The 6 Best Camo Hunting Backpack Options

The 6 Best Camo Hunting Backpack Options


You’re ready to go on the hunt, but is your old pack holding you back? When it comes to stealth, space, and practicality, you don’t just need a pack, you need a camo hunting backpack.


Track that prize buck or check your traps without being seen by blending in with your surroundings and staying under the radar. If you hunt regularly or even just for special events, you need a reliable and purpose-built backpack.


Working to a budget or not sure where to start? That’s why we’re here with a list of the top 6 hunting backpacks for different types of hunt and all price ranges. At DECKED, we know you’re looking for something that will do the job, have some cool bonus features, and keep the dollars in your pocket where they belong.


But let’s be honest, searching for a hunting camo backpack can be frustrating. There are so many options, too many styles, and a lot of brands that just don’t deliver on the quality. Don’t worry, though, there are some key points to look out for when you’re buying your ideal hunting backpack for game big and small and budgets short or tall.


What To Look For In A Camo Hunting Backpack


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Of course, there are thousands of good value and high-quality packs made for hunting on the market. Which one you choose is down to your specific needs and what you value most in a camo hunting backpack. Everything from a Walmart camo hunting backpack right to the most expensive option from the likes of Stone Glacier, the right choice is down to you.


However, you can look out for these important features to figure out if a backpack is worth your time or if it belongs in the garbage along with the offal.

Quiet Material

This is an important point that can instantly tell you whether a backpack is suitable for hunting or not. The last thing you want when you’re kneeling down to stalk an elk is for the loud, plastic scratching noise of your pack to alert everything in a mile radius to your presence. Not so great.


A great hunting backpack is made with high-quality material that doesn’t make that cheap, rubbing sound with every movement.


Space For Extra Gear

When you're out on the trail, especially in colder climates, you need room for all your survival gear and more. Just think about the amount of kit you pack on a one or two-day hunting trip. You want space to fit in your hunting knives, flashlights, food and water supplies, your tent and sleeping bag, battery packs, a separate game bag, a first aid kit, and of course, a few beers.


Comfort First

When you’re trekking through the mountains for six hours you'll be glad your pack fits you right. Some packs can be adjusted to your torso length or include chest and stomach straps that can take the weight off your shoulders.


Don’t skimp on the comfort, because it’s a must. Be sure to get the right pack size for the job too. Trying to stuff a small daypack full for a multi-day hunt can do damage to your pack - and you.


Can Carry Heavy Loads

Why should a hunting backpack be made for carrying heavy loads? The short answer is that big games are heavy. If you’re planning on hiking through the wilderness then you could be relying on your backpack to carry loads of around 100 pounds or more. Even if you’re only tagging small game, the bigger the load capacity of your pack, the more you can hunt.


Don’t be that guy who bags a big buck, adds it to your pack load, only for your arm straps to snap from the weight half a mile down the trail. When in doubt, go for the higher capacity camo hunting backpack.


Quality Camo Design


A picture containing outdoor, person, orange, helmet


You might be dreaming of an orange camo hunting backpack or something more subtle to give you an edge when it comes to stealth. The design, color, and pattern of your pack is down to your personal choice.


But make sure you choose something that’s fit for your purpose. A brightly colored pack might be good for visibility in busy hunting zones, but it definitely won’t give you the element of surprise.


Whatever color your camo, be aware of the terrain and seasons you’ll be using it in. Some camouflage designs are made for snowy climates and some for deep green forest trails. The right camo design is the one that works for your hunting style specifically. Sometimes the trendiest option isn’t the best.

The 6 Best Camo Hunting Backpack Options

Now you know what goes into a good hunting backpack, you’ve got the knowledge to make your choice - and maybe even your purchase. These are the brands and packs we’ve found that stand out in their category as a great choice for a hunting backpack that will give you the advantage of stealth too.


Take a gander at what might be the backpack you take on your next trip.


Best Deer Pack Hunting Backpack



Camo backpack




The Badlands 2200 Hunting Pack ticks a lot of the boxes for hunters on a budget who prefer to pack light and carry only a little. Unlike many cheaper backpacks, this one is specially made for hunting and the demands that can put on a pack.


