Ultimate 2021 Ram 1500 Accessories: DECKED Truck Toolboxes

Ultimate 2021 Ram 1500 Accessories: DECKED Truck Toolboxes


The 2021 Ram 1500 is a heck of a truck and one of the most important accessories for a heck of a truck is a heck of a truck toolbox. There are a lot of options out there, but there’s only one you should consider: A DECKED truck tool box is an accessory worthy of a 2021 Ram 1500.


See, the Ram 1500 is tough. It’s built to perform under the worst conditions. A truck like that is going places and those places aren’t exactly the county fair. (Okay, they might be going to the county fair, but they’re probably hauling prize livestock or a giant pumpkin or maybe the ferris wheel, you get the drift).


You got that 2021 Ram 1500 and you want to do more than film Youtube videos hollering in the front seat. You got a serious truck and you want to do serious work. So you might want the heated seats and the Bluetooth and maybe even enough room for the kids or dogs, but the most important accessory for your truck is a good truck toolbox.


There are a lot of options for a toolbox to go in your Ram 1500, that’s true, but you didn’t skimp on your truck. Don’t cheap out on a cheap toolbox that gets full of water, gets bent out of shape, or gets stolen.


Get a DECKED truck toolbox. Your truck is sexy, your toolbox should be also.


A worker uses a ladder to access the DECKED Truck Toolbox

DECKED Truck Tool Boxes are Tough


The 2021 Ram 1500 is a truck that’s built tough. You put a cheap toolbox in that, you’re basically defacing a masterpiece. Like putting a mustache on the Mona Lisa. DECKED Truck Toolboxes are as tough as Fort Knox, since there’s gold in that there toolbox. Your tools are your job and your job is your life. That’s how you buy more tools.


The DECKED Truck Tool box is built with injection molded high impact polymer resin paired with galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcement. Those sure are all words, aren’t they? The point of all that fancy talk is they are impact resistant and won’t ding, dent, or rust. Did you know almost 50% of aluminum toolboxes show up dented? With a DECKED toolbox, you don’t pay for the dents, because there aren’t any.


You might say the DECKED Truck Tool Box is the ultimate accessory because not only does it hold your most important stuff, it keeps them snug and dry. Your Ram 1500 might be punching through a nasty storm on your way to a call–because that’s always the way, ain’t it?--but your tools and other goodies are going to be completely dry. Heck, they’ll probably be drier than you are.


DECKED Tool Boxes are molded, not welded. The lid and tub are seamless, which means there’s nowhere for water to sneak in. Since they don’t rust, there’s no holes that are going to let in all the nasty weather. There’s a special gasket that means the lid seals tightly so no water is coming in that way.


In fact, each DECKED Tool Box has a special lip so when the lid comes down, the lip is a rain gutter, channeling that water away from the toolbox. It might go onto you, but it’s probably cheaper to replace you than everything in your tool box. The steel and aluminum hardware are anti-corrosion treated so, nope, no water coming in that way either.


Heck, even when the toolbox is open, there’s a bub seal and gasket around the entire lid just in case water gets any ideas.


Cheap truck toolboxes for your 2021 Ram 1500 can sag and bend, but the DECKED Truck Tool Box is built tough enough that it won’t bend or sag when you throw a day’s worth of tools in the back. We test it at 180 degrees and even -5 degrees with 500 pounds of stuff in the back and there are no issues. Even bumping down a mud road in a hailstorm, your tools will be nice and secure. It keeps your gear bone dry, even when you are soaked to the bone.



DECKED Tool Boxes Are The Accessories With Accessories


When you bought your 2021 Ram 1500 pickup truck, you were making a personal statement. Whether it was shiny and new or beat up and well used, your truck says a little about who you are and what you do. Why wouldn’t you want to make it a little more personal? So if you like the idea of an almost waterproof, almost corrosion proof truck toolbox, well, you might be wondering what else there is.


Each DECKED Tool Box comes with a D-Box, which is a smaller box that hangs in place within the tub itself. This is a great little box for the stuff you need right away. Oh, and that D-Box? It’s also weatherproof, just like the big toolbox.


If you’ve got some really little stuff–or you picked up some pork rinds when you stopped for lunch–the Tool Boxes also come with a handy little snack tray for small tools, random gear, or a tasty and refreshing midday snack. Hey, we don’t judge.


When you bought that 2021 Ram 1500, you probably had a few thoughts about carrying things in the bed. Now you might be saying that this toolbox sounds like a fine idea, but the point of a truck is hauling stuff. That’s true! And that’s why the DECKED Truck Tool Box comes with pre-installed tie-downs to secure large cargo. We wouldn’t leave you hanging. And you wouldn’t want to leave that sofa hanging. The wife’ll kill you if it falls out on the highway.


