Best Hunting Backpacks on the Market

Best Hunting Backpacks on the Market


The best hunting backpacks in the market


Every hunter understands the need to have the right gear for a successful hunt. But what’s even more important is having the best hunting backpacks to carry everything you’ll need. You’ll want a backpack that gives you comfort, suits your style, and makes your job easier. The best backpacks for hunting will give you value for your money while keeping your truck bed organized.  


This article focuses on helping you find the best hunting backpacks that will suit your needs. Each hunter has unique needs. The best backpacks for elk hunting may not be the best for turkey hunting. Therefore, we have done a thorough research and come up with a list of some of the best-rated hunting backpacks on the market. We have reviewed backpacks in different categories and gone ahead to provide a buyer’s guide, just for you.  


DECKED D-BAG: The best hunting backpack

We know how valuable your hunting gear is. Those guns, bows and other accessories need to be safe, all the time. But that’s not enough. You don’t want to spend a whole hour looking for where you packed certain hunting tools. Instead, you want to spend most of your time doing your job - hunting.


The DECKED D-BAG makes it easy to carry all your gear, keeps your gear safe, and saves you time. If you already have the the DECKED Drawer System or the DECKED ToolBox, you are lucky. The D-Bag is designed to integrate with the two aforementioned. However, it’s still great for solo use. So, whether you are looking for a turkey hunting or deer hunting backpack, then this is the only D-Bag you’ll ever like.

What Makes the DECKED D-Bag an Awesome Hunting Backpack?

DECKED D-Bag is one of the best hunting backpacks


Packing sharp objects inside your hunting backpacks can cause damage. The D-Bag has a tough material to allow you to pack all your sharp hunting gear without worry. It’s equally tough on the outside hence can stand tear and wear. The D-Bag has stood the test of time and durability is the last thing you should be concerned about.


When it comes to storage capacity, this hunting backpack is generous enough. It has a capacity of 2500 cubic inches, allowing you to carefully organize everything you will need. No matter the weight or shape of your hunting tools, this backpack bows to your demands. It retains its shape even after storing different tools.


The other feature that makes this hunting backpack great is its weather-resistant nature. Whether it’s Spring or Winter season, DECKED D-Bag will always be ready for your use and abuse. The versatility of this bad boy is also enviable. You can carry it as a backpack, a briefcase, or a sling bag.


On both ends, it features aluminum handles so you can easily grab it and run when in a hurry. And that’s not all. The D-Bag has a removable duffel bag and a tool roll. You can also buy the D-Rito Tool Roll separately.

Other Hunting Backpacks Available in the Market

In each of these categories, we review at least one of the best hunting backpacks that you can consider.

Best Turkey Hunting Backpacks

Preparation is vital when it comes to turkey hunting. It’s better to carry more than you need than to leave essential items behind. Some of the essentials to put in your turkey hunting backpack include; bows and arrows, shotgun, gloves, face mask, calls, decoys, binoculars, shotshells, knife, hunting license, flashlight, first aid kit, bug repellant, water, and snacks.


As you can see, this is quite a lot to carry. Yet, it’s just a fraction of what you’ll need to haul in your turkey hunting backpack. In addition, you need a backpack that is comfortable, and if it features a seat cushion, the better. You need to sit still and this is difficult when your butt is numb. Silence is also paramount. You want to be sure that your backpack doesn’t produce unnecessary noise that could ruin your adventure.

Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack with Built-in Meat Hauler

Hunting backpack

This hunting backpack comes with a tough, waterproof, and quiet fabric making it a good choice for your turkey hunting errands. It is sturdy, has comfortable straps, and distributes weight fairly. Its dark color palette makes it impossible to notice the hunter.


However, some people find the backpack to be a little bit smaller and others wish it had some extra pockets for organization purposes.

Best Elk Hunting Backpacks

Elk hunting is an occupation as well as an adventure. You might want to carry extras such as a camera or a solar charger for your phone to document your elk-hunting adventure. If you will be staying in the woods for more than a day, you will need an even bigger backpack. The best packs for elk hunting are large enough to accommodate all your hunting gear, are convenient, and, comfortable to carry around.


