Get DECKED: GMC Sierra Accessories 2021

Get DECKED: GMC Sierra Accessories 2021


So you’ve finally got your GMC Sierra. Well, experts already agree that they’re one of the best-looking trucks in the market. The 2021 GMC Sierra is a mid-sized truck that offers plenty of power and capability, along with distinctive styling. Some might call it kickass. Some might call it Betty. Or Henry. Whatever the case, it’s never too late to enhance your driving experience with a list of some incredible 2021 GMC Sierra Accessories. For that, the market offers a large variety of accessories that you can install in your truck to make it more efficient, convenient, and to make your ride seriously more productive.


Over the last four decades, GMC has improved its already popular truck line by adding more style, power, and amenities. The GMC Sierra is one of the best-selling trucks among all midsize trucks. The competition includes Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Ram 1500, and Toyota Tundra.


GMC Sierra- What you need to know

GMC is a General Motors division formed in 1900 in Detroit, Michigan. The company has expanded over the years to sell many other vehicles, including medium-duty trucks, SUVs, and vans. GMC sells over 3 million vehicles each year, with approximately 90% coming from the North American Market.


GMC had a vital role during the First World War and supplied the armed forces with vehicles for use. GMC has played a huge role in the U.S. market and Canada, Mexico, and some other international markets.


The GMC brand has also been responsible for some popular car models, including the Terrain and Yukon SUVs and the Yukon Denali. The 2019 GMC Sierra is the first full redesign of this popular truck since 2013. GMC put a lot of emphasis on making the truck look sleeker and more premium than previous trucks.


The updated styling offers everything from simple color options to chrome trim and a body kit. You can now get an all-blacked-out model that is even more intimidating than previous models.


GMC Sierra and its History

The GMC Sierra is a legendary truck to many truck enthusiasts worldwide. This model has come a long way since first introduced in 1962. Over the past four decades, GMC has improved and evolved its popular models by adding more style, power, and amenities.


The company has tried to keep the same core building blocks of a classic truck but adds new features that appeal to specialized buyers. The Sierra is a compact truck that is big on power but small on size. This unique vehicle has been around for over a half-century and looks to maintain its popularity.

Concepts and Developments- Key features

Over the years, many concepts and developments took place to help make the Sierra today. In 2005, GMC introduced a truck with an all-new concept that included a new body style, interior, exterior, and a powerful diesel engine. This truck was even equipped with a six-speed transmission that allowed the engine to achieve peak power faster than ever before.


This truck leads to the production of many high-end and luxury models. In the end, this concept helped shape the new generation of Sierra trucks. Since then, the company has started manufacturing luxury versions of its popular truck line.


In 2015, GMC announced a new version of their Sierra Denali Truck, which uses aluminum in the body, the engine block, and the transmission case. For 2021 the Denali also employed a turbocharged 6.2-liter V8 engine. This truck can produce up to 420 horsepower and 460 pounds of torque.


Top 9 2021 GMC Sierra Accessories you should not miss out!

GMC has several accessories available for the new Sierra, but they're not that practical to suit the premium GMC trucks. A third-party company that offers useful accessories can be preferred over the stock options.


That’s where we come in. One such company that offers the best-in-class accessories is DECKED. We offer only high-quality functional parts and accessories for GMC Sierras of all types. The premium accessories are designed and built by the industry leader in aftermarket auto parts. Their best accessories are mentioned below:

1. DECKED Truck Drawer System

The DECKED Truck Drawer System from DECKED is one of our most popular products. The system provides 30-percent more storage space while taking up less space than a standard tool box.


The DECKED Truck Drawer System is made with superior quality heavy-duty materials that are built to last. The drawers are fully lined with a soft material that protects the contents from damage. The easy push-button mechanism makes opening the drawers a breeze.


The image shows DECKED drawer systems for trucks

2. DECKED Truck Tool Box

The DECKED Truck Tool Box from DECKED is perfect for trucks that need a lot of extra storage space. The sturdy rubber feet protect the truck from scratches, and the powder-coated steel construction is built to last. The box has been made with commercial-grade ABS plastic to ensure durability. The tool box even comes with ample storage space for all of the tools you need.


It is an excellent combination of durability and convenience. It is a low-profile tool box ensuring the rear visibility is not affected. It even comes with a weatherproof seal that keeps everything inside the box safe and dry. It has a payload capacity of 2000lbs, and the Tool Box can be installed in less than 30 minutes.


3. DECKED Tool Box Ladder

The DECKED Toolbox Ladder is a great accessory that can be useful for many different jobs. It is designed to fit onto standard truck workbench tool boxes and storage bins. The ladder can be mounted without any tools, and the non-skid pads will keep it in place.


It can be used for many purposes, including reaching those hard-to-reach places under the hood of your car or in high places that are tough to reach with a standard ladder. It is made from 6000 series aluminum with a strong anodized finish protecting it from rust.


