Choosing Your 2021 Ford F150 Accessories

Choosing Your 2021 Ford F150 Accessories

Choosing Your 2021 Ford F150 Accessories


It’s true, driving a 2021 Ford F150 makes you feel good. Filling your shiny truckbed with dirty tools doesn’t look so great, which is why you’re probably thinking about your tool box and storage options. This maneater of a truck is understandably popular in the US, and that means you have a huge choice of 2021 Ford F150 aftermarket accessories to pick from.


No matter how comfortable, capable, or downright awesome your new Ford F150 is, you can still customize it. The first step to finding the most practical add-ons? You need to figure out which accessories suit your needs – and still look good.


Do you need to make the most of the space with smart storage solutions? Is security a priority if you’ll be storing tools? Maybe you just want something that’s going to look good and keep things tidy. You’re in the right place, as we’ll go through the Ford 2021 F150 compatible accessories we can offer at DECKED.


If you’re ready to make your new truck even more functional while looking sharp, read on for our recommendations.

Man packing truck bed using DECKED drawer system


What Are Your Options For 2021 Ford F150 Accessories?

The Ford F150 has it all, including good looks and utility. We know you want to fit your truck with smart storage that can handle daily use and still look like it comes from this century. If you’re hunting for clever design and 100% made-in-the-USA accessories, here’s what we suggest.

Truck Tool Boxes

Most loose tool boxes add to the clutter in the back of your truck, and the bigger they are the less convenient it is to access what’s inside them. The DECKED Tool Boxes are the only tool boxes we know of that offer easily accessible storage that is virtually indestructible and thief-proof.


No dings, no dents, no rust when you use a DECKED Tool Box in the back of your truck. Totally waterproof and secure, these tool boxes keep your tools bone dry even if you’re wet to the bone. The DECKED Tool Box is molded, not welded, so the lid and tub are seamless with an EPDM gasket to seal it tight when the lid is shut. Believe it or not, the DECKED Truck Tool Box makes forced entry pretty much impossible to – our lock and latch system is touch enough to make a crowbar cry. We know, we tried.


Your Ford F150 won’t just look the part, once you mount a DECKED Tool Box, it’ll give you the functionality your basic truck bed can only dream of.


If you're like us, your priority is to make sure your truck tool box is easy to access above all else. What’s the point in having a tool box if you can’t get to it comfortably? Our DECKED Tool Boxes can come with an optional built in ladder that simply drops to the ground and uses a telescope action to pack up and fit right back inside the DECKED Tool Box.


Sure you can get some other ladder, we won’t hold it against you, but our unique ladder option doesn’t take up any extra space and fits neatly back inside without any hassle. Say goodbye to crawling around in your truck bed like a ‘gator. Access your DECKED Tool Box with ease and speed.

DECKED tool box in production


DECKED Drawer System

Your Ford F150 truck bed just got an upgrade. Ever dreamed about storage the full length of your truck bed? The DECKED Drawer System runs segmented drawers on the bed of your truck. Simply pull out the drawers to quickly access all of  your most important gear.


Cut out the time you waste searching through bulging tool bags for one little thing. Reduce the time wasted in little moments like this and that translates to better productivity if you’re storing tools on the job. With full-bed length custom builds, our DECKED Drawer Systems make the most of every inch of your available space. When we say every inch, we mean it.


Continue to use your full bed with DECKED Drawer Systems fitted. You can still haul big and bulky items on top of your drawer deck while simultaneously unlocking storage underneath. We know once you get these fitted, you’ll watch with a smile as your gear slides out easily at an accessible height.


The full-bed drawers keep your belongings safe and secure too, keeping them out of sight and locked up tight.


Like the idea of a DECKED Tool Box and a DECKED Drawer System together? No problem. The DECKED Drawer System is compatible with our DECKED Tool Box on most full-size 8’ Ford F150 truck beds. Why not get the best of both worlds and maximize your storage?


Ford truck on construction site



Here’s the thing – you might not want to stop at those first two suggestions. Both the DECKED Tool Boxes and the DECKED Drawer Systems come with plenty of accessories as standard, free of extra charge.


For starters, the DECKED Drawer System comes with a D-BOX Desert Tan, a DRAWERGANIZER, the Crossbox Desert Tan, and two Wide Drawer Dividers. That’s plenty for you to get started with in terms of 2021 Ford F150 interior accessories, whatever you’re packing into your truck.