They should also have a tough fabric that cannot tear easily. Multiple pockets to organize your elk hunting gear are also a plus. A waterproof bag to avoid damaging your gear on rainy days is also a plus.


Kuiu Pro 3600 Full Hunting Pack Kit

The best hunting backpacks in the market

You can either buy the backpack alone, or you can buy it as a full hunting kit. This backpack features a heavy-duty Cordura fabric, robust zippers, and, it weighs only 1lb. If you get the full hunting set, you will take home a carbon fiber hunting frame, backpack suspension, and, hip belt pouches to organize your small hunting accessories.


The wide and soft suspensions are comfortable on your shoulders and they equally distribute weight making your hunting errands easier. If you are looking for the best elk hunting backpack belts, you should consider this backpack. It features an adjustable hip belt for a perfect fit. The full KUIU kit weighs 4 lbs and costs $509.


The only downside of this hunting backpack is that its zippers are quite loud.

Best Backcountry Hunting Backpacks

Backcountry hunting is all fun until you have a bad experience with a backpack. Fortunately, there are backpacks designed for backcountry hunters. They have all the best features for a successful backcountry hunt.

K3 4800 Pack System

The best hunting backpacks


Sometimes hunters are forced to buy two or more backpacks for different times. A hunter may buy a smaller backpack for a one-day hunting trip and a bigger one for a three or more days hunting trip. But with a K3 4800 backpack, it can suit both scenarios. It’s big for a week-long hunting session and can also be compressed for one-day usage. If you ever wondered where the best deer hunting backpacks can be found, look up this K3 model since it’s great for both small and big-game hunting.


It features several pockets where you can store smaller items securely, a wet compartment for wet gear, and a water bladder storage pocket. The pack and its frame are light but strong enough to carry a heavy load. You can carry an elk or two deer in it just in one trip. It can carry up to 250lbs! On top of that, it’s easily adjustable, versatile, and, has a lid design for maximum protection of your tools and hunting gear.


K3 4800 is among the best hunting backpacks 2021 as well as one of the best rated hunting backpacks that you should consider.

Best Bow Hunting Backpacks

While you can always carry your bow in your hands, sometimes you might prefer free hands. If you prefer the latter, then you must consider that when choosing a bow hunting backpack. Because not all backpacks come with a bow attachment. Yet, it’s important to keep your bow safe from damage. Needless to mention how convenient it is to have your hands free especially on rough terrain.


ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Pack

The best hunting backpacks in the market

Gone are the days when hunters had to carry multiple backpacks and extra gear in their hands. Most companies try to make things easier and convenient for hunters by designing backpacks that can accommodate most, if not everything you will need for hunting. This bad boy will keep your bow secure even when you are trekking in the worst of terrains. If you are also looking for the best hunting backpacks with rifle holders, it’s also a great choice.


It features a large front and main pocket, and, shelf pockets so you can easily access your gear. Its padded waist belt increases comfort and has two pockets where you can store more accessories. It also comes with a rain cover and a quiver holder on each side of the backpack.

Best Hunting Backpacks for Women

A quick search on the internet for the “Best hunting backpacks 2015” or even the “Best hunting backpacks 2016” will give you tens of options. This is all good. However, you will mostly get ordinary options that may not fit your preference and needs.


It’s a known fact that women prefer different styles from men. Also, most women are smaller in size and lighter. They, therefore, opt for smaller and lightweight hunting backpacks. Women are also more into design and details such as color. The good news is that there’s something for them too.


The best hunting backpacks for women are made with these aspects in mind. They also consider factors such as the body structure of a woman. When looking out for the best hunting backpacks for women, make sure to go for one with adjustable torsos. The backpack may have all other perfect features but if it doesn’t fit, you’ll never enjoy hunting.


The other option is to measure your torso to give you an idea of the size of your ideal backpack. But if for one reason or the other do not know your torso size or are unable to measure, it’s better to go for a backpack with an adjustable torso.

