How DECKED’s Built Better Truck Tool Box Stacks Up

How DECKED’s Built Better Truck Tool Box Stacks Up Against the Competition

Are you tired of lugging around heavy, bulky tool boxes? If you're like us, you can't stand the sight of a rusty old toolbox that's seen better days. So why would you keep your tools in something that looks like that? You'd be surprised how many people still do.

When we looked at the existing solutions before DECKED existed, we found them ugly. Blunt uh, so tell us how you feel. Most of them were heavy. Others didn't have enough room for all of your tools or were just plain flimsy so that they wouldn't last long. They were also priced out of reach for most people because big companies dominated the market, trying to squeeze out every penny in profits so that their margins were enormous.

All of this made us crazy, so we decided to make our own modern yet affordable better built tool box that emphasizes beauty because we think you deserve a toolbox that looks as good as possible.

All DECKED systems give you maximum bed surface area along with a 2000 lb payload. So you can stack large items like ATV, fridge, etc., on top or use it as a flat surface for a sleeping platform.


We believe in learning from past experiences and bringing the toolkits you need in the future by finding innovative ways to minimize space and organize your tools.

We're designers, so we had a different approach, and we asked ourselves, "What if we could design a better built low profile tool box that you love and checks all the right engineering practices?"

So we launched the DECKED Tool Box, the only lightweight, portable, easy-to-use, affordable toolbox set that looks great.

We at DECKED believe it's essential to have a nice-looking toolbox, one that matches your style and will last for years to come. So we set out to create the best toolbox out there.


At DECKED, we're design engineers and tool nerds who believe in making cool stuff that has a purpose. We wanted to create something that our community would love to use in the market. So we spent countless hours designing and redesigning until the product was perfect.

DECKED is here to help with its simple, innovative design. We do not use any nuts or bolts. Instead, our Tool Box relies on high-quality molded polymers that snap together without the need for hardware, making the unit incredibly easy to set up and tear down but just as strong as a traditional toolbox using nuts and bolts.

DECKED Toolbox, the only lightweight, portable, easy-to-use, affordable toolbox set that looks great.

DECKED's mission is to design modern tool storage solutions with a multi-functional, versatile toolbox from composite plastics. We give you everything you need without making your truck a cluttered mess.

It’s ultra-portable, so you can take it anywhere and set it up in seconds. You can use DECKED to keep safe almost anything you need for your caravan, garden, or even your garage. Great for camping trips and to store food.

DECKED is the first Tool Box designed for the mobile contractor, tradesman, handyman, contractor's office, or anyone who wants a secure and convenient way to store tools.


DECKED Tool Boxes are custom-crafted for convenience, security, and innovation for the 21st century. It's a unique toolbox of its kind in the world, and it's going to revolutionize how you work.

You can apply engineering principles to practically any situation, even a walk in the park.

When we refer to "engineering” we're talking about the art of making things. If you look at almost anything around you, someone had to plan it out before it could be built carefully.

Engineering is not just limited to construction and design. It also applies to how people work together, navigate their environment, and all other aspects of life.

When you're trying to design something new or solve a problem that has never been solved before, understanding the engineering principles will help you get it right the first time and make it easier for everyone else who follows to do the same.

Interesting, modern engineering with patents, huh? We have many revelations further in this article.


To ensure the DECKED Tool Box fits your truck bed perfectly, we use CAD engineering data to match the topography of your specific truck. Now you understand how magically you'll have no wasted space and a stable, wall-to-wall platform. That’s because each DECKED Drawer System is custom made to fit your truck like a glove.

We are also trying to engineer better built tool box keys for our better built tool box lock that are sleek and have rounded edges. Our security lock design is more secure and avoids unnecessary wear on our better built tool box latch. Get DECKED and enjoy a better built tool box lock replacement for your vintage truck.


Whether you're a professional or an amateur, you can't be organized if you don't have the right storage system for your lifestyle. The DECKED Tool Box manages your stuff and makes finding what you need easier.

DECKED's better built tool box offers hassle-free storage solutions with modern containers that are easy to move and store. We created the DECKED Tool Box with a unique modular design and patented technology to provide optimal organization for all the tools you need to use every day.

This better built black tool box is engineered by professionals who have spent their entire careers working with tools and storage systems. We developed our Toolbox that helps you organize your tools to make sense for daily use.

End the Junk Show. Toss out the junk and buy a DECKED Better Built Tool Box for sale here.

DECKED is easy to install, looks great, and makes clean-up a snap. We offer a full line of accessories to give you a customizable modular storage system for the service body. You can save time on any job site by being organized and stop wasting time digging through bins to find what you need.

No more stumbling around in your van or truck looking for what you need. Just open the doors of the DECKED box and get to work with no time invested on setup, maintenance, or clean-up.


Gone are the days of crawling into your truck, crouching over, reaching for tools, and getting back out again.

