2004 was a transition year for Ford and as such they produced old and new body styles in the 2004 model year with a 6’6″ bed length. So, for a time, both body types were being sold as 2004 models.

If you do NOT have a stepped down passenger and driver side door windows, you have the older F-150, or “Heritage” version. If this is the case, select the DECKED product F-150 1997-2004 Heritage edition.

If you have the “step down” side windows (see image below) you have the “new” 2004 version thus you will select the DECKED F-150 2004-current, bed length 5’6″ or 6’6″.


NOTE: DECKED DOES NOT fit the full size four-door short bed (5’6″) Ford F-150 SuperCrew made from 2001 through 2003 or the similar sized truck in 2004 badged as the SuperCrew Heritage. The bed dimensions are just too small with the rounded tailgate. If you have any questions please give us a call so we can make sure you order the correct DECKED system.