The image shows DECKED tool box with DECKED ladder

4. DECKED x Pathfinder Survival Kit

The DECKED x Pathfinder Survival kit is a must-have if you plan on going off the beaten path in your truck. The kit comes with classic survival items such as a flashlight, water pouches, and even a rope. There's also a fire starter in the kit that can start a fire even in wet conditions. It comes with everything you may need if you get into trouble when out on the road.



5. DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit

The DECKED x Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit is a perfect addition to any vehicle. It comes with several survival items that can be used in dangerous roadside emergencies.


The kit includes an emergency blanket, a couple of tools, and even a first aid kit. It is best suited for the GMC truck but can fit easily into your glove box for easy access. Thanks to powerful magnets, it will perfectly hold the items in place even on bumpy roads when you need them most.

The image shows a DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit

6. Piecekeepers

Piecekeepers are designed to keep all of your car and truck tools in one place. The tool organizer can also be used with the DECKED Drawer system to provide you with more storage space. The tool organizer has been made with high-quality materials to protect the driver's belongings.

7. DECKED Drawerganizer

The DECKED Drawerganizer is designed to fit perfectly in your GMC truck drawer system. It has been designed to perfection with the standard tool box and is installed in less than 30 minutes.


The DECKED Drawerganizer has been made with high-quality rubber feet that do not scratch or dent the truck. The high-quality ABS plastic is also weather resistant and will hold up through all seasons and even heavy use.


 The image shows a DECKED Drawerganizer

8. DECKED Core Trax 1000 tie-down tracks

The DECKED Core Trax 1000 tie-down tracks are their best accessories for truck work. The tracks are made with a durable powder-coated silver and aluminum construction that will keep your load secure at all times.


There is no need to worry about the load shifting while you drive since the heavy-duty bolts on each corner hold it securely in place. The Core Trax 1000 tie-down is also designed to be perfectly compatible with all other Core Trax systems from DECKED designed for work trucks, trailers, and more.

9. DECKED Cross Box

This product was specifically tailored for the Drawer System. However, it can also be used on other tool boxes. The DECKED Cross Box has been made to fit perfectly in your truck drawer system and can also be used with other tool boxes available on the market. It will hold up to 35 lbs of tools and other needed items at the job site.


The image shows a DECKED cross box

Wanna know more about DECKED?

DECKED is a leading provider of aftermarket auto parts and accessories, specializing in providing high-quality auto parts and accessories for GMC's. DECKED products are designed and built by seasoned mechanical engineers and automotive enthusiasts.


They manufacture durable products that are high in quality, functionality, are easy to install, affordable, and come with top-notch customer support. DECKED offers its complete line of products on its website. All products are displayed with great pictures, diagrams, and descriptions.


The categories that organize their products can be selected by category or by type of vehicle. The most popular items are at the top, so you can quickly get to your favorite items. The primary focus of DECKED is to manufacture products that will strengthen and improve the truck driver's experience. They believe that their products should be designed with durability in mind. The company also believes that its products should be affordable so all truck drivers can access them.


Here’s why DECKED is the best user choice?

1. DECKED is Easy

DECKED products are easy to use and install, which ensures less time messing around with confusing instructions. Anyone can install a DECKED tool box and other accessories without any additional tools. The same goes for maintaining or cleaning the parts.


Our company designed them to be accessible, easy to clean and maintain. This is why our brand has become the leading supplier of aftermarket accessories for trucks in the USA.

2. DECKED is Forever

DECKED is a company that believes in quality and individuality. We have prioritized manufacturing their products with durability, guaranteeing the lifetime usability of the products. We promise that you will love the DECKED products for years to come, even after continually using them on the road.

3. DECKED prevents environmental degradation

DECKED products are made up of top-grade materials, which ensures that they are practically impossible to break or wear out over time. Our brand has made it a priority to manufacture its products with sustainable materials, which makes them eco-friendly. They are also designed to be recyclable and will not pollute the environment if disposed of correctly.

4. DECKED is Affordable

DECKED products are affordable for car and truck owners. Our brand has made it a priority to manufacture its products with integrity and quality. We know that the best quality is worth the money.

5. DECKED is American

DECKED is 100% made in the USA. We are proud to design, manufacture and complete all of our products in the USA.


Our brand has made it a priority to hire American workers and purchase materials from local suppliers. We believe that by manufacturing our products in the USA, we will build stronger relationships with our employees and with our customers. Join us and see the DECKED difference.

What are you waiting for?

The 2021 GMC Sierra is a great alternative to the current model. It will be 500 pounds lighter, stronger, and more aerodynamic. The new modifications also need accessories such as a new tool box that will help keep all of the tools and accessories organized.


The tool box should be easy to install so that if the dealer is rough with it, you can take 10 minutes to fix it back to shape. DECKED has been a great company for GMC and is currently the leading aftermarket accessories for GMC trucks. Purchasing DECKED products symbolizes contributing to a company with strong values that produces high-quality products and is made in the USA.