Owning a Bakflip G2 Tonneau Cover is Great, But You Should Get DECKED To Improve your Pickup Truck Bed Experience

Owning A Bakflip G2 Tonneau Cover is Great, But You Should Get DECKED To Improve your Pickup Truck Bed Experience

I have taken many trips across continental America, and I can attest that pickup trucks have become increasingly common among the young and old alike. And many are agreeing that owning this workhorse of a car is more of a necessity than luxury. You will drive on all roads, pick stuff, haul things, bring your work cargo and gear and do what would otherwise be impossible with your run-on-the-mill everyday car; I mean, pickup trucks are more than utility vehicles.

But what brings convenience comes with a fair share of responsibility as well. Agreeably, when you own a pickup truck, your everyday rides are a junk show; you'd have to wrap your head around the issue of cargo organization and transportation. A Bakflip G2 tonneau cover is one of the many solutions out there. With a promise of managing your truck bed cargo, it has garnered considerable acclaim for its outstanding serviceability. But have you checked out the DECKED Drawer System yet? It is even better, try it out and see for yourself.

We do not dispute the fact that tonneau covers are critical, but as a truck guy, your cargo organization needs may be a bit advanced prompting for something better, like DECKED.


DECKED is the ultimate truck bed cargo organization and management solution.It goes ahead to offer more than just bed capping. You get secure, weatherproof, and top-class cargo storage with seamless access.

What You Need To Know About the Bakflip G2 Tonneau Cover

Since time immemorial, tonneau covers have been used in utility vehicles and pickup trucks to secure tray cargo. Among the popular ones, the Bakflip G2 tonneau cover has been a darling for many and is commonly used to safeguard truck beds against weather and prying eyes.

A Bakflip G2 tonneau cover offers you a sleek tri-fold design, and it will ascertain basic security with its solid aluminum panels. It features a hard frame that somehow prevents dust and water from ruining your gear. Another advantage of a Bakflip G2 tonneau cover is its ability to withstand quite a significant load. Unlike many tonneau covers in the market, a Bakflip G2 tonneau cover will hold up to 300 pounds of weight.

Nonetheless, a Bakflip G2 tonneau cover has its dark side too. Like many other tonneau covers, all it offers is a truck bed covering, nothing more, plus it restricts bed usage somehow —you'd not bring bulky items on your truck tray. And its use is quite cumbersome. You have to roll it over, again and again, to access your stuff at the bed. And If you need frequent access to your gear, it would be such a hassle.

It would be best to have something ergonomic, with better organization, flexibility, and strength like the DECKED Drawer System.

You can integrate DECKED into your bakflip g2 tonneau cover game or you can use it as a standalone cargo organization solution.


What is the DECKED Drawer System, and Why Prefer It to A Bakflip G2 Tonneau Cover?

DECKED is an American Company that manufactures its products in Defiance, Ohio, through rigorous research and design, engineering, and innovation. We use recycled materials to deliver a truck bed solution that looks like it came from this century. Having been conceived in 2013, DECKED has continued to make revolutionary and problem-solving truck bed cargo organization products. DECKED understands the challenges pickup truck guys experience as a result of poor truck bed organization, bad weather, less security, and limited capacity to carry heavy loads when using a tonneau cover. We, therefore, have developed a better solution to give you a transformative experience with your pickup truck.

DECKED Drawer System promises better storage, organization and protection to your pick up truck cargo.


Why Does the DECKED Drawer System Stand Out?

Quality that is Second to None

You have probably experienced or seen good quality tonneau covers, and you are wondering why we insist the DECKED Drawer System is better. Our vision is to manufacture products that beat the conventional truck bed solutions in the market. DECKED Systems have undergone rigorous testing to guarantee a top-class user experience.

The quality of our products comes from 18 months of investigating the suitable material to give our customers an unusually durable system. We use proprietary tools, and our process is extensive, ensuring your product is rigid and weatherproof. We are not building a submarine, but we assure you that water, snow, dust, or debris will not damage your cargo.  

We are proud of our products, and we are confident that the build quality of the DECKED Drawer System will hold up for many years of beating, abuse, and usage. DECKED results from meticulous engineering, precision in design, and months of research. We even guarantee you a limited lifetime warranty that applies to all DECKED products. I believe you get the idea of why we affirm the quality of our products.

It does not really matter what it is you use your truck for, whether field work, technical work or camping, DECKED has you covered.


And you don't have to worry about the damage that comes with direct exposure to UV rays. With the DECKED's UV enhancer, you can be sure your Drawer System will be protected from the sun's harmful rays.


DECKED Locks up Your Cargo Securely Like Fort Knox


Many pickup owners have affirmed that truck bed security is one of the major issues they must constantly ponder over. And manufacturers are out with solutions. I mean, haven't we all heard of a range of pickup cargo storage equipment brands out there boast of unmatched strength and power to keep your truck tray secure? And we have been wondering if they truly understand what they say. At DECKED, our products are military grade. We design our systems with adequate fortification to protect your items from adverse weather and malicious intrusion. Take the Drawer system, for instance; hit it with a clawhammer, use a crowbar for an attempted forced entry, and guess what, it'll stare back at you as if nothing happened. You'd even run your car over the D- Bag, but it will triumph and function just fine.

