Want the Best Tool Bag? Here You Go.

Want the Best Tool Bag? Here You Go.



Looking for the best tool bag? Look no further than a DECKED D-Bag. This is one of the best tool bags out there, beating out your best tool roll bag, your best open top tool bag, and your best tool bag with wheels. The D-Bag is simply not your average bag. It’s a versatile, military-grade hybrid soft and hard shell bag designed for DECKED drawers or for using on its own. Ideal for storing, organizing, and transporting everything from tools to the job site to gear to the hunting camp and everything in between, the D-Bag is built to be used and abused.


No matter what occupation you work in, this is the bag for you. We consider it the best electrician tool bag, the best HVAC tool bag, the best technician tool bag, the best tool bag for maintenance jobs, the best tool bag for plumbers, and the best small tool bag out there. It’s also a backpack, so naturally, it will win the award for being the best backpack tool bag.


Let’s dig in.







Upon first viewing, the D-Bag looks like luggage, or a duffle bag, or a fancy computer case. It is the newest accessory from DECKED and is meant to contain all your power tools, all your crescent wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, or whatever you need for your work or recreational activities. It can be a really useful sidekick on a hunting trip along with your rifle and ammo. The D-Bag is about the same size as a DECKED D-Box. It is made of hybrid soft shell/hard shell that is coated with ballistic nylon cloth that won’t rip, won’t tear, and won’t snag. The side panels are 900D coated nylon that are really durable fabric. It is a comfortable bag for you to use. It can be packed full of gear and won’t lose its shape. It stays nice and square and won’t get caught up in DECKED drawers when opening and closing.


The D-Bag looks pretty darn durable. In regard to its construction, the front and back is padded/molded material that is standard, heavy duty, industrial mold. The sides are made of expedition grade water-proof material. Constructed from premium materials, the entire tool bag will house and protect your most valuable assets, giving you peace of mind that they will be safe from damage.


It has number 8 YKA zippers that are double taped with reinforced ridge that are really durable. On each end of the whole bag are aluminum handles that make it easy to grab. The aluminum handles feel very, very solid. Therefore, it can be carried with ease like a briefcase if you want. Under the bottom handle is a convenient place to insert an ID. If you travel with the bag, you can therefore put your name and phone number and feel it could be returned to you if lost.


Also another ingenious feature, the bag has straps that you can adjust and carry the whole thing on your back like a backpack. The straps have an attached sternum strap so it can be a safe and easy walk from your vehicle to the job site. You can carry it with you comfortably wherever you want to go. If you wish, you can nest the straps together and have a space between them and the bulk of the D-Bag to carry a large size pizza or something of equivalent size! If, instead, you prefer to remove the straps, they snap right off and have a carabiner system for convenience. If you are going to carry the bag on your back as a backpack, it has a nice, secure fit. It can tag along with you for a hike!


The D-Bag is meant ordinarily to fit into a DECKED drawer system, so the straps cinch and can be conveniently placed out of the way. No fuss! The straps are very cool and very unique. A lot of design went into them. The engineers thought long and hard about creating another useful feature of the DECKED D-Bag!


Moreover, the straps can adjust to your frame and size when you want to carry the bag as a backpack. They are a very handy feature and are very simple and easy to use. The front and back of the bag are padded and very durable making for a comfortable carry. If you stop to think about it, this bag is fun!






Inside the bag are some really cool components. When you open the lid, there is DECKED’s own D-Rito Tool Roll. This tool roll can be used to store many useful items. It has eight zipper pouches where you can safely store wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, and other vital tools. This entire tool roll can snap out of the lid, and it becomes a fully mobile tool roll package that you can carry with you. It is attached with both velcro and snaps. It is an assembly that is a standard piece of equipment that comes with the D-Bag. Talk about being a neat tool bag!



D-Rito Tool Roll



How do you get into the DECKED D-Bag? Well, it has a zipper pull that works to allow you to open up the entire bag in seconds! When you get to the work site, you can plop it up on a table and open it up and you have an incredible organization that makes it easy to access and work from. The zipper pull system makes everything more secure and anti-theft. But when you want to access the innards, it gives an incredible ability to zip open and voila! Everything’s at your command!