This backpack is durable and boasts plenty of reviews on the creator’s website.


With the aircraft-grade aluminum frame, it’s easy to see why so many people give this pack five stars. Now, if you’re talking about features that are hunting specific, then this is a good option. It includes carry options for a hunting bow, rifle, or even a pistol. The extra pocket made for carrying your spotting scope is a nice touch too, keeping the glass protected while you're hiking through rough terrain. At $280, it doesn’t break the bank either.


Best Modular Hunting Backpack


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The Eberlestock Mainframe backpack is made for those high capacity loads we were talking about. The thing that makes this pack stand out from the crowd is its modular design. It’s sold as a simple backpack frame with the option of lots of different sacks to carry gear and meat.


Not only that, but it also has a meat shelf, so you can say goodbye to sticky gear and keep things separated. The frame with the belts attached weighs about 5 pounds, so it’s not the lightest frame option out there, but it’s not the heaviest either.


While the main frame retails for $249, once you’ve grabbed all the sacks and accessories you want, the final cost can come to between $300 to $400. So, this pack comes out as a good middle option if your budget isn’t all that small but you want modularity for your money.


Best Multi-Day Hunting Backpack


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Stone Glacier is on the higher end of the price scale, but you get quality for the price tag. The Sky 5900 hunting backpack is ideal for hunting big game and packing for longer trips. Reviewers have mentioned how they were able to take this pack on multi day hunts, fitting in all of their camping gear. At the same time, they could use this pack to carry two quarters of elk meat through the backcountry.


While the pack can carry huge loads, don’t forget about your own back. The pack might last a five day trek with over 100 pounds of weight inside, but you might not.


That sounds like a strong pack to us, but the price might be the sticking point. At $659 this pack might be the right choice if you’re looking for a high capacity pack for overnighters.


Best Budget Hunting Backpack


Brown backpack


Buying a hunting backpack on a budget doesn’t need to be difficult. Sometimes Amazon is your friend. At $150 on Amazon, the Alps OutdoorZ Commander + Backpack gives you bang for your buck. Literally, if you’re taking this on a hunt.


Swap the carbon fiber frame for an aluminum one and you save a fair few cents, but this is still a functional and waterproof camo hunting backpack. The built-in rifle holder and meat lashing system mean this pack will make your life easy on your latest adventure.


Best Multipurpose Hunting Backpack


Brown backpack


If you’re searching for a camo hunting backpack made in the US, then check out the new packs coming from Seeking Outside. The Revolution Hunting Pack Frame is one of their most multipurpose pack options available.


The frame is lightweight and the design means you can attach a number of different sacks that are built for different purposes. You could adapt this backpack for rafting, expeditions, hunting, and even search and rescue. Add a meat sack and a waterproof bag and you’ve got a backpack built by you and tailored to your requirements.


Best Heavy Duty Hunting Backpack


DECKED backpacks


At DECKED we prioritize making backpacks that are versatile, durable, and fit for purpose. While the DECKED D-Bag is built to be compatible with our DECKED Drawer System or DECKED Tool Box, you can grab this backpack and be ready for anything.


Made especially to be abused, this backpack can endure even the wildest hunt. The hybrid hard and softshell configuration makes this pack scratch, rip, and tear resistant. EVA foam coated in ballistic nylon cloth means you’ll never have to worry about whether this pack can handle what you’ve got planned.


With a 42 liter volume and multiple carry options, this might be the first D-Bag you’ve ever loved.


Which Hunting Backpack Is Right For You?


Man with hunting gear and DECKED system


The hunt for a backpack can be a long one, but it’s worth it when you find one that’s right for you. Remember, look for a pack that includes features like stealthy fabric, space for gear, ergonomic straps, a heavy load rating, and a camo design that fits your usual hunting surroundings.


The six best hunting backpack brands we shared offer lightweight frames, backpacks for different budgets, and heavy-duty options to last through the years. These are just some of your options when it comes to long-lasting hunting gear, but if you want to find out what else could improve your next hunting trip, check out our organization and storage solutions at DECKED.