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Ford on DECKED: The Ultimate Power Combo for the Toughest Outdoor and Field Service Tasks on Planet Earth


Ford on DECKED: The Ultimate Power Combo for the Toughest Outdoor and Field Service Tasks on Planet Earth 

In the “how to look like an American” discourses, several things have been identified as relating to the characteristic "Uncle Sam trademark." To wear an American brand, they say, you'd have to take a picture with a rifle strapped onto your chest. Or perhaps stand in front of a modern house beside an SUV and take a snapshot to reveal to the world the archetypical infamous American dream of being a yuppie-a good home, a car, and living off a middle-class life. Well, to be associated with this sophisticated culture is many things generally, but maybe nothing defines an American like the pickup truck ownership craze. A few minutes standing on the highway anywhere in the USA would have a new immigrant admit that pickups are such a common sighting.

There indeed cannot be any other vehicle so uniquely American. But not just any pickup. American-made men tend to have a thing for enormous, rugged, and full-size pickups. Trucks' popularity has gone up substantially and so has the variety of brands, but some have been consistent in their market domineering tendencies. Brands like the 2018 Ford F150 and its related accessories have been on the top for close to half a century now, and while in the past, pickups were basic transportation used majorly by farmers, currently, their usage is quite universal, with the bed being such an important feature that determines truck purchase choices. To determine how American one is, therefore, look at their truck bed and how they choose to organize their cargo.

The truck bed design is the truck's most important feature. In making decisions on what truck brands to purchase , among other things ,consumers look at the truck bed design as an important consideration.The most versatile, strong and  powerful tend to be a darling among buyers .

DECKED and the 2018 Ford F150 Accessories

Americans' endearment of the pickup has blossomed to the extent of the top three best selling vehicles being trucks, a trend that has existed for more than 35 years in a line. But it is not just any truck; when we say pickups are the most preferred utility vehicles in the USA, what we mean is the 2018 Ford F150 and its related accessories. But why?

By design, America is generally a "field service" nation from when nearly 95% of natives lived on farms and traded on goods. Fast forward to today, this culture still exists, and the belief in truck usage for a range of outdoor work is deeply enmeshed into people's lives. Agreeably, pickups are popular because they are more expeditious and practical in handling cargo, espousing the importance of truck beds-the serviceability of a pick up is its bed which shows how highly regarded a factor it is, and the decisive role it plays in determining the brands of trucks people purchase. Without a doubt, the centerpiece of pickups lies in the bed design which includes factors as their agility, versatility, strength, and most importantly, their universality of use.  

The 2018 F150 truck accessories remain a top player for many reasons but most probably its bed’s robust practicality in cargo organization. Ford is all-embracing, particularly the 2018 series, which is designed to work in harmony with a range of truck bed tool boxes and cargo management accessories.  

The 2018 Ford F150 model bed comes with a light but sturdy material with varied inlay dimensions: 5.5 feet, 6.5 feet, and 8.0 feet in length. The dimensions that better suit your DECKED accessories depend on user specific needs. Nevertheless, DECKED is compatible with all 2018 Ford bed length series except the short bed length measuring 5.6 feet.

What bed 2018 Ford F150 accessories is DECKED compatible with? 


This is a common addition to most pickup trucks. Your Ford's backside is what makes all the difference and is an essential thing your utility vehicle needs. High-quality fiber-glass can enhance your truck's performance by transforming it into a workshop of sorts. You'd enjoy a sufficient compartment for an extra layer of security to your cargo, protection from adverse weather, and better organization, not to mention the aesthetic role it plays. DECKED cargo storage accessories are compatible with an insanely wide range of types and designs of the 2018 Ford F150 fiber-glasses and the related accessories.

The DECKED Drawer System for example offers a robust platform to attach fiberglass support units. In fact, when we say DECKED is made from the future, you'd think it is a mere marketing jest but wait until you decide to install those modern slide-in fibreglasses which are taking over camp shells and need some extra stability and grip; the Drawer System’s 2000 lb payload platform will surely pull you through. We have anticipated all manners of likely future scenarios that the modern outdoors people may encounter, therefore designed bed products and accessories that will most likely come in handy for you in the most hectic of situations.

With an accessory so universal, you can be sure that your Ford will be transformed into an outdoor adventure vehicle with the performance of a trailer or an RV but still maintaining the vitality and maneuverability of a pickup truck. You'd get into the wildest of environments or campsites and be sure of space and capacity to carry with you anything you'll need.

DECKED is compatible with many types of fiber-glasses used with the FORD F-150 models.  Provided it rests comfortably on the guard rail and does not compromise the 12 inch clearance required, just install whatever fiber glass it is you want atop that DECKED on your Ford.

Rooftop tent

When you are a truck guy, you know that pickups have always been the original rig for adventure. Way before the van life wave came up, pickups were already used for outdoor escapades and have since been considered an alternative means of the plush RV caravanning experience. And as a trucker, whether or not you like it, camping is automatically in your blood. When the itch kicks in, you'd find yourself out there on a road trip or somewhere in the bush off-roading. And guess you can lead a van life without necessarily staying in a van. Most people are going for truck-mounted roof top tents for a range of reasons: they are more comfortable, keep pests out, and are easy to install (do not require such things as digging the ground, etc.). Since you want a seamless experience out in the wild, you would not mind anything that would make the stay comfortable. DECKED did envision a scenario where you would need to bring fully equipped  camp gear and equipment to help with the needs of having to set up a makeshift bush home such as a rooftop tent. And so, we designed products compatible enough with trucks commonly used for such activities as the Ford. The Drawer System would be your to-go-to truck bed accessory with such needs. It offers a more stable surface pad with a strong payload capable of withstanding heavy installations to support a range of rooftop tent types. DECKED will enhance your Ford's strength, giving an assurance of convenience, versatility, and comfort.