Inside the main compartment of the tool bag is a totally modular storage piece called a duffle bag. It is a bag within a bag. This little useful item is made of heavy duty nylon and can hold such things as a battery charger, a battery, shoes, and boots. It has oversized zipper pulls on its zipper that are easily operated, even while wearing work gloves. The entire duffle bag is a very useful item that you will find to be essential for storing valuable items and that makes the DECKED best tool bag an offering in a class of its own!



Removable Duffle



Another neat feature of the DECKED D-Bag is an interior duffle bag that fits neatly into the D-Bag’s interior. It is a small expedition grade duffle bag that is water resistant. It has foam on the bottom for extra protection and webbing where you can put carabiners. Inside the duffle bag it is pretty darn spacious. There is lots and lots of room. It conveniently locks into the whole D-Bag with snaps. This gives it more security.


As if there were not already ample features to entice a construction worker or hunter to utilize with glee the D-Bag, there is also the main compartment where there is loads of space for tools and other important items.


In short, the DECKED D-Bag is a very durable bag built incredibly well. It has some very unique features such as straps and the way all the components are laid out. It is an especially good and useful product with many possible applications. It fits neatly into a DECKED Drawer System, or it can be used as a stand alone. When placed inside a drawer of the DECKED Drawer System, the drawer can be locked, giving all its components, including one or two D-Bags, extra protection and security. The owner has peace of mind knowing his gear is well protected and secure.





Each DECKED D-Bag comes standard with a removable tool roll and removable duffle bag that snap snugly into the main bag. This is the perfect on-the-go tool bag for anyone looking to have quick and transportable tools. Yes, the D-Bag is the perfect tool backpack for anyone from the wanna-be handyman to the elite professionals, but it can also be used for so much more! You can get creative with how you use your new D-Bag.


It is built to last. Rugged, ballistic cloth coated EVA foam creates a hardshell bag that won’t bulge or get snagged in drawers, while flexible TPU coated rip-stop nylon side panels allow it to expand and collapse depending on what you need to carry. Included with the D-Bag are a removable tool roll and removable smaller duffle bag that provide additional storage and organization.


The D-Bag has many uses for a variety of trades and for a variety of recreational pursuits. It can serve well for electricians, HVAC workers, maintenance men, plumbers, gardeners, mechanics, carpenters, painters, construction workers, and handymen. It can also serve as the loyal companion for campers, skiers, canoists, kayakers, bear hunters, fishermen, and pigeon hunters as well. Its possible applications are limited only by the reaches of the imagination!


One admirable application of the DECKED D-Bag is for containing medical and first aid supplies. This could involve merely placing a small first aid kit into the main compartment, or it could involve devoting much of the space in the bag to medical and emergency supplies. For example, the Red Cross makes a variety of sizes of first aid kits that could conveniently be placed inside the D-Bag main compartment. On the other hand, if you prefer to construct your tailored first aid/emergency kit, that is well possible inside the spacious DECKED D-Bag main compartment.


For a home made first aid/emergency kit, you can place many useful supplies. In addition to your personal prescription medications, other supplies could include the following: alcohol wipes, iodine, gauzes, bandaids, and medical masks such as N95 masks. An assortment of emergency supplies could very well also fit into the D-Bag, such as cold weather clothing (beanie, gloves, goggles,and hand warmers), mylar blanket, emergency compact tent, duct tape, paracord, matches, compact shovel, compact poncho, sunscreen, small knife, tactical flashlight, small weather radio, and metal water bottle.  A compact battery charger and jumper cables could also possibly come in handy and could fit into the D-Bag.


One final use of this marvelous D-Bag is as a gift such as for a service award prize. If you wish, you can fill it with tools and supplies as has already been described, and then give it to the lucky person who has worked for, say, five or ten years in your company. This will serve as a motivator for that individual and for others as well.


As you can understand, the DECKED D-Bag is a highly versatile asset for you or others to carry in your vehicle. It is a ruggedized type of luggage that will last a very long time and will give many years of durable service. It can be used by construction workers, plumbers, and an assortment of other types of trades, even extending into recreational pursuits such as hunters, boaters, and fishermen. The D-Bag can easily carry small firearms and ammunition, as well as fishing gear. These are just a few of the possible uses of this ingenious sidekick that will be revealed to the user as he or she becomes better acquainted with this product offered by DECKED. You will have many happy days and years of company with this proud product by DECKED!