DECKED Accessories For Chevy Trucks

DECKED Accessories For Chevy Trucks

Back view of a Chevy truck on a construction site. A man is using a DECKED telescope ladder.


At times, obtaining the ideal toolbox and accessories may seem like an overwhelming task. Having your fully equipped truck on the road without the right kind of accessories appears like a major mood spoiler. We at DECKED understand your desire for transforming your vehicle in the best way possible, and we are at your service with all our ideal accessories for Chevy trucks.


The Chevrolet truck, an epitome of features and comfort, is hands down one of the most dependable and tough trucks in the market. But, of course, for a truck-like Chevy, accessories are a must.

What Are All The DECKED Accessories For Chevy Trucks?

A basic Chevy's performance and style can be easily amplified using the right accessories.  They increase your Chevy's practicality, reliability and enhance it's sleek design. And if you're wondering what accessories to buy for your Chevy, we've got you covered.


DECKED brings the widest range of parts and accessories for Chevy trucks. Let's have a look at them.

Chevy Truck Bed Accessories

Equip your Chevy truck bed with accessories from the future, for the future, brought to you by DECKED.


Let's find out in detail all the DECKED accessories for Chevy Trucks.



  1. Decked Drawer System

DECKED Drawer System in Action


Our DECKED drawer system is a must-have when it comes to owning a versatile truck. If you wish to stay organized with your tools and gear while also keeping it weather-safe, we've got your back, buddy.


DECKED’s thoughtful Drawer Box comes with separator boxes and a Drawerganizer to ease your toolbox emergencies. So if you work hard the whole week on your construction sites and aim to participate in hiking trips or hunting on the weekend, then you can easily manage two boxes with different sets of tools and also be weekend ready.


Our tough top withstands up to 2000 pounds and comes with wheel coverage providing more load space. It helps keep your belongings secure under the drawer bed even when fitted. In addition, our drawer keeps your tools and gear sparking and safe, far away from the irritation caused due to dust and water.


There are absolutely no hassles or drilling required in the installation of the drawer or any other accessories, and we ship freely at your doorstep as well. We also have videos for installing accessories on Chevy trucks on our website for all your DIY experiments.


We believe in more productivity with less work; hence we keep leveling up our organization skills. The segmented organization we provide makes you forget crawling underneath the truck bed now and then for taking out accessories. Our Drawer System makes your accessories accessible at waist height while accurately customizing the drawer bed for optimal use.


And our products come with a lifetime warranty! We don't ever leave your hand (not literally) once you are a part of the DECKED Family.


Moreover, your truck needs protection and style, which is why the DECKED Drawer System is many steps ahead of an ordinary tonneau cover. It protects everything inside as well as provides space for storage. As a result, they are a perfect fit for varying levels of functionalities.


  1. Drawerganizer

The Drawerganizer cradles all the stray items strewn about in the DECKED  Drawers, making your organization even better. It fits into the front side, providing convenient organization for tiny equipment, bolts, insect repellent, and electrical tape. The easy-to-grip handle made of high-quality polypropylene makes it easily accessible.


  1. Piecekeepers

DECKED Piecekeepers are resin dividers molded accurately to securely transport your hunting rifles and handguns in your DECKED Drawer. Their T-shaped slots on the sides and padded folds grasp your firearm in the right places for convenient usage. In addition, multi-positional slots in the drawer can be customized according to one's needs.  


  1. D-Bag

A man using DECKED D-bag

The D-Bag is one of the finest gear and tool bags you'll come across. It is a perfect combination of tough shell and soft sided bag when carrying your tools carefully. It is developed specifically for DECKED Drawers and the DECKED Tool Box. It is a combat pick for carrying your camping and hunting tools and small hands tools. Its snag-free design makes it versatile for rough and tough uses while it keeps its shape intact as it stores and transports large pointy goods with ease.


Thanks to the adjustable strap system that comes with this amazing creation, it can be taken as a smart backpack, carried like a sling bag or held like a briefcase. Since it comes with massive army-style hook closures, it snugly fits tool rolls and duffle bags into the bag. In addition, its nylon coating enhances the bag's expansion and contraction abilities.


  1. The CrossBox

DECKED Cross Box opened

The CrossBox is a toolbox that fits seamlessly in the DECKED drawers while maximizing the organization and storage efficiency of the whole setting. It is a modern toolbox invented to complement the drawer and increase its functionality.