That’s not all. Maybe your Ram 1500 is one of those that’s more like a monster truck, lifted and elevated with giant tires, and that’s a lot of fun to drive, but at the end of a long day with your back and knees aching, you don’t want to have to climb back in the bed just to get that one wrench you need so you can go home.


Fear not, intrepid climber. DECKED Truck Toolboxes offer an optional integrated ladder. These babies are made from 6000 series aluminum and drop all the way to the ground, even on a lifted truck. It’s a stepladder that integrates with the toolbox so it’s easier to get in there and find the darn thing you need but won’t blow out a knee jumping out of the bed on the way back down.


Best of all, it doesn’t take up any space within the toolbox itself, it fits real nice underneath, so you have plenty of room for your tools, get to drive a cool truck, but also get to still have working knees. Nothing to complain about there.


If you decide to pass on the ladder, that’s okay. And if, one day, you’re looking up at the truck bed way up in the sky and wonder if you made a mistake, you did not. You can always buy the ladder separately. We like you to have options.


If that’s not enough, there are special bags and boxes for holding more of your stuff and keeping it organized, an emergency kit in case that shortcuts gets a little too hairy, oh, and it’s compatible with the DECKED Drawer System, which adds a whole new level of organization to your truck tool situation.


But tie down the couch, trust me, that thing comes off on the highway and you will hear about it.


Trucks aren’t the kind of vehicle you trade in every few years. You might be using your 2021 Ram 1500 when cars are flying on the moon. Heck, it might be you building the base on the moon before the flying cars get there. The point is you bought a truck to use it for a while and a cheap toolbox isn’t going to last that long.


DECKED Truck Tool Boxes are the 2021 Ram 1500 accessory that will last just as long as your truck. They come with a lifetime warranty just in case anything happens that it can’t handle, though it’s hard to think of anything offhand.


It’s not just the toolbox as a whole, though, it’s the little things. The gas struts use a torsion system powered by spring steel and torsion bars last forever. The lid might be a beefy 30 pounds, but those struts keep it open and also keep it from biting your fingers. Your hands may be aching and you don’t need a pesky toolbox deciding to take a bite out of them. If only your hands came with a lifetime warranty.


The inside of one of the accessory boxes for the DECKED Truck Toolbox./



DECKED Truck Tool Boxes Keep Your Accessories Secure

Nothing is worse than spending a bunch of money on tools and cool stuff only for some ne’er-do-well to nick them. Your tools are how you get work done and that’s how you buy more tools to put in your toolbox. It all makes sense and then someone comes along and steals it. That’ll put a real damper on your day.


The DECKED Truck Tool Box is impossible to break into with a pry bar. All those space age polymers and molded lips and whatnot keep the rain off your precious tools, that’s true, but they also keep your tears from falling when someone makes off with those expensive tools. The tub-lid interface on the DECKED Truck Tool Box makes it hard to even get a pry bar in place to start prying, not that it does them any good.


They can try going after the tub itself, but don’t let the whiz-bang construction words fool you. The tub is reinforced with steel for even more stability and security.


They can try the locks, but the locks are armored. That and the driver side lock make forced entry almost impossible. I mean, who knows what they come up with? Stealing tools sounds like so much work it’d be easier to just get a job.


The enterprising thief might decide to just steal the whole darn tool box. Well, it turns out that’s not going to work either. The lid has to be open to remove the tool box from the bed of the truck and to do that, they need to get it open, which they won’t be able to do.


DECKED takes care of our owners, though, and keeping the toolbox so secure that even you can’t get into it is going a little bit far. We know sometimes things get misplaced, which is why the DECKED Truck Tool Box comes with two keys. Try and keep one safe, though.

Man secures dirtbike to DECKED Truck Toolbox


DECKED Truck Tool Boxes Make Life Easier


Accessories can be a hassle. Everything you put on that 2021 Ram 1500 seems to have more wiring and gadgets and geegaws than you can shake a thingamajig at. We’ve already talked about the organization and that will definitely save you a few gray hairs. But let’s talk about the install.


Everyday truck toolboxes are big, heavy things and somehow you’re supposed to get them up in the truck, then there’s all the drilling, then there’s wondering if you got it right, and sometimes the instructions were written in the language of little green men. You’re not even on the moon, how can you be expected to speak alien, right?


Point is a DECKED Tool Box is the ultimate accessory because it makes your life easier and that includes the install process. It takes 2 minutes and uses a bracket and bolt system. All you do is thread it in, then use a power tool and it grabs a bed rail to install. It doesn’t require drilling. We can’t promise it won’t involve some swearing, but it’ll take a lot less than most, that we’re sure of. It uses 4x clamps to grab onto that bed rail and that’s it. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything was that simple?


Maybe ask the aliens about that, come to think of it.


A worker rummages in his DECKED Truck Toolbox