With the DECKED Tool Boxes you get one of our trusty blue D-Boxes along with a Snack Tray, again at no extra cost. We do that because we know you probably want to get organized as soon as you’re fully DECKED out.


Of course, if you’re not so sure where to start with accessories, it’s useful to think about exactly what you want to store and transport in your truck. For example the PIECEKEEPERS we offer are compatible with the DECKED Drawer System and makes hunting trips a breeze. Safely and securely store your firearms. These are designed for most traditional sizes of shotguns and rifles, and 100% made in the USA.


Man packing truck bed with tool box in foreground



Benefits of DECKED Accessories

You don’t buy a 2021 Ford F150 just to throw your equipment in the back and drive off into the sunset. Well, maybe you do, but you’d probably regret it pretty quickly when your gear is stolen, damaged, or downright difficult to find in a heap of tools.


That’s where we come in to give you the advantage of what we’ve learned through straight up experience and real world design improvements.


Using DECKED accessories, the first benefit you’ll notice is how life-proof they are. Our DECKED Tool Boxes and DECKED Drawer Systems are built to last, using molding techniques to manufacture each unit, not fabrication. This makes everything sturdier, stronger, and tougher than you’d expect from the average truck bed tool boxes or even home made bed drawers (we’ve seen a few in our time).


You can say goodbye to thievery as well. You’ll start to wish someone would try getting into your DECKED Tool Box just so you can watch them struggle. The tub-lid lock mechanics mean there are less points at which thieves can try to insert pry bars. With just one lock multiple latch points are secured.


Ford truck on dirt path surrounded by trees



If you’re concerned about lengthy installs or figuring out how to secure them yourself, don’t worry. The DECKED Truck Tool Boxes and DECKED Drawer Systems are easy to install with no assembly required for the DECKED Tool Boxes. Not only that, they’re shipped to your front door for free. Pretty sweet, right?


Last and definitely not least if we’re talking Ford F150 accessories 2021 – your DECKED accessories are going to be tough but still look good. Keep things organized and neat and never worry about dents or rusting. Our accessories are there for the long-haul with a modern, up-to-date finish that suits any style.


Ford truck on mountain overlook


Why Choose DECKED Instead Of Genuine Ford Parts?

The Ford F150 sells in mass quantities in the states, and it’s because we love them so much. Nonetheless, it’s not going to be one-size-fits-all for every truck owner. Some folks will want all the accessories, some will want the bare minimum. Ford of course does its best to cater to its enormous customer base, but it’s fairly certain that the F150 design and standard accessories won’t be enough for everyone.


We get it. Ford’s engineers are focused on making a truck that appeals to the majority, so they can sell more F150 vehicles overall. The drawback of that is that a lot of people are ending up with a truck that isn’t quite right for them. Ford isn’t likely to waste resources on accessories that don’t sell well, so that probably won’t change.


Ford truck in snowy woods



Everyone needs something different from their truck, though. Some use their Ford F150 for work, some for play. It just means you’ll need to spend some time and money to get the truck you really want.


That’s where DECKED aftermarket accessories come in. Our 2021 Ford F150 bed accessories were created because we saw what truck owners wanted – and that’s better, more secure storage for their truck beds.


Some cheap aftermarket accessories you’ll find for your Ford F150 might not be that great or reliable, so it’s important to do your research and even ensure you’re able to build out the accessories yourself to your own specifications.


Aftermarket accessories aren’t all created equal, that’s for sure, but there are some great options for every requirement. When you’re choosing which DECKED product to get, keep your end goal in mind. Do you want cleaner organization for your valuable work tools? Are you an avid truck camper wanting more space to pack out gear? Whatever your needs, there’s a DECKED solution for you.


Man packing a DECKED drawer



Remember, consider your options carefully. The DECKED Truck Tool Boxes are ideal for maximizing storage space but keeping things out of sight and locked tight. The DECKED Drawer Systems can give you incredible deck capacity and store smaller things away below. Everything at DECKED is engineered and manufactured proudly in the USA and comes with a lifetime guarantee – because we make tough products we believe in.


Your Ford F150 might not have the space you want it to yet, but buying aftermarket accessories from DECKED will get you the secure, waterproof, and undoubtedly good lookin’ storage.


Just like you, we think a great truck deserves tool boxes and accessories that look just as good. That’s why we think you’ll appreciate the attention to detail in our DECKED Tool Boxes and DECKED Drawer System ranges, especially if you’re looking for the best accessories for 2021 Ford F150 trucks.



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