Why This Is Your Next Truck Bed Tool Box

Why The DECKED Drawer System Is Going To Be Your Next Truck Bed Tool Box

It doesn’t matter whether you think of it as a “truck bed tool box,” as an “under bed tool box,” as an “in bed tool box,” as a “hidden truck bed tool box”, or a “truck bed slide out tool box.” What matters is the fact that a truck bed pull out tool box like DECKED’s Drawer System will revolutionize the way you use your truck or van.


DECKED drawer system, truck bed tool box with 2 drawers and several smaller tool boxes

Whether your truck is purely a working vehicle, is used exclusively to lug your fishing or camping gear into place, is used to store expensive tools overnight, or whether—like most of usyour usage pattern is “some from column A and some from column B,” you will be amazed by how much more utility, convenience, and security the DECKED drawer system provides.

DECKED drawer system, truck bed tool box with 2 drawers

The DECKED Drawer System Truck Bed Tool Box Organizer

The DECKED Drawer System is far more than a flatbed tool box. It is a bed protector which also provides up to 2,000 pounds of secure yet easily accessible tool and gear storage without sacrificing a square inch of bed space.

The drawers of the system are essentially each independently mounted in bed truck tool box and more. The system ships with a set of dividers, two tool boxes, and a tray which each fit the drawers perfectly. Between these and any other accessories you’d like to purchase, you’ll be able to store and organize a tremendous amount of gear.

Paramedic removing equipment from DECKED drawer system

Perhaps the main difference between the DECKED Drawer System and your basic pickup bed tool box is how easy the drawers make accessing your tools and equipment. Rather than having to climb up into the bed or strain yourself to reach into a bed-spanning tool box, you simply slide out a drawer which is already at truck-bed height. Each drawer slides smoothly even when fully loaded, and locks securely away when not needed.

The DECKED system is more than just a truck bed tool box with drawers, though. It provides an amazing level of protection for your truck's cargo bed – the area of most working trucks which becomes worn and damaged the quickest. Both the drawers themselves and the raised cargo bed provided by the DECKED Drawer System’s top are made of high-density plastic resin, which has been treated to resist UV damage for decades.

Man grilling on tailgate, with 2 bicycles mounted over DECKED drawer system

The new truck bed features a non-skid surface which is easy to move around even in the worst conditions, multiple tie-down points for securing unruly cargo, and of course, weatherproof storage for up to 2,000 pounds of tools, camping gear, hunting gear, fishing tackle, support materials for off-road vehicles, or just about anything else you might need to haul out into the field or worksite. 

FAQ: Is The DECKED Drawer System:

A tool box bed?

Yes. The DECKED Drawer System incorporates a top surface which serves as the truck or van’s new bed, providing easily accessible storage for tools underneath.

A bed rail tool box or side bed tool box?

No, though it is compatible with some bed rail tool box systems. Instead, the DECKED Drawer System mounts at the bottom of the bed itself.

A low profile truck bed tool box?

Yes. The DECKED Drawer System is low-profile, and leaves a significant portion of the truck bed still usable.

DECKED drawer system, mounted in a small van 

A sliding tool box for truck beds, a truck bed roll out tool box, or a truck bed pull out tool box?

Essentially, yes. Both of the drawers in the DECKED Drawer System can be used as sliding tool boxes or to store smaller tool boxes. However, unlike many sliding tool box systems, the DECKED system incorporates a high-impact resin top, effectively duplicating the truck bed.

And in the bed tool box?

Again, this is essentially true. The drawers of the system can be used as a pair of heavy-duty, high-capacity tool boxes.

DECKED drawer system, configured for a smaller truck bed

A small truck bed tool box?

Yes, or rather it can be. The DECKED Drawer System is manufactured in a range of sizes in order to suit trucks and vans of all sizes, as well as to fit perfectly in both short, standard, and extended truck beds. 

A truck bed cover with tool boxes?

Yes, that is certainly one way to describe the system. The drawers can be used as sturdy, high capacity, weatherproof tool boxes, all the while serving as one of the best truck bed covers money can buy. Bed covers are a must if you want to protect the valuable gear you keep in your truck bed. 

An inside bed tool box or under truck bed tool box?

Definitely. The DECKED Drawer System puts a new, high-density polymer bed above your truck or van’s existing bed, and uses the space between to store tools or other gear. It can also be thought of as a “truck bed tool box organizer.”

A utility bed tool box?

Again, definitely. The DECKED Drawer System adds a huge amount of utility to your truck or van by adding tool and supply storage under the bed, while leaving the bed itself essentially clear. Most users find their practical cargo and utility capacity increased rather than decreased.

DECKED drawer system truck bed cover

A plastic truck bed tool box?

Yes, in essence. The DECKED Drawer System is primarily made of high-performance plastic. However, it does incorporate galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcing elements. The tool boxes, tray, and dividers which come with the system are also made of high-impact plastic resin.

An aluminum tool box for truck beds?