DECKED Tool Box provides safer and ergonomic ways to get your better built tool box parts to the job site from your truck.

But why should you care about ergonomics?

If you don’t want to crab into the bed of your pickup truck or do some gymnastics to get access to your toolbox, this toolbox will be a lot easier for you to use. Because a safe day on the job is a productive day as you can grab your tools at waist height and be ready to work.

You'll be able to work longer and get more done if you're not hurt or exhausted. You’ll be so comfortable that you might even find yourself feeling like working all day.

Just open the doors of the DECKED box and get to work with no time invested on setup, maintenance, or clean-up.


DECKED Tool Box is an extremely lightweight and compact toolbox that increases the payload, saves fuel consumption, and is easy to carry around. It can be installed and removed within minutes by one person without tools. You'll never have to worry about damaging your cargo again because it uses the existing body structure of your truck (no drilling required).

Traditional bulky toolboxes have poor aerodynamics and reduce fuel efficiency. The slick aerodynamic profile of the DECKED Tool Box increases fuel economy and reduces wind noise.


Leave the drilling to your dentist. We engineered DECKED systems to achieve minimal drilling for easy installation and removal.

This engineering principle provides you the flexibility of re-use and preserves vehicle remarketing value. The better built truck tool box parts are attached with brackets and tie-downs for a clean storage system installation.

It’s so easy to install, even if you're a novice, you’ll rock this setup because the DECKED Tool Box comes pre-assembled.

Outfitting trucks of most shapes and sizes with DECKED isn't rocket science. If you can operate a screwdriver and read picture instructions, you'll have your storage system assembled and installed in no time. The dismantling is easy as 1-2-3 and only takes about 15 minutes to remove or reinstall your system.

The DECKED Tool Box does not require any other permanent modification to your truck or van. All necessary tools are in the kit with an installation guide with diagrams, and it comes with everything you need to get started. All you have to do is ride and enjoy.


You need manly materials and modern engineering in this age of heavy-duty hauling. Your truck needs to work as hard as you.

The DECKED Tool Box is engineered from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and high-impact resins with galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcements. HDPE is ideal because of its ultra-resilient and durable properties.

The HDPE co-molded with a steel subframe delivers a truck toolbox with a 2000 lb system payload and 200 lb storage in each drawer. That's a strength-to-weight ratio of ten to one!

Plus, the robust steel armored locking mechanism combined with driver-side lock makes forced entry nearly impossible.

DECKED’s patented better built wheel well tool box securely attaches to your truck's trunk and allows you to take up to 100lbs of tools, emergency supplies, or better built tool box accessories with you on your commute. We made this toolbox to last for years, and carry your tools wherever you need them. This heavy-duty toolbox is built for durability with sturdy materials and old-fashioned craftsmanship.

You don't need crawling into your truck, crouching over, reaching for tools, and getting back out again.


All DECKED Tool Boxes give you the maximum bed surface area along with a 2000 lb payload. So you can stack large items like an ATV, fridge, etc., on top or use it as a flat surface for a sleeping platform.

DECKED is genuinely an engineered, modular, and better built side mount tool box that magically transforms your pickup truck into a versatile, high-performance bed. It increases the value of your van while maximizing interior space, so it surpasses any other better built tool box reviews.

With a 200 lb per drawer load rating and a 2000 lb payload capacity on the deck, DECKED Tool Boxes can take about everything you can throw at it.


The DECKED Tool Box set is 100% recyclable, BPA-free, and odorless. It’s made from HDPE molded to a steel frame.

And guess what? HDPE is 100% recycled, making it an excellent option for environmentally conscious customers. We engineered everything right here in the USA.

DECKED is weatherproof, incredibly durable, secure, and designed to be outside in any environment. The plastic itself is so hardy that we can't even scratch it with a knife or a screwdriver. At only 205-230 lbs, you won't find anything else on the market as lightweight with this level of functionality.

Conclusion Footnotes: Simplicity Fueled by Innovative Design

DECKED is a Tool Box company that is the first of its kind. We are a team of passionate designers and engineers who think that many products out there are too complicated, and we want to change that.

DECKED is proudly engineering the most beautiful, modern, high-quality toolboxes ever seen.

You're an entrepreneur, which means you need to be mobile. You can't afford to spend hours in the garage tinkering with your tools or have to run home from a job site because you forgot something important.

That is why we have started DECKED, a company that creates better built truck tool boxes that are easy to use, work intuitively, and are straightforward to understand.

Today, DECKED is proudly engineering the most versatile, modern, high-quality toolboxes ever seen. Plus, we designed this to be functional and straightforward. As designers and engineers, we build quality into every detail, so every product is designed for strength and durability.

The DECKED Tool Box will help you stay organized, so you do not miss anything important in your life. We have created and invented a new way of innovation. Our goal is to make your life easier and more convenient. We want to help you stay on top of your game, especially when it comes to work-related tasks and making sure you are organized in all aspects of your life.