Women’s Metcalf Backpack

The best hunting backpacks in the market

Mystery Ranch designed this backpack specially for female hunters. It’s built for multi-day hunting but can also be compressed into a hunting day pack. It has a shorter torso that adjusts for perfect fitting and a five-point waist belt for equal weight distribution. It features one main pocket with a lid design and zippered side pockets where you can secure your necessities. Its simplistic design gives it a feminine, yet classy look.

Best Hunting Backpacks under 100$

Yikes! Not everyone has a $700 budget for a hunting backpack. If you are working with a low budget, precisely under $100 in this case, fret not. You can still get a good bargain. For best prices on hunting backpacks, look up on Amazon, eBay or consider buying a used hunting backpack. Yup, you can get a high-quality thrift backpack at a cheaper price.


ALPS OutdoorZ Ranger

The best hunting backpacks in the market

This for you if you don’t need a lot of gear or will just be going out for a smaller excursion. It’s lightweight (1lb) and has a capacity of up to 1,450 cu in. The straps are padded and the pack has one main storage compartment and a front pocket for easy accessibility. It might seem quite basic but for a little under $40, it’s going to get the job done.  

Buyer’s Guide - What to Look for When Buying the Best Hunting Backpacks


A good hunting backpack should fit correctly. If it has all great features but doesn’t fit, your hunting trip will suck. Some hunting backpacks come in fixed sizes while others come in adjustable sizes. If you aren’t sure what your size is, buy a backpack that can be adjusted to fit you. Your torso length should match that of your backpack. Therefore, measuring the length of your torso will also guide you in choosing the best hunting backpack that fits.


The best hunting backpacks in the market

The size of your hunting backpack will depend on what you’ll need to pack for your hunting and how long you’ll stay. If it’s only for one afternoon, a daypack is good enough. But if you have a lot of gear to carry and will be spending a few days hunting in the backcountry, you’ll need to look for a bigger backpack.


Most brands will provide the volume details so you will know what you are taking home. If you are a minimalist, you may not need a large backpack. Other backpacks have also been designed into multi-day hunting packs but they can also be compressed into a hunting daypack.

Ability to haul a heavy load

A hunting backpack is unlike an ordinary backpack. Obviously, you will be hauling hunting gear and meat in your backpack. You need a backpack that can stand heavyweight and still be comfortable on your back. You’ll probably be trekking in rugged terrain and you will need as much comfort as possible all through. The last thing you want is for your hunting backpack to break when walking back to your truck.

Quality fabric

When looking for the best hunting backpacks, go for a light and tough fabric. It should be tough enough to resist tear and wear. Remember that a heavy backpack doesn’t always translate into high quality and durability. A light backpack might be more durable than a heavier one. It all depends on how the backpack is made. Depending on the weather, you might also consider getting a backpack that is water-resistant like the D-Bag. It will not only protect your gear but also keep your load light even in the rain.


Some backpacks will only have one main pocket and a front pocket. Others will have around ten smaller pockets. It all depends on your preference and what you will be packing. If you have accessories that you want to keep separate from other gear, get a backpack with several pockets. A zippered pocket is advantageous if you have small tools that can easily get lost.


The best hunting backpacks in the market

You’ll want to keep things light. The lighter the backpack, the better. However, your hunting backpack should also be sturdy. Being light doesn’t mean it should be low quality.

Suspension system

A great suspension system ensures equal distribution of weight on your shoulders, back, and waist. It gives you comfort and stability no matter the weight of your load.


For most hunters, silence is key. Consider a backpack with a silent material and zippers. Noise can easily scare away your target. You don’t want that.

Additional features

The best hunting backpacks in the market

On top of all the above features, some backpacks come with added features that are quite helpful. For instance, a hunting backpack with a rifle holder might be more advantageous. Look for extras such as a Tool Roll, pouches or even a seat cushion. Hunting needs patience and you want to make it as comfortable as possible.

Where to buy the best hunting backpacks

You have identified the hunting backpack you want to buy. Now you are wondering where to buy it from. Well, that shouldn’t bother you. Just look around the stores near you or simply buy online. You can buy directly from the manufacturing company’s website, or online stores like Alibaba, eBay, Walmart, or Amazon. All DECKED products are available on