrated an access ladder that telescopes straight out of the top of the toolbox and down to the ground. Made from 6000-series aluminum, it’s as worthy as any medium-duty ladder you’ll find at a hardware store, except with more value. The ladder is an optional add-on, but the function of it is priceless.


At DECKED, with our limited lifetime warranty on our Tool Box and Drawer System, we’ve got your back. But now with our ladder, we’ll save your back too, as you climb up right alongside the truck bed and tower over your tools.


If these aren’t the Chevy truck bed accessories of your dreams, well, we don’t know what is.

A white Chevy pickup has both a DECKED Tool Box and Drawer System installed.

The DECKED Drawer System

The Drawer System. It received as much love and attention as a first-born child because it was ours, and we’ve doted on it as much. We’ve amassed a cult-like following with this product and it’s been one of the favorite accessories for Chevy trucks for as long as it’s been born. (That’s 2013 on the birth certificate.)


If you want to see supreme #toolporn and how best to #UnSuckYourTruck, head over to our Instagram, which often does double-duty as a Chevy truck accessories superstore.


The DECKED Drawer System is beloved by Overlanders and is utilized in real-world applications by most every trade. Even entire fire departments, bomb squads, law enforcement and all manner of hard working folks put them to the torture-test every damn day—and we’re still blowing it outta the water with our 5-Star reviews.


That’s because the DECKED Drawer System is the ultimate in truck bed organization. The pinnacle. The absolute best. Made from the same materials as our Tool Box, the Drawer System is two side-by-side drawers the length of your bed. Whether you need Chevy Silverado accessories, or Chevy Colorado accessories, the Drawer System fits both mid size and full size pickups like a glove.


Chevy Colorado truck has a DECKED Drawer System installed and there's a large pallet with crated freight on top of it.


The drawers are rolling horizontal storage that meet you at waist-height. The urethane, sealed-bearing wheels roll as smooth as butter and each drawer can hold 200 pounds.


The Drawer System doesn’t compromise payload either and with its ability to hold 2,000 pounds, is on par with or in excess of most pickups.


We didn’t waste any space in the design, we know it’s at a premium. We’ve included extra compartments near the wheel wells, ammo-can storage if you will, but that’s not stopping some folks from using it to stash their sixers and pepperoni sticks.


With jumper cables stuffed under the seat, duck tape rolling out from God knows where, and bins and totes (maybe) holding all the rest of your junk, don’t lie to yourself—you could use the extra storage space.


The extra dry storage space, that is, because whatever falls from the sky is not gettin’ into the drawers, but c’mon man, they’re not airtight, so use common sense about particulates and mist.


If you want weatherproof, in-bed, horizontal storage, opt for the Drawer System; but if you want a waterproof, crossover, bed rail mounted vertical storage, opt for the Tool Box. However, if you have an eight-foot-long bed—you don’t have to choose. You could have both of the best Chevy accessories that treat your pickup like the king that it is. (Or the queen. Because everyone knows that queens are more powerful anyway…)


A Chevy truck used as part of a fire department's fleet is parked in front of a fire house.

What Our Toughest Critics Say


If your mother always said, “never trust anyone who says trust me,” well, she’s right. We’ve boasted a lot about our products, but we think the real-life men and women of America can say it better. Head to our Drawer System product page, for example, and scroll down to the bottom where our reviews live. If you set the “vehicle make” filter to Chevy, you’ll see that, as of this writing, there were 377 extremely satisfied, dare we say ecstatic, Drawer System owners.


Dwayne M., an electrician, says, “Love the drawers!!! Organization is my pet peeve! Everything is right where I put it and it stays there. We have a rooftop tent and camp a lot. The drawers are an amazing compliment to that! I travel a lot so I installed them in a motel parking lot. It’s that easy! About 3 hours and I was done.”


A green vintage Chevy is shown from the rear and the words Chevrolet are painted in white across the tailgate.

Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash


And Dwayne obviously isn’t the only Chevy accessories enthusiast. There are so many more of you out there, ready to step up your game.


Whether it’s our new take on what a modern toolbox could and should be, or our solution to productize an old DIY standby of rolling plywood drawers, at DECKED, we are making the Chevy accessories of the future. And the Ford Accessories, (sorry, we love all trucks), and the Dodge accessories, and of course GMC and Toyota ones too.


We’re ready to ship right now, and if you’re ready for a Tool Box made with a design from this decade, using materials from the future, well, it’s time to get DECKED. Get your stuff together and get your Chevy decked out.