CrossBox fits transversely in mid and full-sized broad drawers longitudinally in slimmer midrange drawers when it comes to making its place. It comes in two rough and tough variants of DECKED Blue and Desert Tan, both of which are military-approved and fall under our special category of billet accessories for Chevy trucks. It has an adjustable grip and various grab points for efficient access in the drawer. It comes with an EPDM top seal which facilitates weatherproof storage. It is tough, long-lasting, and is built to take a beating.


  1. DECKED X Pathfinder Survival Kit

The DECKED X Pathfinder Survival Kit is a collaborative venture by DECKED and Pathfinder Survival on Pathfinder's experience of creating high-quality products to use during emergencies.


The kit includes:


  • Mini Inferno Fire discs help you light up the fire in an instant while on a camping adventure.


  • Pathfinder Reinforced Nylon Tarp, a weatherproof covering that helps create four styles of shelters during emergencies. Its durable quality and anchor points grommets make it a must-have in your survival kit.


  • A 550lb Tensile Strength Paracord can be considered a duct tape essential for survival. Carrying a considerable amount of it can help solve many unexpected situations.


  • The IFAK Medical Kit includes bandages and dressings of different kinds, medical tapes, disposable gloves and a tough MOLLE bag. This kit comprises all the essentials to deal with any mishaps with utmost efficacy.


  1. DECKED Tool Box

The groundbreaking design of our newly launched Tool Box comes with a built-in staircase. Although it is compatible with select Drawer Systems, the DECKED Tool Box stands out as unbreakable, which would give a tough time to a seasoned burglar.

  1. Truck Bed, Tail and Top Lights

They light up the inside of your truck bed when off-road and also help your truck bed serve as a lit desk when camping outside.

DECKED Exterior Accessories For Chevy

If going the extra mile to make your truck stand out amongst the crowd excites you, then DECKED accessories are the perfect match for you and your Chevy. For instance, step bars on the sides and back elevate you (literally) and the truck's appearance. Headboard panels, window casings, side and rear mirror covers, and grill shields are also some of the glitzy extras that help your truck make heads turn while it rolls in style.


Fender flares also work wonders in protecting big tyres, and combining them with matching Bull Bars helps protect and elevate your vehicle. Placing the right strip of LED lights beneath the tailgate illuminates the right proportions of the truck body and the road, which aids in backing up. You can also set up grill illuminators for other dazzling vision on your grill.


If you have a personality that speaks for itself, you may also consider customizing your truck with bumper stickers and decals.

DECKED Interior Accessories For Chevy

Now that the external appearance, protection, and organization is taken care of, let us work upon the interiors of your truck. The newly launched luxury trucks are nothing like the oldies that our grandfathers drove. A heavy base, luxury seating, and comfort is the new way our Chevys roll now.


Updating it with all the latest accessories is necessary when driving a truck like Chevy. Keeping it minimal yet chic is the goal, and guess what? We have your back on this.


Using our flawless fitting floor liners can be considered a smart move if you are a heavy-duty user. Also, since your seating attracts the most attention and usage, it is an excellent practice to cover them in an aesthetic that matches your truck.

DECKED Performance Accessories


Let's have a look at the DECKED performance accessories that enhance your Chevy's performance.


  • Splash shields are more than just aesthetic; they block mud from splattering and come under our category of chrome accessories for Chevy trucks.


  • Winches aren't used much, but they are extremely useful while they are. You'll have to clean a roadway or pull a pal out of the muck, however, at some time. It's only a matter of time before something like this occurs.


  • Regular tires are excellent, but many vehicle owners want a little over the bar excitement. So when you're planning to get some action via off-roading, you probably could use some high-quality and specialized all-terrain tires.

Why DECKED Accessories Are An Ideal Choice?

A Chevy Truck with DECKED drawers and other accessories


Your truck isn't a showpiece on the pavement and should be forever ready to roll on the road with perfection. That’s why we at DECKED bring our custom accessories for Chevy trucks with varied features for you. Hence, whether it's getting hold of duct tapes or cables or just having a hand on the tools, you don't need to search for those under the seats or the whole truck. You can stack them in the DECKED Drawer System or Toolbox, and you are good to go.


From organization to exterior appearance, DECKED has every accessory required to amp up your Chevy’s performance and style. We at DECKED bring you perfectly thought out products keeping in mind all the possible ways we can assist you.