Ford F-150 Accessories To Improve Truck Bed Storage

Ford F-150 Accessories To Improve Truck Bed Storage

The F-150 series is one of the most popular pickup trucks in America, and it's a great all-rounder vehicle that can do everything from hauling your cargo around to taking you on long road trips.

Since 1970, Ford has been all about power, performance, and ruggedness. The F-150 has been around since 1975, and as time went by, Ford added more features to make this truck even better.

What makes this model so great is its versatility. It can be used as both an SUV and a pickup. The engines provide excellent performance while being fuel-efficient. Other features include automatic transmissions, air conditioning, cruise control, four-wheel disc brakes, dual exhaust systems, tilt steering column, and much more.

In addition to all this, other benefits come along with owning a Ford vehicle, such as low insurance premiums, high resale value, and many discounts at partners and dealers.

Many F-150 accessories exist to secure truck bed storage for your Ford F-150. The DECKED Drawer System provides protection and organization, tonneau covers preserve the truck's sleek profile, and bed steps that allow you to stay safe while loading or unloading items.

F-150 owners: Take note. This is for you. For the best experience while buying Ford F-150 truck bed accessories, pick DECKED Drawers to take your truck to new heights of style, performance, and customization.

No matter if you've got a 2017 or 2020 F-150, DECKED has got a storage solution for your truck bed. Let’s find out how the DECKED Drawer System can give you added space without losing precious space in your truck bed.

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Introducing the DECKED Drawer System for F-150 Truck Bed

The Ford F-150 truck bed is one of the best truck beds in history. It’s roomy, versatile, and one of the best-selling trucks on the market. However, there’s one thing that could make it even better: an organized truck bed storage system.

We love our pickup trucks. But we hate the clutter and mess in the back of our pickup trucks beds. When you're on the road, it's easy to misplace your tools when you're using them, or you can face difficulty searching for them.

DECKED Drawers allows you to finally ditch the frustration of low-hanging toolboxes, flimsy drawers, and wasted spaces. Its ergonomic handle makes it easy to pull our toolboxes to your waist height to access them at any time quickly.

DECKED Drawers allows you to finally ditch the frustration of low-hanging toolboxes, flimsy drawers, and wasted spaces. Its ergonomic handle makes it easy to pull our toolboxes to your waist height to access them at any time quickly.

The DECKED Drawer System is custom-built to fit your truck bed and utilize all that space. It installs in minutes, keeps your gear secure, and even provides extra hauling when you need it. It snaps securely into place and gives you both a tough truck bed and the ability to store more gear in your vehicle. That's why DECKED Drawers are the best truck bed storage, organization, and styling solution while buying the F-150 accessories.

With a DECKED Drawer System for your Ford F-150, you can rely upon it to stow away anything and everything you need on the road and beyond. It offers weatherproof drawers that pull out at waist level, so you don't need to crawl onto the truck bed to grab anything behind the cab.

DECKED ingeniously engineers a truck bed storage that naturally guides you to precisely where your tools should be: out of sight, but at your waist height, securely locked and organized in heavy-duty drawers.

The possibilities are endless with modular cargo management solutions like the DECKED Drawer System. You can organize power tools, transport heavy pieces of equipment, or anything else you haul in your truck bed!

DECKED helps you get out there and make adventure happen. Join thousands of people making off-road adventures better, more exploratory, and fun.

Features Of DECKED Drawer System: Endless Possibilities to Customize your Truck Bed

The DECKED Drawer System has everything you need to trick out, personalize and maintain your Ford F-150. DECKED has offered the best Ford F-150 truck bed accessories for many years.

We deliver a lifetime of long-lasting beauty that slides out tools and gears in heavy-duty drawers at waist height while keeping them secure so they can't fall out when you drive down the road.

The drawers are lockable, weather-resistant, and can handle a payload of 2,000 lbs on top for laying or tying down any large objects.

Best of all, putting equipment in drawers at waist height makes them simple to open with one hand, so you can keep your eyes on what's essential.

So if you need to carry sports gear or tools in your truck or van, or organize your cargo van or pickup truck, then we recommend the DECKED Drawer System, because who doesn't want more space?

Browse technical specs on our website to learn more about our truck bed storage solutions. Check out the product overview page to learn more about every DECKED product, or visit here to order yours today.

We designed every inch of this product to stand up to harsh outdoor conditions while remaining easy to use and lightweight. That’s why the below-listed features are worth mentioning.

1) Increased PayLoad: Haul More with Bigger Load Floor

This drawer covers the entire length of the truck bed, is incredibly strong and secure, and is designed for hauling heavy and bulky loads.

DECKED has years of expertise to deliver the best Ford F-150 truck bed accessories. The DECKED Drawers can hold up to 2000lbs, so you can haul heavy, bulky cargos on top of the deck while gaining easy-to-access storage underneath.

2) No Drilling or Alterations Needed: High Resale Value

DECKED Drawers for Ford F-150 do not require drilling for installation and therefore do not affect the resale value. Each drawer attaches to the truck with two clamps—a system that works with your existing tie-downs and requires no drilling or mechanical skills.

The critical consideration while designing DECKED Drawers was to ensure a no-drill install for most applications, thereby maximizing the resale value of your trucks.

3) Ergonomically Safe & No Painful movements

We've got the right F-150 accessories to outfit your Ford Truck. Some solutions like DECKED Drawer System will save you from a lifetime of pain and discomfort.