DECKED enhances your Ford's rooftop tent installation capabilities. A 2000 lb payload is all you need for a strong base onto which to rest whatever tent accessories you want .

Bike Racks

Fun is just as important as work, and there is no problem adding biking to your camping itinerary to spice things up. Bikers are much aware of the charm of riding bicycles; it is even better to think of bringing them along on your outdoor trips. Perhaps you'd want to break the driving monotony by peddling a bit or maybe just as part of your fun and games plan. Whatever the reason, you'll probably have to get your head around how to pack it on your truck together with the needed equipment. DECKED drawers work well with bike racks as they come with a T slot-friendly platform onto which to fix rooftop bike racks. This means you'll not only be able to bring a couple of bikes on your Ford truck but also organize the required  gear appropriately.

Bed Racks

At times while out on an adventure or while at the job, you may need extra overhead storage, hauling, or holding space. DECKED is compatible with a range of bed racks, but those of TrailFX, Leitner Designs, and Weather Guard ATR are the most recommended as they fit nicely and seamlessly.

Bed Cargo Rails

Are you a motorsport enthusiast? Don't feel dejected; DECKED has got you covered. The drawer platforms are compatible with bed cargo rails and ramps for use to hold in place dirt bikes, ATVs, or even tricycles.  

Disturbed with the thought of how best to carry your bikes with you for that outdoor tour?Worry no more, DECKED is compatible with a range of rooftop bike holding accessories including Bed Cargo Rails, foot clamps among others.

Kaizen Foam Inserts

You may need to further customize your bed storage by embedding features that bring more order and better arrangement as well as utmost visual control of tools in your cargo management system. You probably have seen those tool chests where tools are fitted beautifully into matching foam inserts. DECKED offers a better means of taming the mess in your tool boxes, but with the Kaizen foam inserts combo, you get an even better deal. Kaizen foam is simply layers of open foams fused together into thick membranes which can be cut out into the tool outline peeling the resulting foam out to leave slots where tools can be stored. Kaizen foams make tool storage orderly and satisfying. You feel like an item really belongs where it is placed, and as the vehicle moves, there is little to no tool movement .

DECKED is compatible with Kaizen foams taking your cargo and tool organization a notch higher. There is better arrangement , better access and better visual control.

Benefits of using DECKED Accessories 

What are some perks you get to enjoy when you integrate DECKED accessories into your 2018 Ford F150?

Lifetime warranty

DECKED products come with a generous warranty policy. We give an entire life's guarantee that your Tool Box or Drawer System and their related accessories will serve you quite well without any dramatic manufacturer-related issues—a true justification of the confidence we have in our craft.

100% Made in the USA

If you are a bit keen, you will notice the zeal with which we promote our brand as entirely American made. Rather than a marketing stint, the insistence on an association with the Americas is more of a reminder to our customers of the quality standards we have adhered to per the regulator's requirements. All the significant parts, labor, and resources employed in our manufacturing process are entirely from the USA, a claim which evokes patriotism, a promise of value,  and an undertone of consumer protection.

Return policy

While we have invested quite heavily in our value creation process and do like to assure our customers of utmost performance of our products, we accept that at times, they may develop manufacturing related defects, in which case we accept returnables for either exchange, repair or even refunds. Nonetheless, goods have to meet certain conditions before being considered for this provision.


The 2018 Ford F-150 series and DECKED accessories is a perfect combo of power, class, and versatility. DECKED on Ford is the best choice for people who seek to engage in rough outdoor activities, yearning for the kind of toughness that would resist the harshest treatment from Mother Nature, thereby outmaneuvering the challenges that may interfere with their work process, productivity, and performance. DECKED on Ford is good for field service people such as handymen, delivery people, hunters, camping enthusiasts, and many more. As a company, DECKED is already used to manufacturing heavy duty products; what we do generally is take it to the next level; on the other hand, Ford has nurtured a culture of power and strength. DECKED employs injection molding; a process of pre-treatment that hardens the polymer resins it uses to manufacture the products making them super powerful. Ford, on the other hand, uses Aluminum 6000 alloy, pre-hardened into a high impact and super strong materials employed in designing the truck's structural formwork.

As a result, you'd be sure that embedding DECKED products on your Ford pickup truck is more like creating a workhorse for use in places where payload, hauling, towing, and frightful storage is required, such as in rail yards, construction sites, off the road, forests, deserts, rugged escarpments and other areas where your off-the-mill car wouldn't dare.  

With such strength comes an amazing weatherproofing capability. A combination of DECKED accessories on Ford is resistant to whatever adverse climatic condition you can imagine. Whether low or high temperatures or highly aquatic environments, your truck will prevail, and you can be sure your tools will be kept safe and corrosion-free for optimum productivity and performance in your outdoor endeavors.


A bunch of 2018 F150 truck accessories and DECKED is what you need to go far off the road where no other can. There can be a better demonstration of stalwart ruggedness and true ability in the transportation, organization, and management of your truck bed cargo and tools.