The materials we use have a reputation for producing high-quality and secure products, but we go beyond the norm. The primary material is high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which creates a robust system that rests on a sub-frame of approximately 40 pounds of steel. We also use aluminum and steel for fortification, especially for the Drawer System. This we do because we do not want to leave anything to chance.    

The only way to access your gear is to open the tailgate, which guarantees that you are the only one who will access your tools or equipment. You cannot blame us if, by chance, you leave the tailgate carelessly open for prying eyes.

If you wish to take more security precautions with your DECKED Drawers, we have you covered. We sell optional Drawer System Locks that will add another layer of protection. The locks will come in handy if you don't trust your tailgate or if it fails to work. In such cases, the Drawer System Locks are a must, and they are easy to install.    

DECKED employs a range of security measures in the design of its products.This is done in the form of high impact materials and a superb locking system to bar forced entry and  elements.

Full Bed Use


One of the significant advantages of our product design is the efficient use of the truck bed. If you own a pickup truck, you probably carry heavy and sometimes tall loads. With DECKED Loading cement, ATVs, timber, or any heavy load will not be a problem.

Our truck bed cargo storage solution guarantees you a 2000-pound payload capacity, which is more than enough for your daily operations. You will not boast of such a load resistance force with a Bakflip g2 tonneau that can only take up to 300 pounds when stretched to the maximum. Our system is convenient because other than the primary DECKED payload of 2000lbs; you have 200lbs more of weight capacity on each Drawer.


If you'd make a quick comparison, you'd note that one of the disadvantages of the Bakflip G2 tonneau cover is the lack of tie-down points. Even with the capability of handling up to 300lb of cargo, you'd still have trouble managing the load. DECKED has speculated all possible cargo management scenarios which have been accounted for in the product design. You will easily tie down your heavy load with CoreTrax tie Downs molded to the system to ensure stability and, therefore, a smooth ride.

Moreover, the DECKED Drawer System boasts excellent ergonomics because the drawers will slide easily to the waist length, and you can operate them with little body strain at normal posture. Additionally, loading a 2000 load does not affect the system's ergonomics. The Drawers will roll in and out smoothly, making access seamless.

The Drawer System ensures that you have maximum bed utility.Every space , corner and platform is designed to hold something giving you the utmost cargo organization capacity.


State of the Art Organization

We all agree that a disorganized truck bed is such a pain in the neck. You can imagine digging through a loose pile of stuff, searching for one particular tool. It is even worse if there are sharp objects in the rubble, not to mention how derailing it can be to your work. The thing with the DECKED Drawer System is that it is carefully researched hence designed to meet needs. With unique inlay design aspects, the product is capable of holding into place a myriad of items, whether big, small, or medium-sized. You would have superb visibility and can track and locate your items with much ease.


The carefully designed, highly-useful kits; including the Drawer Dividers, D-Box, CrossBox, and Drawerganizer, will arrange your cargo in place, thereby enhancing your productivity by guaranteeing just-in-time access whether you are a farmer, a hunter, a carpenter, you name it. You will organize your cargo depending on size, frequency of use, and other preferences and needs. These are not things you'd enjoy with a Bakflip G2 tonneau cover.


A 2000lb payload means you'd carry anything like a half a tone truck on your pick up bed .Add to this a per Drawer payload of 200lb. DECKED is truly made to go to work.


Other products like the DECKED D-bag and the DECKED Tool Box will give you more functionality and organization. DECKED ToolBox is an entire topic, but in short, it as well enhances the organization of your cargo for a better experience with your truck bed. It is our goal that you experience a world where everything you put in the pickup truck has its place.



Easy Installation


The components of our DECKED Drawer System might seem complex, raising questions about installation. The good news is that once you order the system, you will receive it between 5 and 7 days, and you can install it in under 15 minutes. You will be able to install the system quickly, and it will be flawless with the help of another person.

We provide an easy-to-read guide that will direct you to every step of the installation process. You can read here for the instruction set on installing the DECKED Drawer System for all pickup trucks that have come out since 2001. You will have minimal vehicle impact because most models will require no drilling.

While our system is easy to install, we understand that some people will face challenges with the installation process. You can check our installation video here for simple instructions on installing the system. DECKED also has excellent customer support that will care for your needs. Disassembling the system is even easier to accomplish.

installing DECKED is as easy as snapping a finger. With instructional guides embedded  in the package it takes about 30 minutes to assemble and much less to  disassemble the system.

The DECKED Drawer Should be Your Definitive Truck Bed Cover

DECKED offers you the ultimate truck bed storage solution by revolutionizing how to organize your gear. Our DECKED Drawer System's build quality and security are unmatched because we use materials from the future. Invest in a bed storage solution that looks like it came from this century. We hope you can step up your game and make your friends jealous.

Do you need more reasons to invest in the DECKED Drawer System? We offer free shipping to all customers in the continental U.S., which will significantly reduce your budget and save you from the hustle of arranging for transportation. If for some reason, you find a defect with our product, we have a 30-day return policy after receiving the shipment.

DECKED will transform your pickup truck experience with its Drawer system that comes with a D-Box, Crossbox, Drawerganizer, and Drawer Dividers. Visit us on our website and order your Drawer System today.