When you have to climb into and out of a truck through a disorganized mishmash of tools and equipment, you put a strain on your back and knees, which can lead to long-term physical problems.

Worry no more after buying a DECKED Drawer for your Ford F-150, and the drawers will slide out easily to offer access to every inch of your cargo without any painful movements like bending, stooping, or climbing into the bed.

That's one of the remarkable features we built into DECKED Drawers. A 200 lb per drawer capacity of your organized gear and tools is at your fingertips.

4) Industrial Durability with High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Your truck is your livelihood, and you need to make sure it is up for the job. DECKED Drawers for your Ford F-150 are designed to make pulling, pushing, and rolling effortless, even when fully loaded.

DECKED is the undisputed leader in Ford F-150 truck bed storage accessories. With our super-lightweight and industrially durable drawers, you’ll still get the strength of 2000 lb of payload, 200 lb of weatherproof storage, a ten-to-one Strength: Weight ratio, and many more benefits.

5) CAD Engineered Drawers to Fit Like Gloves

We have a variety of DECKED Drawers Systems for full-size and mid-size trucks, all designed to give you a custom fit for your Ford F-150 truck.

The secret is CAD engineering data that matches the sidewall topography of your truck bed. DECKED Drawers are engineered to precisely fit your truck bed, so there's no wasted space, and the platform is always sturdy.

6) Complete Bed Usage: Your Imagination is the limit.

Well, say goodbye to sacrificing precious cargo space by purchasing DECKED Drawer Systems.

Have you ever thought about what other uses your pickup bed could serve? Sure, you can haul a boat or camper with ease, but what if you want to carry a dirt bike, an ATV, or maybe an extra-long ladder?

It is when you'll love the versatile capabilities of a DECKED Drawer for your Ford F-150.

7) Weather Resistant & Waterproof Drawers

No longer do you have to deal with the hassle of hauling around large, bulky, and heavy toolboxes or lockable under-seat storage containers to protect your valuables while it's raining or windy outside.

The Weatherproof Drawer System from DECKED is a revolutionary truck bed storage system that is durable, functional, and weather resistant.

No more rusting, fading, or peeling as traditional toolboxes do. It is truly a one-of-a-kind product that you won't find anywhere else.

8) Decreased Fuel Consumption

DECKED Drawers for the Ford F-150 are extraordinarily lightweight and fit on most vehicles keeping your gear safe and secure while you're on the road.

The drawers weigh around 200lbs, way lighter than other storage systems available. You save fuel because you are not carrying extra weight around.

9) Out of Sight From Theft, Yet Accessible from Waist Level

DECKED Drawers are lockable, have full bed-length drawers to keep your gear together, organized, secure, and out of sight, but still give you quick access to everything you need at waist level.

These come built with an advanced locking system that ensures that your items remain entirely secure from unauthorized access.

These drawers slide out from your truck bed with no effort and can be locked for security so that nothing falls out on the road.

DECKED Drawers help you organize your tools so they are ready when you need them and then tuck them out of sight when they aren't required.

10) Add Modular Functional Storage for Organization

Every time someone goes camping or has to work or live in your Ford F-150, they get the same problem. Is there a better way to keep your stuff organized, secure, and dry?

We engineered DECKED Drawers to be strong, sturdy, and secure for your Ford F-150 truck. It offers all-around convenience and protection for your gears.

These full-bed length drawers keep everything in perfect condition, roll out at waist height for easy access to your tools and gear.

It's cool, right? Own that look by buying one! These full-bed length drawers keep everything in perfect condition and roll out at waist height for easy access to your tools. Ford F-150 truck bed accessories manufacturer DECKED continues its legacy of innovation in the automotive industry.

Important Facts & Data Points from DECKED's Ergonomic Research

The pioneer in Ford F-150 truck bed accessories, DECKED published the Ergonomic Research Report. The DECKED Drawers increased the amount of usable space in the truck bed by 44% and reduced the risk of falls from the vehicle by 16.7%.

The DECKED Drawers demonstrated increased productivity and cost reduction compared to a traditional storage system for a commercial fleet.

In addition to safer access, these DECKED Drawers reduced the ergonomic risks of many everyday tasks performed in and around a work vehicle by reducing Back Compressive Forces (BCF) below the action limit recommended by NIOSH.

Furthermore, we observed an overall reduction in excessive reaching and trunk flexion that can cause muscle strain when accessing storage out of reach or difficult to access from the vehicle's rear. These biomechanical differences significantly reduce the risk leading to acute and chronic injuries.

Finally, the overall efficiency of many tasks increased because of improved access to storage space and the elimination of hazardous movements such as jumping down from the elevated surface of the vehicle.

Buy Now, Never Pay Again For Truck Bed Storage Solutions

The DECKED Drawer System will save you from a lifetime of pain and discomfort (you're getting older, folks).

In your vehicle, there is little room, and you can't just put it anywhere. There are numerous solutions to this problem on the market. Most of them are expensive, flimsy, and don't keep your gear protected from the elements.

Get your hands on a Ford F-150 truck bed storage product from DECKED and enjoy the pleasure of having an ideal place for keeping your valuables. They're an excellent addition for any Ford F-150 owner looking to keep things organized and protected.

We have the perfect truck bed storage solution to outfit your Ford Truck. DECKED Drawers boast a stylish yet durable design that complements your F-150 truck bed. Not to mention, you can forget cleaning up the clutter or mess being built in your truck bed.

DECKED Drawers are the leader in Ford F-150 truck bed accessories and will transform any truck into a hauling machine!