No. The DECKED Drawer System does incorporate some aluminum (and steel) reinforcing, but its primary construction material is high density plastic resin. Not only is this resin strong, weatherproof, and protected against UV, but it also contains a high percentage of recycled material.

A tool box bed cover?

Essentially yes. It is a bed cover that incorporates a pair of weatherproof high-capacity tool boxes. The drawers can also be used to store and organize smaller tool boxes or other gear, of course.

An under bed cover tool box?

Yes. The drawers of the DECKED Drawer System slide in under what is essentially a raised and reinforced high-impact resin bed cover. In addition to providing weatherproof, secure storage for tools and other gear, the system protects your truck bed from abrasion and damage. 

Carpenter working with DECKED drawer system truck bed tool box

A truck bed sliding tool box?

Yes, but that is really underselling the DECKED Drawer System. It offers both a raised truck bed cover and a huge amount of sliding storage mounted under the bed protector. But if your primary need is for a pair of truck bed sliding tool boxes, the system definitely incorporates that.

An inside truck bed tool box?

Yes. Each of the drawers in the DECKED Drawer System is an inside truck bed tool box, if you use them that way. You can of course store any kind of gear in the weatherproof, secure drawers, including smaller tool boxes.

A flush mount truck bed tool box?

Not really. The DECKED Drawer System does not mount flush to the original truck bed. That would leave no room for storage. The drawers themselves are said to be “flush mount,” though, as they fit entirely underneath the new truck bed provided by the top of the Drawer System. 

Is The DECKED Drawer System Compatible With My Truck?

Probably. This system can be tailored specifically to the bed dimensions of many of today’s most popular trucks.

Ford trucks:

DECKED drawer system, mounted in Ford pickup

The DECKED Drawer System is a great choice for an F150 bed tool box, a tool box for Ford F150 short bed, a 2020 Ford Ranger bed tool box, a Ford F250 tool box bed, or a Ford F350 tool box bed.

Chevrolet trucks:

DECKED drawer system, mounted in Chevy pickup 

The DECKED Drawer System can also be configured as a Chevy Colorado truck bed tool box, and an in bed tool box for the Silverado. 

DECKED drawer system, mounted in Dodge Ram pickup"

In addition, the DECKED Drawer System also makes a perfect Nissan Frontier bed tool box, a Toyota Tundra bed tool box, a Toyota Tacoma bed tool box, a Dodge Ram 1500 bed tool box, or a Dodge tool box bed. 

DECKED drawer system, mounted in Toyota Tacoma pickup

Why You’d Really Be Happier With A Low Profile Truck Bed Tool Box Like The DECKED Drawer System

I know many of you will have arrived here after googling “truck bed tool box” or “sliding tool box for truck bed.” You might not have been expecting to consider investing in something as extensive as the DECKED Drawer System. However, if you give the system a fair shake, you’ll see how much it could change the way you use your truck or van for the better.

A truck bed pull out tool box is an amazing upgrade all by itself, and the DECKED Drawer System has two of them. Being able to slide the drawer out at waist level is more than just convenient – it is safer and more comfortable. You won’t be stretching to reach something from above your line of sight or maneuvering a step-stool into place to access a high bed-spanning tool box.

Perhaps most importantly, though, you’ll be able to see everything easily. The drawers on the DECKED system pull out completely, displaying all of your gear. No more rooting around to get at heavy pieces stored under other things, and looking back to see your perfectly organized packing job turn into a jumbled mess.

DECKED drawer system, mounted in a large van

An in the bed tool box leaves the new bed surface clear, letting you move about the bed normally. You can place cargo on the DECKED Drawer System normally, even much heavier loads than you might suspect. In short, you won’t be losing any real bed real estate to the tool box. In a taller van or in most pick-up trucks, you’ll never even miss the vertical space.

Can the DECKED Drawer System serve as a small truck bed tool box? Yes, indeed. We offer DECKED inside bed tool box systems for both shorter beds (as with extended cab pick-ups) or for the kind of smaller, narrower beds found in mid-sized vehicles. Both feature the 2-drawer configuration, and both are fully compatible with the cargo and tool organization accessories we sell for the full-bed models.

DECKED drawer system, unmounted, with accessories 

Don’t Sell The DECKED Drawer System Short!

The DECKED Drawer System is no mere “tool box bed cover” either. It does serve that purpose, but where most tool box bed cover solutions open only from the top, the drawers of the DECKED system can be accessed just by dropping the tailgate. You won’t have to unload the cargo stored above them to access the drawers, and the drawers can be pulled all the way out in complete safety, even if the bed is heavily loaded.

The real point of going with a utility bed tool box system rather than a traditional bed- or side-mounted tool box is convenience. You’ll never have to unmount the tool box to make room for cargo that takes up the entire bed. You’ll never have to go back out to the truck on a cold night because you left an expensive and vulnerable tool box exposed in the back. You’ll never have to unload one set of tools or gear to make room for a different set, unless you move around with a truly extensive set of gear!