DECKED Announces National Jobber Day Campaign

DECKED Announces National Jobber Day Campaign

National Jobber Day

Here at DECKED we make truck bed toolboxes , truck bed organizer s and truck bed storage accessories. But we are not normally known for politics, petitions or even speaking particularly politically correctly. But we have recently caught our own flavor of "wokeness". We are launching an awesome campaign to bring "National Jobber Day" to the official National Day Registry. To learn more join us and go to DECKED Jobber Day   !!!

What is a "Jobber"?. Fair question.  A Jobber is the man or woman that works in our stores and shops getting the job done. They are the folks that do the hard work getting your cap installed, your tonneau cover assembled, your lift and suspension dialed and of course, your DECKED system correctly assembled and placed in the back of your rig. They make the pickup truck accessory world run on time. 

These people work their asses off and they deserve a solid fist bump, some recognition and an endless amount of honor and respect thrown their way. So join us in honoring them. Sign the petition! And if you are a Jobber, join us at SEMA! 

At SEMA we will be displaying our truck bed storage system , our truck bed organizer and our truck bed toolbox . All of these awesome truck accessories which make your truck a better hunting truck, fishing truck, construction truck and offroad truck are what the Jobbers install day in and day out. 

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