The 2014 F150 and prior Ford models in addition to the current Super Duty models with the factory step have a bump on the driver’s side of the open tailgate, which will interfere with the opening of the DECKED drawer on that side. The 2015 F150 models have the improved step and do not have a bump on the tailgate. The tailgate step will not impact the installation or use of your DECKED system. However, DECKED will interfere with the handle because that part causes the tailgate to have a big bump in it that the DECKED drawers will hit.


There are three possibilities for a successful installation:

1) If you already have a spray-in liner, your DECKED may reside high enough so that the drawer clears the handle.


2) You can purchase cable extenders to offset the ramp angle of your tailgate. We have not tested this product, but here are some more details so you can see if this will work for your needs. Hope this helps!Rider Tailgate Accessories has developed an innovative new truck accessory called the Tailgate Lowering Links which, when added to the existing tailgate support cables on a truck, allow the tailgate to lay flat.


For example, the tailgate on a 2013 Ford Super Duty is about 1.5 inches higher than the bed. With the Rider Tailgate accessory, model FD1, the Links allow the tailgate to lay flat or about 1.5 inches lower than the level of the bed.


Rider Tailgate Links are constructed to allow the tailgate to be lowered without the tailgate contacting the bumper. The amount of tailgate drop varies from 3 to 5.25 inches depending on the truck. This patented product is the only product on the market that lets consumers lower, and use, their tailgate in a position that is lower than the conventional open position.
Rider Tailgate Lowering Links are engineered for strength and performance. To learn more about this innovative patented product or to see what other truck models they fit, call at 801-678-1405 or visit their website at
Check out this post for an option that allows you to lower the ramp angle of your tailgate….Link to FAQ post.


3)You can easily remove the handle and purchase the following Ford part(s) to cover up the opening where the handle resides:

F150 – AL3Z 99000A38 EB. Retail – $64.29
F250 – AC3Z 99000A38 AA. Retail – $64.29

F150 Platinum: If you have the Platinum version (prior to 2015 – non aluminum) of the F150 and the tailgate step, using the tailgate extenders can result in the Platinum plate hitting the bumper and marring the plate. Removing the handle may be a better option for this application.